2018 Cloud Predictions

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The value and impact of the public cloud

"Editor's note" Zhang has been working in the IT field for more than 15 years and has served as a database technology expert, IT service Manager, Senior cloud computing architect, and senior Director of Strategic department. This paper tries to discuss the value and influence of public cloud from the whole angle, evaluate the development speed and current situation of the public cloud, and discuss how to combine the public cloud and the enterprise's future development strategy effectively in the development strategy formulation. The value of the public cloud and the impact of cloud computing itself from the IT technology field of innovation, the implementation of five basic features: On-demand, resource sharing;

Data Interpretation: 14 Human Intelligence Segments of Capital Chase

Deep learning has made breakthroughs in the application research in the field of image recognition and speech recognition. The “artificial intelligence” that has spanned more than half a century and several times of ups and downs has revived, and the pace of technological transformation has accelerated.

50 billion Smart hardware competition: Vertical Segmentation opportunities

"Small egg" cost about 1800 yuan, 1984 yuan Price not much profit space, so they are in the intelligent hardware industry test water, rather than in the overall intelligent service layout for the future laying the groundwork. Now that the heat of smart hardware is no longer looking beautiful, more and more watchers are choosing to go. One side is the internet, one side is the traditional manufacturing, seemingly do not take two industries in the mobile internet tide, but together with the astonishing chemical reaction, intelligent hardware industry turned out. With bat, Beijing-east and other major internet giants scramble to seize the site, today's wisdom ...

Gartner forecasts: 2020 Big data will become a traditional industry

Big data has become a big business, and it will not only shine in the last decade, but it will also become a regular business for companies like enterprise Resource planning, supply chain and customer management, and other parts of the enterprise computing field. But there is a premise that we have to get more people involved and develop a large number of data scientists and experts in relevant fields. Gartner, the IT market research firm, is holding its Symposium/itxpo conference in Orlando, Florida, and, as in previous years, it has also released some predictions at this year's conference. G ...

Facebook is far from SNS

With Facebook on the market, and with more public opinion and attention once again on this world-class social network, Facebook is on fire. One of the interesting things about this is that Facebook has long been used as a SNS concept by the Internet, but when it comes to the market, it becomes a big data concept in the eyes of investors. In fact, it's too one-sided to say that Facebook is SNS. Citic Securities with the "Facebook listing leading the internet into the era of large data", advising investors to borrow Facebook's potential, not cast renren ...

1688 a global business record of business-to-business transactions

1688 Reflections on Global business-to-business Transactions/Chen Yongdong inadvertently, Ali's 1688.com has set a global business-to-business trading record-4.19 billion.   However, at the same time as its record, we need more rational thinking--b2b worthy of great attention, the electric business ecological significance far-reaching. Alibaba, 1688, who made its start on Business-to-business world records, once set a world record, but after Ali group adjusted its structure to 7 business groups last year, 1688.com (also known as Alibaba China Station or ...).

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