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Quanzhou International Express successful acceptance of the land port is ready to be issued

Absrtact: A few days ago, located in Jinjiang International land port of Quanzhou International Express Supervision Center smoothly through the Xiamen customs acceptance, after the formal investment will be for the Quanzhou local and even surrounding areas of express enterprises to deal with inbound and outbound Express courier Declaration, inspection, release and other formalities to facilitate. With this day, located in Jinjiang International land port of Quanzhou International Express Supervision Center smoothly through the Xiamen customs acceptance, after the formal investment will be for the Quanzhou local and even surrounding areas of express enterprises to deal with inbound and outbound Express courier Declaration, inspection, release and other formalities to facilitate. At the same time, according to the Ministry of Commerce and other departments issued "on the implementation of Cross-border E-commerce support ..."

Billion the network announced the acceptance of the strategic investment, the two formal formation of strategic cooperation

Absrtact: As just low-key trial operation of the mother and child special selling platform billion, the recent but outgoing and Hailambe hand, the big action is really to the industry. Billion the network announced the acceptance of the strategic investment, the two formally formed strategic cooperation. At present, the billion-net as a low-key trial operation of the mother and child special selling platform-billion, but recently came out with the Hailambe hand, the big action really make the industry speechless. Billion the network announced the acceptance of the strategic investment, the two formally formed strategic cooperation. At present, the billion-Becky Network and Hailambe Strategic Cooperation Agreement has been signed, the future of both sides will be in the logistics ...

Guangdong jiangmen "Wireless City" planning Program through acceptance

Recently, the "Jiangmen Wireless city Planning and Construction Program" (hereinafter referred to as the "program") by the Sun Yat-sen University, southeast universities and other units of the Panel of Experts to Audit and evaluation, unanimously passed, marking the first city-level wireless city of the whole town planning through the review and acceptance.  At present, Jiangmen "Wireless City" Construction has started emergency command and dispatch system, telemedicine and "handheld Jiangmen" unified portal platform three major projects. According to the introduction, the beginning of April this year, Jiangmen and Jiangmen Mobile, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications signed technical services contract, in the formation of the three-party cooperation mechanism, the beginning of Jiangmen Wireless city early ...

Yang B Bamboo Garden major upgrading project through environmental acceptance

Yang B (900935) Wednesday Evening Notice that the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the company's holding subsidiary Shanghai Friends of the first bamboo garden sewage Treatment Investment Development Co., Ltd. of the major upgrading of the project on February 28 completed environmental protection acceptance. The project was fully started on July 18, 2008, and on December 26, 2009 the main project was completed successfully.

Dell announced the acceptance of bitcoin to buy all of its electronics

Reporter Jiang Jia Dai in Hong Kong July 18, Dell announced the acceptance of bitcoin to buy all of its electronic products, the service first in the United States consumer and business customers trial, if progressing well, will be extended to include China, including the International market. Apple has also been the first to allow customers to use bitcoin to buy virtual software in the App Store. Bitcoin prices plunged from $ 1147 to $ 620 in less than six months. As a speculative tool, the aura of bitcoin is gradually fading away, but the attractiveness of bitcoin as a payment medium has increased with the advent of ...

The first 500 commercial acceptance draft of the Yangtze River delta

April 7 News, Sina Financial information, the People's Bank of Shanghai headquarters, Nanjing branch, Hangzhou Center Branch, Hefei Center Branch (hereinafter referred to as the four People's bank) in the recent joint launch of the Yangtze River Delta region, the first batch of 500 commercial acceptance of the list of key promotion enterprises, the joint efforts to promote commercial acceptance It is understood that the Yangtze River Delta 500 of the first selected enterprises are the four People's Bank in accordance with the "excellent" principle, from four of commercial banks to submit nearly 2,500 alternative enterprises selected. It mainly includes four kinds of enterprises: one belongs to the national Top 500 Enterprises 、...

