Chongqing Satellite TV to create a red channel to attract nostalgia or grandstanding

BEIJING, January 7 (reporter Changgong) in recent years, "red tourism", "Red Culture", "Red text message", "Red Thought", "red elements" on the Internet.  At the beginning of 2011, Chongqing Satellite TV announced its efforts to build provincial satellite TV "red Channel", the evening prime time will no longer broadcast TV dramas, replaced by the Red Cultural program, the move to create a precedent for satellite TV. It is understood that the New Year Chongqing TV program adjustment in the biggest change is the evening prime time (19:30-23:00) does not broadcast TV dramas, will focus on a series of new ...

Comments: See the past of the Republic of China, the black and White Lake

Article: Soong with the Spy war film's lower prices, as well as family emotional series of the decline, mixed history and unofficial history, temples and rivers and lakes of the era of drama is becoming the mainstream of the current audience.  Earlier, a "iron pear" in the quiet between climbed up the throne of the year, and broke a series of the record, now, "Republic of the Past" is sharpening, is preparing for the new year in the grand launch of the TV station. Legendary, is the "Republic of the past" the most attractive to people's selling point, the protagonist Zhangtieqiao body actually has the Republic's first killer Wangyaqiao shadow, this gentleman ...

Ten Chinese stars Dim Eason Chan said Wang Liyuchun breakthrough (PHOTOS)

Eason Awards side Field Award Hacken face Smiles side Datong Denna Award acceptance speech Siayanqi "fragile" award-winning concern shes received Sally Gold Deng Zi award lin, sing Shang sing the award of the Sing Hins singing, together with the stars of Guangzhou Chow Zhou Behao Sugar brother and sister won New Rookie award new prize Silver JW combination NEW Award for copper Award C Allstar Combination MR band C Allstar Combination Memories Teresa Teng Rubber Band Award Sammi Award-winning works KU big screen award guests play sexy ...

Kim was betrayed by a close partner.

South Korea's master-level director Kim recently been a close partner "betrayal", the shock of his mental and health situation is not optimistic. This news, all circles of public opinion has pointed to Kim once single-handedly promoted director Zhang Xun. However, then Kim personally stood up to clarify the matter, and said with Jang-hoon no resentment.  The Fengshan dog was shot in mid-November 2010 and will be released in the first half of 2011. According to South Korean media news, Kim to shoot a new film, when the script was completed but by his closest partner producer betrayed. The producer stole the Kim script ...

"Narnia 3" director: I want to make the audience think the story is true

"Narnia 3" Still "Narnia 3" director Apted New Express in Beijing reporter Liang I want to let the audience think the story is true last December's Lunar New Year file saw too many domestic comedy, the "Chronicles of Narnia: The Dawn" (hereinafter "Narnia 3"), a Hollywood magic film released yesterday, "Gold Rush" in China,  With the cute characters of "The Lame fairy" and "old temper", the third part returns to the original style of the series, and the 3D experience becomes its new name. Director Apted has directed the 007 ...

"Xi Shi Selection" Top 12 Yu Xiaogang: More difficult than the choice of daughter-in-law

No. 2nd Cheng 15th Qinshe 17th Hou Zheng 19th, no. 24th Jing Jing 32nd Zhao Zhiyao 41st Tribao month 52nd Miuhai Mei 46th Cai Tingting 53rd Wu Yuchin Shen director Yu Xiaogang Yu Xiaogang talk Yu Xiaogang mood good Yu Xiaogang and the player photo (click the small picture to see the big picture) Click here to see other pictures new The third stage of "Xi Shi's Secret History" is over. Today (21st) afternoon, director Yu Xiaogang led the 12 players to meet the media. For the outside rumors of the "draft Storm", Yu Xiaogang said, ...

Riobire: I can't make friends without seeing people with money.

Riobire Riobire was photographed by the paparazzi in the middle of the night in the rich second generation of Linzhonghao independent house appeared, she was immediately accused of cheating Chenhao. Media and the outside world, about Riobire negative report one-sided fireworks, exploded and exploded, and the more explosive poison, refers to Riobire special Rob the husband, and also refers to her is greedy money essence, even refers to her hint is chenhao explosive material.  So Liaobi son unbearable, call the South are actively respond to the incident, and answer Cha Xiaoxin asked the sharp questions. Riobire had asked me what to do with the negative news, and I told her to make it quick, otherwise the rumors would get more and more outrageous. She thinks the rumor ends with the wise man ...

Photos: Care shes won the prize of joy and tears without fear of winter bare half shoulder

Concern shes waving trophies care about shes expression of pain care shes take the big prize concern shes free and easy concern shes excited (click Small picture to see big picture) Click here to view other pictures Sina Entertainment news January 7, 2010 20 o'clock in the evening, 2010, "The 33rd session of Hong Kong ten Chinese Golden Melody Award Ceremony" in Hong Kong Science Park as scheduled. Sina Entertainment Full text live this ceremony. Care for shes won the joy and tears, no fear of the cold winter bare half shoulder. tungstar/Map

Wang Big S cast Mihui fast comeback wedding Banquet

According to the reporter learned that during filming, the big S Wang couple regularly between the two places in Beijing and Shanghai, a few days ago, fans of the network reporters will be directly hit the Mihui Wang scene, another message pro s will be in the "Big Wusheng" after "comeback" preparation of the wedding. Wang asked the director to find naked for a few days ago reporters learned that Wang again from Beijing to Shanghai, and big s that night from the film to Jingansi near a secluded hotel stay. The next day at noon, a Beijing-licensed Land Rover parked in front of the hotel, Wang and big s quickly out of the hotel to get on the bus. More than 20 minutes after the car came to Xujiahui ...

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