Interactive design and visual design in the domestic distinction

Design are all interlinked, "> visual design is more general, is the most basic design requirements, including all aspects of design knowledge, works to be pleasing to the eye , Never forget, to meet the needs of all kinds of people; interactive design will need is a psychoanalytic judgment of the design, in simple terms, that is, I designed a button on the page, I not only make the button designed to look good , More importantly, to make people see this button a click on desire ...

Read the "beautiful blueprint how people planning to forget the site" feel

It took almost two months for the book to finish recently, and personal feeling was a rare source for information architects, Internet product managers, and web designers. As the author said at the outset, each chapter in the book can be written in its own right, each with a different theme, so it is more of a handbook for interim inspection. The article on the definition of the label and its importance to explain why people suddenly realized, on the classification of information and user selection of the role of the method is also very workable. In addition, the author of several principles for social network design and three ...

Website revision results should be how to analyze

Before writing an article, used to share with you. Before analyzing the results, it is necessary to revisit the reasons for the revision. Under normal circumstances, there are two kinds of website revision: 1 because of the expansion of the content of the site itself led to the current site architecture can not carry more content, 2 site based on changes in user needs lead to site transformation. Of course, can not rule out purely for the appearance of the site to make a revision of the decision. (This is not thankless) Revision expectations? Of course, this is also the site before the revision needed to face a heavy ...

Website revision should pay attention to what points

Revision, is a problem. More and more Internet company product staff are aware of this issue, whether it is the watercress revision, or Facebook's revision have been the user's crazy boycott. Compared with the traditional 1.0 website, the power of 2.0 website users is infinitely magnified, which means that users have more and more voice in the development of the website. Any so-called revision, will to some extent affect the habits of existing users, users may be criticized on a massive scale. This means that website revisions may require more intelligence and sophistication. Why do I need revision?

The benefits of responsive webpages

Responsive Web Design, a web design that automatically recognizes the width of the screen and adjusts accordingly. This design is now widely promoted, has appeared in more and more domestic websites, of which Google has made it clear that to encourage responsive web design. When browsing the web, many people will find such a problem: the phone and the computer can not display the same web page, many web design will automatically go to a specific link. The adaptive design makes it both in the PC or mobile terminal, the webpage shows its ...

Website design color experience sharing

The use of color may seem obvious, but since many people forget this when designing websites, it is important to emphasize that when choosing the color of a website, keep in mind the not-over-design rule. At the same time, but also always consider the brand and major users. In the color selection, but also need to be the primary user in the first place. If you understand all the user's situation, can make the design fully meet their requirements. In order to make everyone more clear, Xiaobian give an example. For example, if it is a sporting goods and device for selling adult men ...

Tabbed navigation and sidebar use in interactive design

Imagine you need to design a page that contains many pages and modules that do not display the full application in one screen. You must first think of designing a Tab navigation at the bottom or top. Wait a minute, the extra row of navigation seems a bit obtrusive? We try to put them in the sidebar, or call the Android team to give it the name "side drawer navigation." If your application is also multi-view, the following topics must always be the subject of intense discussion in your team: The navigation options are displayed on the screen so that your users can clearly identify ...

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