Think of the "lower half" of the students

"Goddess" and "female cock silk" temperament coexistence of the graduates Ma Jiajia, in the graduation day in the school next to open a own sex goods store, unique personality. And once the Shanxi Basketball youth team member Liu Kenan, in the year after graduating with the students to venture together, the establishment of the Elephant brand condoms. Whether it is horse Allison's spice products, or Liu Kenan condoms, I have written a lot of articles as encouragement and appreciation.   And today to talk to you about, is about boys selling sanitary napkins. Want to be the most expensive sanitary napkin brand in China-Chen Zhangwenchen, birthday and Bill ...

4399 Events--Talk about entrepreneur and equity struggle

Recently this time, about 4399 former backbone member Cao and the big shareholder CAI between the stock struggle to make a full swing. It is not difficult to find out that it is not uncommon for venture capitalists to be left early in their venture capital operations from the beginning to the whole. The majority of those who left early were small shareholders and did not get much money when they left. And they often go through a lot of arguments before they leave. Think of the original passion, we have a common ideal, the future of common vision, as well as the common struggle day and night, in the end is this fight ...

A new opportunity to wear the field of entrepreneurs!

Absrtact: Several giants of the internet have started to enter the Intelligent wearable field and launch an open platform, on the one hand, the hardware manufacturers to promote the combination of software and hardware research and development, on the other hand, also in the product development phase of the sale of the "through train" commitment to greatly reduce the pressure to open up      In such a large environment, can ancestors one step to access the Internet giants open platform technology, market and even financial support, it has become the key to determine the success of smart wearable manufacturers. According to Sogou CEO, Century Jia Yuan independent director Wang Xiaoquan on May 6 ...

How to select the first batch of employees of a start-up enterprise?

Lead: Generally speaking, employees who are willing to enter a start-up are not typically "business people". They tend to be dreamers and idealists, and almost all have artistic interests.   The 3 qualities that I value most when I recruit. It is clear to all that startups generally attach great importance to the first round of hiring, which is often referred to as the "first wave", and of course I would prefer to call them the company's "SEAL Team". This group of employees is the person who will be around you for a long time, the person you are going to be entrusted with, and the people you need to summon and depend on in all situations ...

Analysis of VC process for start-up companies

When I talk to entrepreneurs, I'm often asked about some insider about VCs. If we are concerned about the amount of investment traded, so how many meetings we have, how often we do an in-depth research and how many companies we invest in the start-up companies, etc. In my opinion, if VCs can keep a certain amount of transparency externally, they may be able to offer some help to startups. So this article will elaborate on some of the things from the initial meeting to the final successful investment. In general, if 10 investment transactions are to be made, VCs will audit about 1200 companies. These 1200 families ...

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