Explain in simple terms DDoS attack defense - Defense articles

1. Defensive Foundation 1.1. Attack Traffic in the End How DDoS Talk about defense, the first is to know in the end suffered much attack. This question seems simple, in fact, there are many unknown details in it. Take SYN Flood as an example. To increase the sending efficiency, more SYN wait queues are generated on the server. When the attacker populates the header, the IP header and the TCP header are not filled with optional fields, so IP ...

How to choose the most suitable server

For a lot of friends who want to start their own business through the Internet or want to achieve network marketing through website construction, they all encounter a problem: how to choose the most suitable server. While choosing servers, I've been looking for some information on how to choose servers on the web, but the information that really helps them is so rare that I'm going to put together a lot of hidden questions when it comes to helping my friends buy a server, Hope this article can help everyone. First of all, the purpose of buying a server I only said that the site application server. Web server used in the operation, you must be ...

How to maintain server security

Server security is crucial to the enterprise. In recent years, servers have been at increased risk of "black hands." Recently, news of servers and viruses has been heard and hacked. First of all, these malicious attacks are designed to consume server resources, affect the normal operation of the server, and even attack the network where the server is paralyzed. On the other hand, they are acts of aggression, which are mostly related to certain interests. Some involve sensitive information of enterprises, and some of them are peers. No matter what, we have to protect the server security, and now, by the famous ...

What is the impact of the server on the site?

A good website can usually be understood as a good website, a good website in the program structure, site planning structure, user experience and so on to come out. Web server for the site server, Web site is not an important factor in survival. Let's get a rough idea of ​​what a web server is. A web server is a really existing machine, where the server is an important device that powers the web site's operation and allows the web site to exchange data over the web. Server factors affecting the site user experience usually appear as a few ...

How to check website server diary?

Website http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/207.html "> Server diary for each webmaster is very important, from here we can get a lot of information. You can just start Do not know, but after you do not understand the webmaster What is the server's diary? The server's diary is recorded in the whole process of site visits, when and to what time who had come, what search engine has been, Did you include your page? Your diary from the first day of your site's work ...

How many virtual machines is your server suitable for configuration?

Choosing just enough virtual machines, not too many, has been a dilemma for a given server. From the very beginning, it seemed easy to support these applications on a single physical server running a single virtual machine and running only one operating system. Burton Group analyst Chris Wolf said, however, to ensure that the hardware can support the additional workload is the need for real skills, because the type of software running in the virtual machine environment is almost unlimited, each application for the host operating system And hardware to ...

SEO server selection

Usually select the server, you need to consider the needs of visitors and search engines, the former is our target customers and the latter is usually we consider the marketing channels to be used Visitors demand Many domestic customers may be doing foreign trade Involved in the establishment of foreign websites, but many customers will choose the server location in the country, but the customer did not take into account the geographical differences in the speed of web browsing. If the server is placed in the country, of course, the speed of their own browsing is fast, but this speed may not be able to reach foreign visitors ...

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