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What is a wiki? What is a wiki?

The term "Wiki wiki" is derived from the Hawaiian phrase "wee keewee kee", meaning "hurry up". The wiki inventor, Wardcunningham, once saw the airport bus with "Wiki Wiki buses", about the "quick and quick" urge to coincide with the much-needed spirit of the system, Wardcunningham named "Knowledge Base Document" with a wiki. As the center, to "create together" as a means, relying on "people constantly update and modify" such a use of internet creation, product ...

Interactive Encyclopedia: Can the American wiki model succeed in China

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Cloud host Technology Hall 1995, Wiki technology founder of the United States Wade Canning development based on the web-based wiki technology, then, the wiki's father, Jimmy, from the laboratory to the Internet, the creation of the world's first encyclopedia site- Wikipedia. The so-called wiki is an open, collaborative writing platform, anyone who logs in it can express their views on a particular aspect. At present, Wikipedia website in the whole ...

Cultivating an open enterprise intellectual property culture

The intellectual Property College of Tongji University Zhou a few years ago, domestic intellectual property industry has a popular joke: a domestic authorities to its subordinate enterprises issued a notice on the protection of intellectual property, the Enterprise Manager after receiving documents, do not know which business unit to implement, and finally the document was granted to the Enterprise Security Office. A few years later, from the ignorance of intellectual property to a smattering of "problem patent" or "garbage patent", the different attitude and value orientation of dealing with intellectual property rights profoundly reflect the change of corporate intellectual property culture concept. Enterprise Knowledge production ...

How Wikis conduct civilian movement

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest stationmaster buy cloud host Technology Hall Wiki is still a very small number of people, understand the wiki is not much, Fewer people often write wikis.     Wikis are only popular for business models. Let people recognize as soon as possible ...

Lao Xie: Share the complete Chinese blog

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Blog Promotion is a very good promotion method, the old Xie today shares under Chinese blog Complete Works, hoped to have the effect to the general user. 1 Blog Network www.bokee.com 2 Sina blog blog.sina.com.cn the 3 Sohu blog blog.sohu.com the "4 Live MSN spaces.live.com ...

The Triumph of SEO: The Wikipedia homepage can also advertise

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Imagine, if can in the current Alexa traffic ranked sixth Wikipedia on the advertising, Wouldn't that be a big win? But it is clear: Wikipedia would rather take the trouble to call on everyone to raise money for it, also unwilling to allow enterprises to put ads on its website, ...

Anatomy Twitter "1" everything starts easy

Often hear "impetuous" the word, criticize modern superficial, lack of rigorous down-to-earth style. Such criticism is narrowly suspected. Each generation's environment is different, the problem is different, so gradually develop a culture, to adapt to the new environment, to solve new problems. Hundreds of years ago, people read novels, watch operas and listen to symphonies. By 20th century, we read magazines and newspapers, watched movie and television, and listened to pop songs. In the information age, people surf the internet, read blogs and watch videos. Behind these appearances, the evolution of these tendencies is the proliferation of information output and transmission. In the face of mass and Xun ...

Fascination: An alternative breakthrough for a game player platform

Article | Shen Lingli "in fascination, the most valuable is the human." And the media is just obsessed with a certain stage of the look. "Fascinated founder Chen said. February 2014, fascinated by the announcement of the Fosun Group under the brothers capital of the investment, blue-chi venture to chase the 130 million yuan in the B-round investments. Subsequently, the fascination entered the rapid expansion phase. Recently, Chen has opened a 9-hour meeting, talking to employees, and developing personal development plans within the company based on personal development intentions. In contrast, in 2012, the fascinating team experienced a layoff. That's after getting a round of financing.

top100web2.0 100 Most Popular websites

Video Youtube:youtube (your video) is a popular video sharing site that allows users to upload, watch, share video clips free of charge Cafe:metacafe (Maita Cafe)-Get the best online video-funny videos, surprise clips, rare movies Vimeo (Video media): Share your own clips. Upload your video clips with your own digital camera, cell phone, or camcorder, and share them with you through Vimeo. Daily Motion: Publish ...

Structural design analysis of anatomical twitter:twitter system

With the explosion of information, micro-blogging website Twitter was born. It is no exaggeration to describe Twitter's growth with the word "born". Twitter has grown from 0 to 66,000 since May 2006, when the number of Twitter users rose to 1.5 in December 2007. Another year, December 2008, Twitter's number of users reached 5 million. [1] The success of Twitter is a prerequisite for the ability to provide services to tens of millions of users at the same time and to deliver services faster. [2,3,4 ...

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