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Delete an SLB instance - Server Load Balancer Documentation
Delete the SLB instance when you no longer need the load balancing service to avoid additional charges. Deleting ...
Delete an Internet Shared Bandwidth instance - Internet Shared Bandwidth Documentation
Shared Bandwidth page, find the target Internet Shared Bandwidth instance, and choose More Delete Shared Bandwidth Package in ...
Release an instance - Elastic Compute Service Documentation
release_instance(instance_id, force=False): ''' delete instance according instance id, only support after pay instance ...
Delete container groups - Elastic Container Instance Documentation
ProcedureLog on to the Elastic Container Instance (ECI) console console”). Delete a single container groupIn the ...
Delete a physical connection - Express Connect Documentation
physical connection, you can delete it. To delete a physical connection, follow these steps ...
Delete objects - Object Storage Service Documentation
OSSClient instance. OSSClient ossClient = new OSSClient(endpoint, accessKeyId, accessKeySecret); // Delete objects. ListString ...
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