POLIC launched the first non-screen super-TV

May 5, according to Wang Long, vice president of rice technology revealed that as of May 5, the first generation of non-polar rice super-screen TV has more than 50,000 subscribers, far exceeding the supply of 2,000 construction machines. POLIC launched the first non-screen super-TV subscriptions over 50000 April 24, POLICE technology officially announced in Beijing, 2000 Taiwan's first non-screen super-TV projectors in the formal acceptance of Internet users booking the same day, and will be May 15 formally shipped. The pre-sale price is also locked at 2999 yuan, the price is the price of the ordinary 40-inch flat-panel TV market. According to rice meters official introduction, the first ...

How far is China's pink economy from erupting?

I do not know from Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain" to the gay film so beautiful start, or from Cook announced the beginning of the Ark. Unconsciously, all the boys around you have boyfriends and girls have girlfriends. Some circles are more about raising men to talk about the level of force. What a woman wants to have is gay honey and no longer a girlfriend. As a single dog, you begin to realize the shame of being alone. Yes, with the gradual rise in social acceptance, the pink economy created by the gay craze has gradually surfaced. The pink economy is called from Europe and America. Refers to by LGBT (lesbian, male, bisexual, cross ...).

Internet café once admitted 3 minors will be legally revoked "network culture business License"

Absrtact: The Ministry of Culture expresses the hope that through the Special regulation action of the Internet Café Market, it will focus on solving the outstanding problems existing in the cultural market, promoting the healthy development of the market of network games, internet cafes, network music and performances, strengthening the supervision of the cultural market and purifying the minors. April 7 News, the decided to increase the acceptance of minors illegal activities of the administrative penalties. According to the new rules, the Internet Internet Business license shall be revoked according to the law to accept 3 or more minors (including 3 persons) or to accept minors for serious malignant cases.

Big company layoffs: the risk of cutting the Gordian knot

Zhao Chenting There is a case in circulation in the industry that a U.S. company wants to lay off staff in a big way and then takes the staff to the stadium to watch a match. After the announcement, the list of layoffs was announced on the spot and the staff sang songs and went home. Unfortunately, such a very happy case seems to be incompatible with the domestic situation. The development of the market determines the employees' acceptance of the downsizing behavior. The more the market is resisted, the more the layoff process should be considered. Insiders admit that if a large company cuts jobs in the United States, it may be after employees are properly compensated; but in China, companies need ...

Vertical Electric Network Wine network launched a "suitable for Chinese taste wine" survey

Do you like to drink wine? Are you still worried about looking for a favorite wine? What kind of wine do you like? Wine Country, do you like France or Italy, or? ...... The first high-end imported wine electric platform-net Wine Network ( today launched a "suitable for Chinese wine" market research activities to understand the Chinese wine, especially imported wine acceptance and preference, so as to provide consumers with a more humane consumption matching. This is the first time in the country for the mass consumer of the largest market research. "Everyone ...

Beijing Olympic Games balance over 1 billion

Announced that the Beijing Olympic Committee earnestly implement the party Central Committee, the State Council on "Clean Olympic Games, thrift to run the Olympic Games" policy, adhere to the "Green Olympics, Science and Technology Olympics, Humanistic Olympics" concept, the internal control system is relatively sound, strict supervision and management, capital expenditure is better controlled, audit did not The construction of the Olympic venues is progressing smoothly, all the projects are completed on schedule and put into use, acceptance rate of 100%, the project construction has not occurred major quality and safety production accidents, the audit did not find a major violation of the law June 19, the Auditing Commission announced the 29th session of Olympus ...

China Mobile Cloud computing technology system Research and "big Cloud" product development (2013)

From September 2013 to November, the total output of seven major milestones, including: Big Cloud 2.5 official release, co-organized CCF first big Data contest, NoSQL through acceptance, Jiangxi Comprehensive query storehouse on-line, Fujian Big Data Center launches, the BCH community starts the operation and the public cloud test commercial launches the integration and so on. Outcome 1: Big Cloud 2.5 official release L results Description December 4, 2013, the mobile Internet Conference officially released a large cloud products 2.5 version. Bill presided over the release ceremony, the Ministry of Communications Institute Yu Xiaohui chief engineer to do ...

