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Intel Xeon Processor e5-2600 v2 core of modern data center

It companies around the world are working to virtualize and automate data centers in the hope of helping their business achieve higher value and lower costs, delivering new data-driven services faster and more efficiently. Intel (R) Xeon (TM) processor-based servers provide the foundation for this innovation. These servers account for the vast majority of all servers in the current virtualization center and cloud environment, and can support most of the most high-performance workstations. Performance improvement up to 35% Intel Xeon Processor e5-2600 ...

Dunnington: Six core Xeon 7400 processor

The two-year IDF (Intel http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/14054.html > Information Technology Summit) has always been seen as a bellwether for it. New technologies, new products and trends have often overwhelmed readers. As in last year, the IDF in 2008 still started in China (Shanghai). Currently, the Intel official website has released the spring IDF schedule. In order to help users better understand the IDF, we have prepared according to the theme of the IDF ...

Intel announces eight core processor 24MB Super large three cache technology

At the end of May this year, Intel released some initial data on the upcoming eight-core Nehalem-ex Xeon Server processor, and today specifically passed http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/7330.html "   > Tech blog explores 24MB Super three cache technology. The six-core Dunnington Xeon 7400 of the architecture has been extended to the 12/16MB level three cache, which is also based on n ...

Intel cuts desktop processor prices by up to 19%

July 21 News, Intel lowered the price of desktop processors in Sunday (July 19) night and lowered the price of many quad-core processors.  The price adjustment was announced before AMD planned to release the financial report in Tuesday. The Intel Core 24 processor is the focus of this downward pricing. The price of the 2.66GHz Q9400 processor chip was cut by 14%, down from $213 to $183. The price of the 2.5GHz Q8300 processor chip was cut by 11%, down from 183 to $163. Other standard power cool ...

Choosing a problem: Analyzing the difference between a blade server and a rack server

In recent years, the server market is the most popular http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/9785.html "> server architecture than the blade server, it appears in a large number of media, Major manufacturers have also launched a variety of corresponding models. What advantages does a blade server have over a traditional server? What should consumers choose when choosing a server? This paper compares the blade server with the traditional rack-type server, and introduces the experience of the two in the selection.

Comparable to minicomputer Huawei New generation server Global sync start

"Tenkine Server channel February 24" The world's leading provider of information and communication solutions Huawei, in Beijing, China and Barcelona, Spain, the global release of a new generation of high-performance, highly reliable multi-channel server: intel® xeon® ®e7-8800 v2 processor RH8100 V3 eight server, The four-way compute node E9000 CH242 for the rh5885h V3 Quad server and V3 Blade server based on the intel® xeon® ®e7-4800 v2 processor. ...

Quad-core Xeon DELL T620 server only 10500 RMB

2012 Dell released a new generation of PowerEdge 12G servers, which are suitable for small and medium sized Dell T620 5U Tower servers (quad-core Xeon e5-2603 (1.8g-10m)/2g/300g (3.5)/dvd/h310/three-year warranty/8 backplane), Integrated dual-port Gigabit Ethernet card, can meet http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/14182.html "> Growth Enterprise and ...

High-end server market domestic manufacturers have a small gains

"It Times" reporter/Qinsi (from Beijing) in the domestic server market, the industry is accustomed to international manufacturers of disputes, and in fact, domestic brand server manufacturers did not stand idly by, they actively participate in it, add a bit lively unwilling to fight in the low-end market for a long time, domestic server manufacturers decided to attack the high-end market again. October 28, Wave group News, said its independent innovation of 4-way server sales breakthrough 10,000 units, with IBM, Hewlett-Packard two models to keep abreast of the domestic market to become the only three sales scale over million of 4 road products. ...

2013 Annual It Consumption survey Report: Server

Lead: The past 2013, look at the server and related to the entire data center area, is an unusually dull year. The data center has never been more important to the strategic significance of corporate success, as it is today, and as a site that closely focuses on the development of servers and data center industries, year-end inventory is an essential task. In the following report, we will review the major events, important products, and technologies that occurred in the server industry in 2013----from upstream processor vendors to the survival of the entire server industry ecological chain; from the current ...

Computer World: AMD for cloud computing core

Author: This reporter Wang Yu Wang Zheji Cloud Computing is the market, is the opportunity, it will change the world; chip is the core, is the soul, it provides "life" for cloud computing. After years of development of AMD new architecture "Bulldozer" to "cloud technology's ' core ' posture Vengeance attack."   It represents an intense attempt by AMD to subvert the traditional server industry and even the entire cloud computing industry.   November 14 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Pangu Seven star hotel, Beijing. AMD Digital global executives, and from HP, Dell, Microsoft, Micro, WYSE, as well as dawn, super cloud ...

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