A Number Should Be Rounded Up If

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Web 2.0 Myth and reality

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host Technology Hall I have for several months, with different angles, levels and methods, explained the "Small Circle" in the Web 2.0 times, especially the need to be valued interpersonal relationships.     Coincidentally, Huang Yanda recently in the "digital wall", also clearly pointed out (human) "relationship" Tdz is the focus of WEB 2.0. However, in the small circle, in the interpersonal relationship, many people ...

Those poor homemade phone designs

Recently, I just said on Weibo: "Do not blow the phone now can die?" Do you have time to blow the heap of hardware to do UX optimization for UI design? A light look at the interface of the total people do not interested in buying machines, either the cottage or fancy or no design sense, deserved no market failure, so the domestic mobile phone design has been evaluated. First, the model of commercial marketing of coarse grains, pit Dad's ultimate, relying on the cottage fruit Miui started (at that time also barely able to say that there is some improvement) mixed up now, from the thought of the beginning from the revised CM changed to AOSP, the result?

The romanticism and rationalism in Apple's design

When it comes to Apple's products, I believe we all have some of the key words on our heads: "Concise, exquisite, high-end, cool ...". Many people have not yet used Apple products, has been attracted by its product design, this is Apple's design charm. Apple's industrial design has always been at the forefront of the industry. What kind of process does its product design go through? ID Commune has pointed out that Apple's design can be divided into "romanticism" and "post-romanticism". In my understanding, "post-romanticism" if used "rationalism" to describe the possible ...

Analyze the general standard of the title bar design of business-to-business websites

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in the business-to-business industry website frame Design production process, the title bar design production is the most work, the page frame most. Website logo and navigation bar design, basic each page is the same as the homepage, compared to the workload will be much smaller.   Whether it is the homepage, Level two column page, or navigation page, the content of the final page, excellent title bar can always make the reader convenient and quick to find content, and will not interfere with the content of the page. 1 Business website title bar ...

Picture formatting and design that thing.

The first time to write technical blog, there are not satisfactory place, but also forgive and correct me. Why want to organize this kind of content, I feel like a painter to understand his paint and canvas, sculptor to understand his stone, as a web designer should also have some understanding of the characteristics of the picture format, so as to better express your ideas and ideas. In addition, we also encounter many problems with the format of the picture in our daily work. For example, designers will wonder why some of the output of the page is always unable to achieve the design of the quality and effect, what kind of design is more suitable for Web pages ...

What are the results of the new interactive features page for HTML 5 & CSS 3?

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall This picture of this title is made with Phosotshop. However, in search engines you can not search it, the search engine is not strong enough to recognize the text inside the picture. And because the size of the picture is not too small, may slow Internet users in the browsing time ...

Picture principle and optimization How to play better results in website design

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall preface: This article collects some predecessors ' some about the picture optimization skill, gathers together in this, for each method optimization principle has done some research, hoped can give everybody to the picture optimization this piece to play the role of the discussion. Referring to the picture, we had to start with a bitmap, a bitmap image (bitmap), also known as a dot-matrix image or a drawing image, made up of a single point called a pixel (picture element). These points ...

Design business-to-business website buttons to promote user interaction by standard

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall I once said that the designer's analysis ability is far greater than the design technology itself, that analysis what? The research report believes that the user behavior analysis is the most proficient in the designer. For a button, whether it is a true button or a pseudo button (the pseudo button is: only indicates that the link is related to the data submission, or is to highlight the link, with a button, called "Pseudo button", the reason is to the form of a button, the biggest goal is to let users know the point of this button can submit data, it is possible and the site ...

10 Questions about Millet Purifier

Absrtact: After the recent millet eco-chain products launched, usually a small number of media internal communication, directly with the project leader face-to-face chat project situation, but also to respond to some outside problems. For example, before the Huangwang, smart home Several recent millet eco-chain products launched, usually a small number of media internal communication, directly with the project leader face-to-face chat project situation, but also to respond to some outside problems. For example, before the Huangwang, smart home products and so on, the air purifier launched, due to ...

Introduction to Hammer Phone

Before the press conference, for Luo and his smartisan, we carefully do not have any reports and comments. Only after the conference was held did we learn something basic about the Smartisan OS based on the Android third party.   And, as many readers know, ROM has a lot of innovation, but in the audience, it seems not as good as he had previously claimed. At the press conference, there was only one piece of a huge hammer on a screen that wasn't 16m x 9m.

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