COO Chen LIPEO: a truly global company

Fast road network December 23 News (reported Wang Pei) in the recent Haikou International Convention and Exhibition Center held in the 2014 "China games industry Annual Meeting", the COO Chen Lipeo for "Large IP applications and towards globalization" made a keynote speech. In the acceptance of the speed network interview, he put the travel family for the application of large IP, how to achieve the "global Company" layout made a detailed interpretation. The idea of IP in today's hand tour industry, we are more important IP, the tour is also so, different from today's market to consume IP primarily (both use already have IP), the race for ...

Archie Arts official confirms upcoming Smart TV details are not released

Summary: Donews August 9 News (reporter Huang) recently, Archie Art TV will be officially listed in September, its size is about 46 inches, the price is between 3000 yuan and 4000 yuan. In this respect, Archie in Donews interview confirmed the introduction of electricity donews August 9 News (reporter Huang) recently informed people, Archie Art Television will be officially listed in September, its size of 46 inches, the price of 3000 yuan to 4000 yuan. In this respect, Archie Arts officials in the acceptance of D ...

Talking about the viral marketing

Http:// "> Viral marketing, also known as Gene marketing or nuclear explosive marketing, is an information-delivery strategy that can be replicated by the public to other audiences, Thus rapidly expanding its influence. Compared with the traditional marketing, the audience's voluntary acceptance of the characteristics of less cost, more and more obvious benefits.   (citation: Wikipedia) What virus marketing is not a virus! In simple terms, viral marketing ...

Gome Online First Bill financial products "Beauty ticket" officially online

March 2 News, from today, Gome Online first bill financial products "Beauty ticket" officially online. This product is expected to be 6% to 8% of the annual yield of the negotiable instruments, which is the subject of bank acceptance. It is reported that Gome online first line of "the United States ticket" and the bill financial platform "Silver Bank" cooperation, is a loan-type financial management, financing enterprises with its holding of the bank acceptance of the pledge to provide collateral to investors financing, and through the Gome Online financial platform to release the demand for loans. By buying "Beauty ticket" products to finance the enterprise, the bill expired after the Bank to honour the funds as ...

Hongwei: Real estate tax has a greater impact on the improvement of homebuyers

January 28 Morning News, in response to the Thursday evening just announced the Shanghai real Estate tax pilot, Shanghai, China Yan senior market analyst Hongwei Analysis, said that the introduction of real estate tax on small and medium-sized investors and improve the impact of home buyers.  He thinks, the real estate tax time is in the property market off-season, time point choice is better, take into account the market acceptance degree, can produce effect still need a buffer period, in the short term to the property market will not have big fluctuation. In addition, he thinks, from the tax rate levied on the property tax, 0.6% of the tax rate, the excess area of the levy, such a levy can still ...

Credit strengthens the real economy

Reporter Wang Yu correspondent Lura Xuan reported that Jinan News reporter November 12 from the Jinan branch learned that this January-October, the total amount of credit in the province increased by 1.2901 trillion yuan, more than 475.6 billion yuan, the new volume continues to maintain the highest level of the same period.  Fortunately, the credit structure of our province in the October further showed positive changes, including industrial production, small and medium-sized enterprises, consumption and other real economic areas of the loan enhancement. Our provincial banking institutions actively open trust loans, bank acceptance, letters of credit, letter of guarantee, factoring and other forms of financing business, multi-channel for business integration ...

Large data in the eyes of a liberal arts professor: Multi, fast, rough, consumption

With the current network language, I am a liberal arts man. Mo Yan recently said in his acceptance of the Nobel Prize that literature is not science and literature is useless. I would like to explain that literature is not equal to Uvenko, liberal arts are more extensive, can be further divided into the humanities and social sciences. Social science research has always been dealing with data, of course, used to be small data, the number of low, slow, time-consuming, but good quality, but also provincial resources, in line with the current green concept. On the basis of my experience in studying small data for many years, I am talking about some of the views on large data, which is also a consensus of the social sciences. Readers read ...

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