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8 Kinds of NoSQL database system comparison (turn)

Comparison of 8 kinds of NoSQL database system: Kristóf Kovács Editor: Agile translation: Tang Yuhua share: More: Kristóf Kovács is a software architect and consultant who recently published an article comparing various types of NoSQL databases. The article is compiled by Agile translation-Tang Yuhua. If you want to reprint, please refer to the text after the declaration. Although SQL database is very useful ...

Alipay supports the technical realization of the peak of database request for double eleven 42 million times / sec

After more than eight years of practice, from Taobao's collection business to today to support all of Alipay's core business, and in the annual "Double Eleven Singles Day" continue to create a world record for the transaction database peak processing capacity.

Security precaution of database connection in PB application

With the popularity of the Internet and the continuous development of network technology, the confidentiality requirements of data are more and more high. In the usual server/client mode mis development, because the program to maintain the connection with the database server, for the flexibility and extensibility of the program, the join parameters (user ID and login password) can not be written in the program death (in fact, writing death is not a good way), There are two kinds of general methods: one is to store the join parameters in the registry, and the other is to read the INI file directly. And the safety of several methods are not very good, give people the opportunity. Myself...

Database research in cloud computing era

Introduction with the advent of the cloud computing era, various types of Internet applications are emerging, the relevant data model, distributed architecture, data storage and other database related technical indicators also put forward new requirements. Although the traditional relational database has occupied the unshakable position in the data storage, but because of its inherent limitation, has been unable to satisfy the cloud computing age to the data expansion, reads and writes the speed, the support capacity as well as the construction and the operation cost request. The era of cloud computing has put forward a new demand for database technology, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects. Mass data processing: to ...

Security of data security. mdb database

What is an MDB database? Any network administrator who has a bit of experience in making Web sites knows that the "iis+asp+access" combination is the most popular way to build a website, and most small and medium Internet sites use the "package", but the attendant security issues are becoming more pronounced. The most easily exploited by attackers is the MDB database being illegally downloaded. The MDB database is not secure, so long as the intruder guesses or scans the path to the MDB database, it can be easily downloaded to the local hard drive by the download tool, and then knot ...

optimization of SQL Server database under large data volume

1.1: Increase the secondary data file from SQL SERVER 2005, the database does not default to generate NDF data files, generally have a main data file (MDF) is enough, but some large databases, because of information, and query frequently, so in order to improve the speed of query, You can store some of the records in a table or some of the tables in a different data file. Because the CPU and memory speed is much larger than the hard disk read and write speed, so you can put different data files on different physical hard drive, so that the execution of the query, ...

Discussion on database technology in large data age

Today's world is a large data age of the information world, our life, whether life, work, learning are inseparable from the support of information systems. The database is the place behind the information system for saving and processing the final result.   Therefore, the database system becomes particularly important, which means that if the database is facing problems, it means that the entire application system will also face challenges, resulting in serious losses and consequences. Now the word "Big Data age" has become very popular, although it is unclear how the concept landed. But what is certain is that as the internet of things 、...

Security framework of database system and its security technology

1. With the rapid development of computer technology, the application of database is very extensive, in-depth to various fields, but with the resulting data security problems. The security of large amount of data in the database of various application systems, the problem of stealing and tamper-proof of sensitive data are paid more and more attention by people. The database system as the information gathers the collective, is the computer Information System core component, its security is vital, relates to the enterprise rise and fall, success or failure. Therefore, how to effectively ensure the security of the database system to achieve data confidentiality, integrity and effectiveness, has become the industry to explore ...

Four common faults in database system and their solutions

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall database system common four kinds of failures are mainly internal fault, system failure, Media failure and computer virus failure, corresponding to each type of failure have different solutions.     A transaction failure indicates that the transaction ended without a commit or revocation, so the database may be in an inaccurate state. ...

8 Kinds of NoSQL database system comparison (turn)-Oak_sun

1. Languages used in COUCHDB: Erlang features: DB consistency, easy to use license: Apache protocol: http/rest bidirectional data replication, continuous or temporary processing, processing with conflict checking, therefore, The use of Master-master replication (see note 2) mvcc– write without blocking read operation Pre-save version crash-only (reliable) design requires data compression view: Embedded mapping/Reduce formatted view: List display support for server ...

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