Cloud architect: cloud dancers

Maybe you've never heard of cloud architects before, but I'm not unfamiliar with cloud computing. Flexible allocation of resources, cost-effective and improve equipment utilization is the cloud computing unique advantages. The industry generally believe that the emergence of cloud computing to a certain extent, will greatly enhance the level of technological development and business innovation model to speed up all sectors of the cloud business transformation, and ultimately gradually change the way people live and work, to achieve universal access. The face of such a new industry, what kind of a group of people in promoting its development? As we give the new information manager title is CIO, whether we can also ...

Quickly understand the relationship between cloud computing and big data

Today, a good Internet company is definitely the company that owns the data operation. On the contrary, the Internet company that can not benefit from the data is not the cloud computing user. The Internet, cloud computing and big data are now three inseparable terms. Further, many companies value the value of mining data, but companies can not survive without the data value of the lowest possible cost. What makes cloud computing money at a low cost is cloud computing. Technically, the relationship between big data and cloud computing is like the positive and negative of a coin. Big data must not be able to use a single computer into ...

The story that I have to say with Aliyun

I started online in 1999, when I was still in high school. That era belongs to Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Michael Dell, Jobs seems to be still doing 3D animation. Just as I watched the performance of "Deer Ding" by Zhang Weijian, I started to imagine that one day I would like to marry seven or even eight wives. It is also from that time, I have a dream. I also want to be a web site and then replace Little Gates as the world's richest man. . . But hard to force that, although Bill Gates's position as the world's richest man has indeed been replaced; but my dream, do a whole one done ...

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