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Third quarterly disclosure of a-share market last week

The third quarterly disclosure of a-share market last week, investors to the 2013 listed companies in the heart of the overall number. Affected by the moderate macroeconomic recovery, the performance of listed companies generally improved.   The first three quarters 2,489 a-share companies to achieve total operating income of 19.51 trillion yuan, a growth of 9.08% per cent, to achieve net profit of 1.72 trillion yuan, an increase of 14.18%, and last year in the first three quarter net profit growth fell 1.1%. "Daily economic news" reporter found that if the financial companies and "two barrels of oil", listed companies January-September net profit increase ...

Whether it is a a-share market or a foreign disk, technology stocks have frequently served as the main force to pull up the Gan

Abstract: Whether it is a-share market or outside the pan, technology stocks have frequently been the main force to pull up the GAN. Hong Kong Stocks Market branch of the strong rally, urged the Hang Seng index in the first trading day of the ram ushered in a start.   Tencent Holdings rose by 21% in the year, after China Unicom's 2, whether it is a-share market or a foreign disk, technology stocks are frequently the main force to pull up the GAN. Hong Kong Stocks Market branch of the strong rally, urged the Hang Seng index in the first trading day of the ram ushered in a start. Tencent's holdings rose 21% per cent during the year, after China Unicom's 23%. Industry index, the Hang Seng information Technology plate in the year ...

A-share market has been falling, market funds can still find new hype hot

Although the A-share market has been falling, market funds can still find new hype hot spots. The concept of mobile games stock prices recently soared, became a market "beautiful" scenery.   Related concept stocks, such as Zhong Qing bao (300052.SZ), Northern latitude Communications (002148.SZ), Palm Technology (300315.SZ) and other stocks since April the highest increase in more than 100%. Market funds on the concept of the underlying stock is the reason for its prospects for mobile gaming, listed companies also use their own timely "find the concept of" financing advantages.

Mobile gaming has become a 2013 a-share market, a somersault cloud

Mobile gaming has become the 2013 a-share market a somersault cloud, whether demon or fairy, step on this point can be clouds. After a short period of acquisition and intermission, October 15, the Gem Hand Tour concept of technology (300315) from the 3-month suspension of the wake up, announced to 2.5 billion of the scale, a merger of the play Crab technology and upstream information two game companies, coupled with the previous mergers and acquisitions of the pioneer of the 800 million scale, this year,   Palm technology in the hand tour market capital Operation Scale has reached 3.3 billion, the market value is also soaring by 20 billion. It's worth it.

HSI this morning, led by a A-share, once rose 10 days average line

The index, which was driven by a a-share market this morning, was raised to 10 days (18,334 points) and 20-day average (18240), but was not stable at the opening afternoon, narrowing from 452 points at noon to 200. The Hang Seng index is now reporting 18,177 points, up 256 points and an increase of 1.41%. The index of state-owned enterprises was reported at 10705.91, an increase of 1.87%.

Broken MMMM impact some funds brewing pause dozen New

Kuanzhiyong on the first day of Tuesday, five new shares fell below the IPO price, the biggest decline was once close to 20%, by the end of the biggest share price down 14% lower than the IPO price. Unprecedented new shares "broken MMMM" shook the entire a-share market, around the issue of new shares of the industrial chain are in the restructuring.  Shenzhen has a fund company brewing a moratorium on some of the fund's products purchase behavior, capital preservation funds and bond funds ready to suspend the "dozen new." The A-share market has been precipitated tens of billions of dollars in the IPO market, these funds from individual investors, banking and various pursuit of low risk ...

Xbox One finally landed, the initial price of 4999 yuan

Microsoft's many years of heart knot finally untied. The century long-distance running, with a semi-official background of the hundred-vision, coupled with a century of the concept of the FTA, to cover the coffin, but not conclusive.   In addition, thanks to Microsoft's many years of investment in the Chinese market, far more than other Asian countries. Back in the business itself, what kind of special background does Microsoft and the company have in this cooperation? What is the future of business prospects?   I tried to read it with trepidation. A, the board in the A-share market, can do a good job in the TMT shares, in addition to the music, the Hundred-view ...

