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Teach you step-by-step encryption and decryption technology--software protection Technology (3) (1)

Section III encryption algorithm 1, RSA algorithm It is the first algorithm that can be used both for data encryption and digital signature. It is easy to understand and operate, and very popular. The name of the algorithm is named after the inventor: Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman. But the security of RSA has not been proved theoretically. It has undergone various attacks and has not yet been completely breached. RSA algorithm: First, find out three number, p,q,r, where P,q is two different prime numbers, R is with (p-1) (q-...

Teach you step-by-step encryption and decryption technology--software protection Technology (1) (1)

6th chapter of software Protection techniques common Protection skills 1, serial number mode (1) Serial number protection mechanism mathematical algorithm is the core of password encryption, but in general software encryption, it does not seem to be very concerned about, because most of the time the software encryption itself to achieve a programming skill. But in recent years with the popularity of serial number encryption programs, the proportion of mathematical algorithms in software encryption seems to be getting bigger. Let's take a look at the way the serial number encryption works on the network. When a user downloads a shareware--share software from the network, ...

Teach you step-by-step encryption and decryption technology--software Protection Technology (2) (1)

The second section of the reverse tracking technology 1, ANTI-DEBUG1. Meltice subtype Type: Detect SoftICE, TRW2000 platform: windows9x, Windows NT principle: Attempt to get Createfilea driver "_lopen" with SoftICE () or \\.\sice () function (windows9x version), "\\.\siwdebug", "\\.\ntice& ..."

Teach you step-by-step encryption and decryption technology-compression and shelling (1) (1)

Compression and shelling the first section PE file format PE tutorial 1:PE file format list PE means Portable executable (portable actuator). It is the executable file format with the WIN32 environment itself. Some of its features are inherited from the Unix Coff (Common object file format) files format. "Portable Executable" (portable executable) means that this file format is cross win ...

Yong-Zhong Technology 1 weeks after Bankruptcy liquidation: Challenge Microsoft Office to recall

Every journalist Li Guangshou from Beijing, a company that once challenged Microsoft's hegemony in the Office field, gained tens of millions of yuan in scientific and technological input, and the product is expected to enter the "Nuclear Shishou" project, but because of poor operation so that the creditor forced into bankruptcy liquidation situation.  What the hell is going on here? April 14, 2011, will be the court to determine the convening of Sion Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yong-China technology) creditors meeting days. "If you want to interview the permanent China Technology creditor meeting, April 14 welcome you to Wuxi." April 6, Wuxi economic information ...

Understanding cloud computing and the full new Generation Cloud Security 2.0 technology (1)

At present, cloud security has become a hot topic in the information security world. With the development of the security situation, the connotation of cloud security has been evolving, and new technologies and schemes have been integrated clouds the concept of security. For enterprise users, with the entire new generation of cloud Security 2.0 of the technology system gradually surfaced, the user's own security defense deployment also followed by a new change: the use of cloud technology to promote terminal security defense has become a brand-new experience. When it comes to cloud Security 2.0, insiders understand that any new technology is not an overnight occurrence. For security deployments, the current Cloud Security 2.0 ...

Gree 1 Hz frequency conversion technology into a magic weapon

Although this year the state canceled air-conditioning energy-saving huimin policy subsidies, but gree electrical performance remains eye-catching. On the night of July 26, Gree Electric Appliance announced 2011 semi-annual report, the company realized operating income of 40.239 billion yuan, growth 60.03%, attributable to the parent company's net profit of 2.208 billion yuan, the year-on-year increase of 40.37%, earnings per share 0.78 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40.37%. At the same time, the report shows that, with 1 Hz low-frequency technology and the overall control of the core components technology, gree air conditioning to achieve sales revenue of 37.204 billion yuan, an increase of 61.86 per cent.

Trend Technology Zheng Hongqing: Cloud Security and Compliance challenges & Solutions (1)

October 21, 2010-22nd RSA 2010 Congress is over, but at the conference, many of the speeches were superb. 51CTO as a special media, the General Assembly of the relevant reports. This time, we will summarize the speech content of Zheng Hongqing, director of the Global Enterprise Product development Department of Trend Science and technology. So, here's what he's talking about: Security and compliance challenges & Cloud security solutions for the cloud era (see the RSA 2010 Information Security International Forum feature for more). Zheng Hongqing: Dear friends ...

PGP Technology (FIG) (1)

PGP is the abbreviation of "Prettygood Privacy". Mainly from MIT, has run in MSDOS, Unix, VAX and other different types of operating system versions. It is based on the "Public key" (Rsapublic key) encryption technology, so that people can safely transmit confidential information through the public channel. One, single key and public key traditional cryptographic techniques use a single key, meaning that encryption and decryption are the same key. In this way, in ...

Tongji Technology cast 1 billion to engage in "lithium"?

Recently, the new energy battery plate hot, including Tongji technology (600846, closing price of 8.70 yuan) after Monday trading, yesterday (August 24) again trading.  In Tongji Science and technology bright performance behind, market rumor company in Anhui has a scale of 1 billion yuan lithium battery project plan. However, according to the above rumors, Tongji Science and Technology securities staff Shaping yesterday in the "Daily economic news" reporter interview, said the company is considering whether to issue a clarification notice, the media reported in Anhui 1 billion yuan lithium project "Anhui Tongji Hi-Tech New Energy Co., Ltd." with the Zico ...

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