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The giant's first 3D online game, King 3 will be in recent beta

June 3 Morning News, giant network external disclosure will be in the near future 3D network game "King of Kings 3", which is the giant's first foray into the field of 3G online. It is reported that the giant in 2009, 7 new works are being developed, and one of the most high-profile is "King of Kings 3", since March 5 this year, the launch of the technical closed test, the progress is good, giant CEO Shi Yuzhu said that the first quarter is mainly testing mission systems and skills and equipment systems, Second quarter will also be based on the first quarter of user feedback to improve the other functions, and test the stability and compatibility of the entire system. ...

Players sell online Virtual real estate sales more than 4 million

A British online game player has recently scrambled to "space", the Daily Mail of London reported 18th. The virtual "real estate" in the cosmic asteroid sold the "sky-high price" of 635,000 dollars (about 4.22 million yuan) in reality, refreshing the record of online game props in real-world transactions. The club earns 200,000 of the game's name Chonya each year, and the virtual real estate he sells comes from a virtual 3D network game Entropiauniverse in the quest to colonize the universe. Despite Jacob ...

Long Tour announces "Wind Fire trip" will cease operation on December 27

Long Travel Network announced recently, its agent from Beijing Forest Fruit 3D Network Game "Wind Fire Trip" will officially stop operation on December 27 4 o'clock in the afternoon.  Game since the beginning of April 2007, long Tour announced to 20 million Yuan agent, and invited star Sun endorsement, lasted more than 3 years.  The official announcement of the Wind Fire tour is as follows: From the Long tour successful agent "Wind Fire Trip", since the official test, by the vast number of players to give attention and support, in this long network to all love the "wind Fire Trip" users, extend the most sincere thanks. 《...

Game snail: "Nine Yin Canon" developer scene cos close to players

July 29 10:30 A.M., the first domestic 3D network game Research and Development company, one of the game snail, carrying real martial arts MMO epic "Nine Yin Canon" and including "the trilogy of Web games," a variety of game works debut CJ. New Product introduction 5 new product into focus this time CJ on, game snail will be "nine Yin Canon", "Imperial Civilization", "Dragon War", "dark and bright" and "the first virtual" 5 games to do the promotion and introduction, so that players more familiar with these several masterpiece.  One of the "Nine Yin Canon" will be on the CJ on the release of the scene has never been published. No...

Chengdu Dream Factory Gamebryo engine 3D new tour "Magic World" announced

Chengdu Dream Factory released its first large-scale 3D network game "Magic World", which is also following the "Chivalrous Road", "Saint of Ol" and other series of Chengdu Dream Factory open a new series of online products.  It is reported that this product will be involved in a variety of games at home and abroad play a veteran of the production, the current product is still in the primary research and development phase, the first quarter of 2011 is expected to meet with players. DreamWorks said that "Magic world" as a new online game, regardless of the theme and characteristics of the game and dream factory before the product has a big difference. First of all, "magic World" adopted abroad first ...

Wang Feng confirmed mercenaries world September open test

Sina Science and technology news July 21 morning, the domestic third-generation online Net founder CEO Wang Feng revealed that the development of four years of large-scale 3D network game "Mercenary World" will be launched in September this year open test. From 2011 onwards, Wang Feng began personally as "mercenary world" project overall lead, and for the "Mercenary World" project team configured a luxury research and development lineup. Among them, the company Assistant President, game Project Director Wei is responsible for research and development, Assistant President and Product Operations Director Hui personally responsible for product operations, in addition, the company's chief operating officer Wang Lei and chief technology Officer YuYu also spent ...

"Taoyuan" animation director talk about Unreal 3 engine application and art design

2011, the Unreal 3 game together appeared, "TERA", "Nineth Continent", "Global Mission", "Taoyuan" and so on debut.  No matter whether overseas or domestic, whether stand-alone or online games, Unreal 3 has become the mainstream game engine widely used in 3D games nowadays.  Recently, NetEase game channel on the Unreal 3 engine application and art style design and other related issues, interviewed the Ice entertainment under the first use of Unreal 3 engine cartoon style 3D network game "Taoyuan" animation director Mr. Liuchangxiu, the following is a summary of the content of the interview. "Taoyuan" animation director Liuchangxiu (

Tera the public role of the rare clothing real Super strong

Since the official operation of "TERA", foreign players have been in the game has been a large number of bugs expressed dissatisfaction, and game operators said that will be a comprehensive change in the bug, but many players on the operator's approach to express doubts ...  Today, according to foreign media reports, game operator Hangame in the official website of the game is officially operating in South Korea, the large-scale RPG games "TERA" the professional role of rare clothing. "TERA" by the Korean Bluehole Studio developed a 3D network game. Game using unique technology will play ...

Dongguan first large-scale 3D network game "final Battle"

Dongguan first large-scale 3D network game "The ultimate Battle" has been produced, will be held on September 28, the fourth session of the "Diffuse Expo" with the majority of players to meet.   "Final battle" plan October to carry out the technical seal test, December to the beta, is expected to be open next February public test.   First Dongguan large 3D online games Dongguan size Information Technology Co., Ltd. General manager 郗旻 introduced, "The Ultimate Showdown" is a large-scale 3D military theme network game, with the background of military warfare production. Use parallel aerial world for story board, simulate the war environment under the modern science and technology level, ...

Fachoda Complex 2.0 release 3D online games

Fachoda Complex is a 3D online game for X11, a lightweight aircraft simulator that can be http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/17944.html under GPLv3 conditions "> Free to use/copy/modify. Fachoda Complex 2.0 This version is the first updated version more than 10 years later. Several minor errors have been fixed. Update to a more portable network game. Software information ...

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