A new atlas of a-share investment: dollar depreciation, Resource price rise

A cough in the United States, a global pandemic. The capital markets are now facing a similar situation. "The sharp rise in asset prices and resource prices caused by the depreciation of the dollar is the backbone of this year's financial markets. "Yesterday, the Great Wall Securities macro Strategy analyst Wutu King analysis," The world will set off a currency frenzy, asset price frenzy, now each country faces a similar situation: printing money! Liu Yan, deputy general manager of the National Yuan Securities Research Center, yesterday also concluded that hot money poured into Hong Kong to help raise domestic and foreign capital markets. The world's capital is at the forefront of China's economic recovery. And in the surrounding market warmth catalytic, yesterday a-share market in June, and create a rebound new ...

China's tour chain growth is much higher than the year-on-year growth

[Some analysts point out that China's tour chain growth than year-on-year growth is much higher, mainly in the same period last year, a lot of income from the function machine, and the first quarter, the function machine revenue has been significantly reduced, and the smart machine has not yet how to obtain revenue, but from the two quarter, the smart machine to obtain substantial revenue,   The company from the functional machine to the transition effect of the smart machine initially revealed that this year, the A-share market, the concept of Hand tour group, while the shares in the shares and hand-travel related to the stock also soared. The American concept of hand tour is shining, showing that the heat wave of the tour is sweeping the world, but because ...

Behind the new stock recovery: first-tier market investors more mature

Panoramic Network February 22 before the time, the new stock market performance is poor, as the temperature plays down the climate generally, people feel more coolness. After the Spring Festival, a A-share market rebound, the overall recovery of the new shares break the zero-level ice, profit-making effect in the first day of the plate.  Through the Panorama Network survey shows that investors for a a-share rebound caused a recovery in the market recognition, but after a large area of the broken mmmm swept, hit the new people in the choice of returning to the time is clearly more rational. The new stock market follows the two-level market variation gradually rational February 15 listed 5 ...

Four signals show break new shares expected

Every reporter Liu Mingtao Wang Yandan years, the A-share market, the most investors headache is what?  The answer must be new shares. January listed 30 new shares, 21 break, new shares break rate as high as 70%. Among them, January 18 listed 5 new shares all break, January 25 listed 5 new shares have 4 first day break, January 28 listed 4 new shares have 2 first day break.  No doubt, a a-share in the history of the most serious "broken mmmm" let the new people confused, so that the speculation of the new confused, regardless of which way to participate in the hold-up has become a probable event. New shares are repeatedly break, ...

China's safe-rise 3%uob material life insurance earnings or will rebound strongly

A slight slowdown in premium growth has not hurt the market's bullish expectations of Ping An, a notable rise this morning, with shares now up 3.21% to HK $56.25, trading 4.44 million shares.  Dahua (UOB) issued a report saying that the purchase rating of the unit was maintained, with a target price of HK $68.8, which was 22% higher than the market price. UOB that although the return on personal life insurance investment in June fell by 25 points, Ping An has still recorded a 25% per cent increase in the single month, and the strong revenue from the sale of insurance products has increased by 52.5%, which is also a surprise; it is estimated that with the A-share market improving and a smooth bond, the

HC Research: Big Data opens the Golden Age

The new concept stock market is always the most sensitive. After the Bigdata, cloud computing, mobile Internet, the subject of large data investment has aroused great concern in the industry recently. HC Research noted that from the end of 2011 to the beginning of 2012, National Gold Securities, Guotai, Galaxy Securities and other domestic institutions, recommend "large data concept stocks", and predicted that it will become a new line of investment in 2012. What is the performance of large data in the A-share market? Big data as the IT industry's new favorite and rely on what to support performance? Stand in the industry's perspective, observe the big data ...

Capital market cooling Hand Tour next year what?

