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NVIDIA chief scientist on 3D chip, China's rise

GTC 2012, the Nvidia Chief scientist Bill Dally, who served as dean of Computer science at Stanford University in an interview with EE Times, talked about 3D integration circuits, technical aspects of China's rise and the status of U.S. investment in research and development. On the 3D chip, Dally said that the future of the GPU is a way to consolidate a number of 3D-tiered memory, a design that has the potential to play a higher bandwidth effect and lower overall power consumption. Prior to the development of hyper Memory cube of the beautiful light ...

Intel Transistor Development Program

According to the latest news, IBM successful use of carbon nanomaterials, on a single chip integration of tens of thousands of 9nm process technology transistor, I believe that everyone to the famous Moore's law are inkling, but with the size of integrated circuit transistors are becoming smaller, CPU memory and other chips are bound to be some discrepancy with Moore's law.      To continue to develop in accordance with Moore's law, the search for new materials has become a necessity, carbon nano-material is one of them, and the other three-dimensional chip is also a way to save Moore's Law, Samsung, IBM, Intel and so on are committed to 3D chip research. IBM ...

GlobalFoundries announces 3D chip stacking for 20nm and more sophisticated processes

April 27, 2012-GlobalFoundries announced today that the company has reached an important milestone on the way to 3D chip stacks for the next generation of mobile and consumer electronics applications. Fab 8,globalfoundries, located in Saratoga Gashir, New York, USA, has begun to install a special production tool for the construction of silicon through-hole (TSV) in a semiconductor wafer on a cutting-edge 20 nm technology platform. This will enable customers to implement multiple chip stacks, thus providing a new way to meet the high-end requirements of future electronic devices ...

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