Everyone company to explore big data B2B business

Is a social networking site is also an advertising media; is the old college students doing business Internet Xiang 饽 饽, but also today's big data marketing exploration of the new army. After the company decided to refocus the positioning of the youth group at the end of last year, everyone has re-made a speech on the young consumer market recently, but the strategy has become a big data B2B business of marketing alliance. "Young League" came into being, as the first marketing alliance dedicated to exploring the consumer market of young people, everyone chose to work with third-party professional marketing agencies and advertising agency companies to further establish relationships with many "young people" Brand advertisers to build common ...

Big data use Collection

If you have a business plan, does it include your expenses and your expected revenue? When you pay for the internet, do you anticipate your internet speed? How fast are you uploading and downloading? Your The same is true of marketing budgets. Does your budget include a reasonable forecast of your payback on marketing expenses? When buying traditional broadcast ads, TO BE leaders try to cater to the selection of the right particular radio station and time slot. The above method if applied to the Internet will be like the situation. Recently in Econsultancy and Lynchpin hair ...

Ten big data let you play slide mobile ads

When the Android platform is available, it is marked with open and free tags. Many Android developers make money by advertising in the app, but often failing to make themselves a headless flies without using the data. In fact, if you have some basic advertising concepts clearly defined and you know the key dimensions of your data, developers can take advantage of the various types of data statistics provided by third-party statistical platforms to measure mobile advertising revenue. As follows: 1, the total number of users to install the application ...

Three big data understanding

As for the concept of big data, everyone mentioned it for many years. When it comes to big data, but also personalized, accurate so that we can only think of these. What is unknown is that in fact IBM and many major Internet companies mentioned this topic long ago. But wait until it really show the value of commercialization or commercialization, but in 2011 and beyond. The emergence of this situation has its own reasons: First, it is really these two years with the popularization of social media, the explosive growth of the amount of data. Every day we share the text online, pictures, ...

"Old compared with others no meaning" GJM and his "big data"

"Little Time III" at the beginning of the scene shot in Rome, and China's cultural differences, shooting out of the situation: application process more complex venues; China's cast overnight, night shift is the norm, and the European team work hours, In addition, "Europeans do things well, how to say good is how, but there are many flexible operations in the country." Guo Jingming told the Southern Weekend reporter. Pain and cry, are done by the girl. You torture girls, is to torture the audience. Most of the audience is a girl, you only play the soft underbelly of the girl, she can ...

Business needs of the data on the four levels

The importance of data has been more and more companies, individuals are well-known and accepted, and even before the trend has not yet. The concept of big data skyrocketed, it seems that overnight everyone is talking about big data, met without greet big data, it seems not mixed in the data circles. So, the data passed by the outside world amazing, in the end can promote business take off? Or put it another way, the business what level of data needs? Where can the data help the business? Combined with the author's many years of work experience and Data and business understanding, business demand for data summarized ...

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