Abstract: This year, the capital market stir-fry hand Tour concept, or will be over. Since the media sector lit up the concept of hand-swim in late 2012, it became the main concept of a depressed a-share market to boost share prices and was pushed to madness in the third quarter of 2013.   Following the palm of this year, the capital market to stir-fry the concept of hand tour, or will be over.   Since the media sector lit up the concept of hand-swim in late 2012, it became the main concept of a depressed a-share market to boost share prices and was pushed to madness in the third quarter of 2013. Following the palm of the fun technology ...

Ernst expects new shares to raise up to 145 billion in the second half

The mood for new shares has warmed as the overall market improves, An Yonghuanan and Hong Kong Audit Services partner Zhou Zhaomei expected that the new market in China and Hong Kong would be fully recovered in the second quarter of next year, with a total fund-raising amount of about 137 billion RMB for the new shares listed in the Shanghai A-share market, and about 1 of the new shares to be listed in Hong Kong.  45 billion yuan, and I believe that the IPO market will fully recover in 2010. She pointed out that only 9 new shares had been listed in Hong Kong since the beginning of this year, falling by 44% per cent over the year, with only 13.6 billion yuan, or 74% year-on-year. But the resumption of new shares activities in the mainland and the Hong Kong ...

China Bank's vice president takes part in Yangtze River Securities issue

In the Yangtze River Securities issue "Eve", the volatility of the stock market unexpected.  The tail of the big sell a single, in the blink of the Yangtze stock price directly below 12.67 yuan of the issue of "Iron Bottom", the nail in the 12 yuan. Faced with such a predicament, so that the original intention to participate in its additional institutions to play retreat, the participants are few.  However, the A-share market will never lack of "bold" participants. Yesterday (March 9), the Yangtze River Securities announced the results of the issue, the bulletin showed that the face of the premium of the additional price-12.67 yuan/shares, institutions are said to be evasive, but there are two institutions "...

LED lighting changes are signs: enterprises do not want to shuffle up the first present

The exhibition area, which was to be held in Guangzhou in June this year, was 10% larger than last year, but the number of companies has decreased by 35%. LED industry has rapidly warmed up in recent years, but with the influx of funds, many of the sequelae of expansion is beginning to emerge: core chip controlled, ignoring the development of applied technology, industry oversupply ...   Hu Zhongshun that: LED lighting industry has experienced the "investment great Leap Forward", "shuffle" the first. Not up to the 2011 domestic a total of 7 led industry enterprises in the A-share market to achieve an IPO, the cumulative financing amount of 36.25 ...

Backdoor wave sweeping A-share

So, what kind of "shell resource" is most likely to become the future star of capital market? What qualities do they have? What kind of shell resources lurk risks?   This edition has carried on the corresponding plan, readers. The IPO is suspended for one year. This has allowed hundreds of of companies lining up to enter the capital market to curve the market.   In this case, the 2013 a-share market on the listing from the "sporadic phenomenon" evolved into a "group path." According to the same flush IFind statistics show that as of November 13, a total of 28 listed companies were backdoor. "From this, the market ...

The concept of a A-share stir-fry: Related stocks rose more than 100% in 4 months

Absrtact: Although the A-share market has been falling, market funds can still find new hype hot spots. The concept of mobile gaming shares have surged recently, and it has become a beautiful landscape in the market. Related concept stocks, such as in the Qing Bao (300052.SZ), Northern latitude Communications (002148.SZ), although the A-share market has been falling, market funds can still find new hype hot spots. The concept of mobile games stock prices recently soared, became a market "beautiful" scenery. Related concept stocks, such as Zhong Qing bao (300052.SZ), ...

Relief of the pressure of capital diversion under the new distribution system

Every reporter Zeng stock time is coming again, June 29, Guilin three gold will begin to publish online, July landed the SME market. The IPO has been suspended from last September and has been in the past half a year before it is restarted. The A-share market again ushered in new shares, from the market background, and the history of many IPOs in the same place, and what are the differences?  What new test will the A-share market face now? The market background is similar to the 2006 suspension and restart of previous IPOs, almost every IPO moratorium is a bear market. But the IPO is heavy ...

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