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Application of CRM in electric power marketing

First, the introduction of China is gradually introducing competition mechanism in the power generation link, in some areas of the implementation of the plant network separate, bidding online. Under the premise of the reform of electric power system, it is an important task for the electric power enterprises to transform the management idea, research and develop the market. With the deepening of power market reform, the focus of power supply enterprises is gradually changed from production to service, service business process will be restructured around customer needs, and the business philosophy of the enterprise has changed to product-centric for customer-centric. Therefore, in the face of increasingly in-depth power market reform, the development of electricity marketing and marketing of customer relations ...

Betting on biomass power producers Kaidi Power major shareholder issued debt 1 billion

After the directional additional application is not, this year, Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaidi electric power) frequently shot, even at the sale of shares to raise money emergency. Yesterday (September 14), there is news that Kaidi Power (000939,SZ) large shareholder Kaidi holdings of 1 billion yuan corporate bonds have been officially approved, the majority of the funds received continue to invest in biomass power generation projects.  Some people in the industry questioned that such projects exist many bottlenecks, and its profitability and industry prospects have not been bullish, Kaidi electric power This may be in the "gambling." Borrow 600 million more to hit biomass power generation ...

UBS raised its rating to "buy"

Summary: After yesterday's earnings warning and stock price plunge of more than 31%, the UK's largest fashion power trader Asos's shares rebounded 7.4% to 3,351 03 Pence Today, the biggest single day rise since last year's Fri. One reason for Asos's share price rally is that UBS UBS, the UK's biggest fashion-maker, rebounded 7.4% to 3,351 03 Pence today, the biggest one-day rise since last year's Fri, after a profit warning yesterday and a 31% plunge in share prices. One of the things that drives Asos's share price rally ...

South All power supply: Leading communication valve-controlled sealed battery enterprise

Zhejiang South Capital Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the South are all power supply, stock code 300068) today officially in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem listing.  Our main products are high-capacity VRLA batteries, mainly used in the field of communications, at the same time in power, railways, military equipment, such as back-up power systems, solar energy, wind energy storage systems and vehicle power systems and other fields are widely used. Industry insiders believe that the south is the domestic valve-regulated lead-acid battery leading suppliers, the company's listing to raise funds is to achieve the company to become one of the world's leading communications valve sealed battery business objectives ...

Wenzhou Enterprise Diesel power rationing gap reducing pollution

Energy-saving indicators cut every reporter Satsu air from Wenzhou Editor's note "There is electricity can not be used, the normal production of electricity is not available."  "When the reporter visited the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces under the energy saving and emission reduction, an entrepreneur expressed his incomprehensible." At the last minute, a paper binding index is far more important than the actual situation. "Eleven-Five" period of energy-saving emission reduction indicators, in the last six months, but evolved into a spread to many of the "Xingjun."  Single take "Power rationing", first of all, the prosperity in Hebei, followed by the infiltration of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong and other electricity, by the local ministry as a magic weapon to complete the index. ...

Wang Tieming Securities is called high PE Black Hand has recommend Sinovel wind power

Reporter Gao Lixia Lin Lin in the securities of the strong packaging, "the most expensive in the history of" The Shanghai Board of China Rui Feng (72.40,0.05,0.07%) (601558) January 13 dressed up. However, on the first day of the market, the shares fell by as much as 9.59%.  In the next two trading days, Sinovel continued to fall after the listing 3rd, the shares fell 18.35%. Put a company in the face of increased competition, the decline of Maori to investors, but also to the investors painted a beautiful blueprint, and then in the pricing of the best tricks, sinovel ...

11 "Long Vacation" coming second-hand car website to build brand ready to send

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall of the Mid-Autumn Festival just over 11 national Day holiday ensued, this time of year, the car trade will enter the "Golden nine silver Ten" sales season. This year is no exception, especially the second-hand car market appears particularly hot. In particular, "11" seven-day long vacation, travel tourists a large number of short-term increase, and for some of the weak purchasing power, second-hand car is undoubtedly an affordable choice. From the end of last year, the state raised the car to replace the new subsidy line, but also to the second-hand market to inject a dose of tonic, used cars ...

The "Hunger marketing" of millet from the perspective of mobile power crisis

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby mobile power quality problem has been a concern, the recent AQSIQ on the national mobile power supply once detection, sampling 32 batches of products, 224 samples, including in recent years, the company's products, even a large series of quality problems.   As a daily necessities, quality is not guaranteed, who should be responsible for this? Mobile Power Quality Inspection Bureau said that the sampling of mobile power supply is mainly the existence of "capacity of virtual standard", "Output voltage is too low or too high", "plastic shell does not fire" and "heavy ..."

Limited purchase order to kick the volume of the house to the second-tier cities

The new deal is a full moon, the effect of regulation has been initially apparent.  Reporters yesterday learned that the new round of regulation of the property market around the recovery situation stopped abruptly, turnover significantly decreased. According to the China Index Research Institute, 20 of the 35 cities monitored last week (October 18 October 24) fell on a month-on-month decline, with 15 cities falling more than 10% per cent. And in 10 key cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu), Guangzhou ranked first in the decline, down 69.61%, Nanjing, Wuhan and North ...

Super raise big reversal: Sinovel wind power 5.9 billion motherboard king

Financial weekly investment banking laboratory researcher Zeng Sheme/Wen Gem is out of favor 52 new listed companies, the top 25 is the main motherboard and the board of the world, originally the most powerful gem abnormal bottom wind turbine flow, gem and motherboard of the super raise funds change also. In the past, the super raise has always been a topic of concern to the gem.  And so far this year issued a listing of 49 new shares has broken the gem of the practice of the company, has always been low-key motherboard in the super raise has repeatedly shouted. According to the financial weekly data, these 49 new shares of 35 have listed ...

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