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The new "Elimination law" 7 Days no reason to return caused a lot of controversy and consumer complaints

Absrtact: Because lacks the detailed rules, the new "the Elimination law" Seven Days no reason returns the goods to implement 5 months, has caused the massive dispute and the consumer complaint. Recently, a lot of consumers to our correspondent, some of the electric dealers on the pretext of the arbitrary expansion of special goods does not apply for no reason to return goods because of the lack of rules, the new "Elimination Law" "Seven Days No Reason returns" Implementation 5 months, triggered a large number of disputes and consumer complaints. Recently, a lot of consumers to our correspondent, some electric dealers under the pretext of "special commodities" arbitrary expansion does not apply to the scope of goods returned without reason, some of this should not be excluded in the absence of a reason to return goods row ...

Zhongxiaoxie, Under-Secretary-General Liu: luxury goods and other commodities use seven days without reason return rules

Xinhua Beijing, September 22, it is understood that some of the electric platform refused luxury 7 days without reason to return.   22nd, China Consumer Association, Deputy Secretary-General and spokesman Liu visiting Beijing Financial channel Video interview, said that luxury goods should be the same as other commodities, can implement 7 days no reason to return the provisions.   It is reported that the Beijing-east, Amazon and many other electric platforms have refused luxury 7 days no reason to return, consumers in the electric business platform to buy luxury rights exist certain difficulties. Liu said that luxury goods are equally equal before the law, whether it is to buy luxury goods or other products ...

NET purchase Merchandise returns twists, the consumer association intervention hard to retreat

Nanfang Daily News (reporter/Liu Muhua) The city council March 16 released a number of major areas in the last year, the typical consumption cases to remind consumers to heed, if encountered similar consumer disputes, should choose the appropriate way to properly solve. -Case of a net purchase merchandise return twists fan on October 21, 2014 through Taobao bought a box of boxes, 252 yuan. The Shop entity address is 6th, East Park Road, Tang town. Last October 25 received the goods, the complainant found that the quality of the box is not good, immediately contact the merchant to return the request, the merchant agreed, ...

Eliminate and protect the network purchase service experience

Absrtact: In order to send 20 digital pens to each other in time, do not hesitate to fly from Fuzhou to Shenzhen, and then take a 18-hour train back to Fuzhou. In order to put a batch of electronic switch in time, a pair of couples in the rain played 5 hours car to another city for the 20 digital pen sent to the other hand on time, take the plane from Fuzhou to Shenzhen, and then ride 18 hours of the train back to Fuzhou. In order to send a batch of electronic switch in time, a pair of couples in the rain to play 5 hours of the car to another city. A man middle in the heavy rain, only to ...

The new law on Protection of consumer Rights has been introduced

The newly amended Consumer Protection Act of March 15 was introduced.   "New Extinction Law" the most eye-catching regulation is to give consumers the "right to regret": Consumers through the network to buy goods, from receiving goods within seven days, can be returned without reason. The "new law" issued this provision, from the last year, consumers on the Internet to buy a large number of complaints. But consumers ' right to regret is not really guaranteed.   The new "Consumer Protection Law" on the first day of implementation, the reporter found beauty care, food and beverage, jewelry, health supplies and other general not suitable for 7 days to return goods. According to the new law, "eliminate ...

NET purchase 7 days no reason returns industry "there are policies under the policy"

Absrtact: March 15 The newly revised "Consumer Rights Protection Act" began to be implemented. The most eye-catching provisions of the new elimination law is to give consumers the right to regret: consumers through the network to buy goods, from receiving goods within seven days, can be returned without reason. The new law introduced the provisions of the new revised "Consumer Rights Protection Act" of March 15 began to implement.   "New Extinction Law" the most eye-catching regulation is to give consumers the "right to regret": Consumers through the network to buy goods, from receiving goods within seven days, can be returned without reason. "New elimination Law" issued this provision, from the last year, consumers to the internet shopping big ...

Interpretation of seven days no reason to return, specific how to do

"Editor's note" which products apply for 7 days without reason to return? What are the conditions that need to be met? Can returns be executed without reason? A small number of online shop still hanging "not returned" overlord of the terms of the reporter found in the Taobao advanced search, the whole network in line with the new product search conditions for 342.47 million items, and add seven days return guarantee conditions of the baby only 122.8124 million. Many shops are still hanging out on the home page similar "size is not quality problems are not returned" disclaimer, seemingly warm hint, is the OVERLORD clause, mandatory restrictions on the return of goods conditions, blatant damage to consumers legitimate rights and interests. Some Amoy ...

Sea Amoy family after the sale of rights to hurt the heart

TechWeb March 30 article/Zhouli color "children are ' grown ', Hai milk powder has not yet arrived," Hey, roamed, this is specially bought a U.S.-produced Shandong Pancake "," packaging three layers outside three layers, but not distinguish is authentic "... For the current popular sea Amoy, such a spit has become a normal conversation. Running the cheap publicity stunt, more and more people choose to sweep the goods on the overseas shopping website. But speaking of cross-border purchase after the sale of rights, many of the sea Amoy families have a bitter tears. And do not say the quality of the goods themselves, just with the business communication is not ...

Hand Q the Spring Festival Red Envelope plan leaked: Secret investment New Year's Eve

1, "mobile application" Hand Q "New Year's bonus plan leaked: Secret investment on the eve of Tencent is conspiring to plan a fresh spring festival, and the 2014 micro-letter red envelopes of pure social mode, mobile phone QQ Red envelopes will be added to commercial elements, call brand business advertising, borrow red envelopes to do social marketing. The hand Q of the Spring Festival Red Envelope program mainly contains 2 kinds of play: through the group password to collect red envelopes, through the Spring Festival evening vote to receive red envelopes, the main tool is the QQ wallet. 2, "The Customer" Day cat Change Returns the stipulation: the custom class does not support no reason returns "The pre-sale commodity does not support 7 days to have no reason ...

Consumer Protection Act of the latest revision

The latest revised version of the Consumer Protection Act will be formally implemented on March 15, 2014. This new method of elimination, fully refined the rights and interests of consumers, strengthening the operator's obligations. The biggest bright spot is, specifically for the network shopping related "7th no reason returns" made clear provisions. Earlier, on February 13 this year, the General Administration of commerce and Industry announced the "Network Transactions management measures", also clarified the resolution, which means that, from March 15 onwards, "7th no reason to return" will become the industry standards, consumer online shopping "right to regret" will also be clearly supported in the legal level. .

315来, "Penalties for violations of consumer rights" will be formally implemented consumers have new weapons

"3 15" is the theme of consumption this year, the consumption concept, consumption behavior, consumption patterns have undergone great changes. This year is the first anniversary of the implementation of the new elimination law. What about consumer rights? What new changes? From March 15 onwards, "violations of consumer rights and interests of the punishment measures" will be formally implemented, consumer rights have a new weapon. The operator's illegal cost is higher reporter learned that 2014, the province's industrial and commercial system to receive consumer consultation complaints report 70,267, compared to 2013 10,971 pieces down 30%, this number ...

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