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Where are you going? Network Deputy Zhang: Where to go and 7 days hotel chain will be more in-depth cooperation

November 20, 7 days chain hotel group went to the United States NYSE listing, the stock code is "SVN", the IPO price of 11 U.S. dollars, the IPO issued a total of 10.1 million ads, accounting for 20.6% of the company's total equity, financing amount of 111.1 million U.S. dollars.   Where to? Vice President Zhang to Sina Finance, said, 7 days Hotel successfully login NYSE, a strong enterprise IT gene is the key to breakout. Online travel data search engine where to go Vice President Zhang said to Sina Finance: 7 days Hotel success in the New York Stock Exchange ...

Ctrip announces merger and acquisition investment, holds 7-day chain 4% shares

2013, Ctrip carried out a series of dazzling investment in mergers and acquisitions. Recently, Ctrip published the 2013 annual report, detailed disclosure of Ctrip's investment in the proportion of shares and expenditures. As the outside material, a hi car rental, easy to use cars, fast hotel housekeeper, passers-by, passers-by wind network, etc. are listed in the investment list, but the accident is 7 days chain hotel, Hui Evaluation Network also ranked among them. Holding 7-day chain 4% Annual report shows, as of December 31, 2013, Ctrip held 15.39% shares and Han court 9% shares, but eye-catching is, Ctrip Annual report shows that ...

"Micro-community" into electricity dealers gather users another field, how to cultivate is confused

"Billion Power network News" May 19, micro-letter public number operation began to be widely concerned, "micro-community" to become a user of the electricity quotient of another field, but how to cultivate this land has become a lot of electrical and brand business confusion.   Billion power network to several micro-community operations in the small achievements of the electrical business enterprises to understand some of the operational experience and practical experiences. From the development of members to sedimentation members for the micro-community, different enterprises have different positioning. In the 7 days chain Hotel micro-letter public number "7 Days" (now renamed "Platinum Tao") operation director Xu Open it seems, micro-letter is ...

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