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"Today's headlines" v. Sohu commercial vilification

Sina Technology News Noon on July 9 news, Beijing Haidian court official microblogging today announced the news that because Sohu's claim that "today's headlines" infringement of copyright constitutes a commercial slander, "today's headlines," the direction of the court to prosecute SOHU requires Stop commercial slander, publicly apologize, eliminate the impact and compensate for economic loss of 1 million yuan. Today, Haidian court accepted the case according to law. The text of the Haidian court's microblogging message reads as follows: "Today's headlines" move because it believes that "the headlines of today" infringes its copyright and constitutes a commercial slander because it considers Sohu's website at a press conference and operating ...

Pathfinder flaw: True and accurate integrity of the principle of the cloak of inviolability

China Securities Daily published yesterday, "Gold Agents Fange, Pathfinder (39.400,1.28,3.36%)" Dress up on the listing "show flaws" a paper aroused many attention. The legal profession believes that information disclosure is the soul of the Securities Act.  The principle of "true, accurate and complete" of the information disclosure of listed companies required by the securities law cannot be tainted. The 63rd article of the Securities Law stipulates that "the information disclosed by the issuer and the listed company according to law must be true, accurate and complete, without false records, misleading statements or major omissions." "To the Pathfinder September 19, 2009 signed ...

Sogou v. 360 unfair competition trial

Central News Agency, Xi'an, July 18 (Reporter Lei Kai) Beijing Sogou Information Service Co., Ltd., Beijing Sogou Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Defendant Beijing Qihoo Technology Co., Ltd., Qihoo 360 Software Co., Ltd. (Beijing) The case of unfair competition in the company today (18th) held a public hearing in the Intermediate People's Court of Xi'an in Shaanxi Province. Sogou claims the two defendants 45 million yuan of economic losses and 500,000 yuan case expenses, the court said the two sides are willing to mediate. During the court hearing, Sogou Information Company and Sogou Technology Company claimed that they are well-known enterprises engaging in Internet technology services according to law.

Insider reveals dozens of Chinese steel mills data hiding in Rio Tinto computer

Yesterday, a person close to the Shanghai State Security Bureau revealed to reporters that the office computer taken by the Shanghai Security Bureau from the Rio Tinto office has been "taken down", and dozens of of the steel companies with Rio Tinto signed a long contract are in the computer.  This information is related to the company's procurement plan, raw material inventory, production arrangements and other detailed data. "They know the steel mills at their fingertips," the person said. However, in an interview with the Daily Economic news reporter, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of National Security did not respond positively to the issue, the source said, "The case is under review according to law, the results will be publicly released." "CIC Energy chief ...

The Social Security Fund will be tested for budget

According to the Xinhua news agency, the State Council issued a recent report on the trial of the Social Insurance fund budget, decided to try the Social Insurance fund budget.  "Opinion" points out that the Social Insurance fund budget should follow several basic principles, namely, establish according to law, standardize the unification, the overall establishment, clear responsibility, special fund, special funds, relatively independent, organic convergence, balance, keep balance. According to the opinion, the establishment of the expenditure budget of social Insurance fund should take into account the change of social insurance treatment number, economic and social development status, social insurance policy adjustment and social insurance.

Ark Report Hammer mobile phone involved in false advertising propaganda

Absrtact: Ark son recently to Beijing Municipal administration of Industry and Commerce Chaoyang Branch report Luo Hammer technology company to product Smartisan T1 model phones suspected of false advertising, and request to verify and to be punished according to law.   Ark Son in the report letter, said the hammer branch in Beijing Industry and Commerce administration of the Chaoyang branch recently reported Luo Hammer technology company to the product Smartisan T1 model phones suspected of false advertising, and request to verify and carry out the law punishment. Ark Son in the report letter said, Hammer technology company and public ...

Ark Report Luo false propaganda

Ark Son report Luo involved in false propaganda Ark recently to the Beijing Municipal administration of Industry and Commerce Chaoyang Branch of the report Luo Hammer technology company to product Smartisan T1 model phones suspected of false advertising, and request to verify and to be punished according to law. Fang said that the hammer phone in its ads boast "the best mobile phone in the Old World," "Top Design", "Everything is the best", in violation of the Advertising Act chapter seventh of the third "use of national, superlative, best and other terms". Wanton belittling of similar products, violating chapter 12th ...

The administrative Department of Industry and Commerce shall transfer to the judicial organs for criminal liability

1, "comprehensive" general administration of Industry and Commerce: the new rules of online shopping March 15 infringement of the rights of consumers suspected of committing crimes, industrial and commercial administrative departments should be transferred to the judicial organs to investigate their criminal responsibility. If the administrative penalty is imposed on the operator according to law, it shall be credited to the manager's credit file and published to the society in time through the Enterprise credit information publicity system. This is tantamount to the publicity of the operator credit stain basis. 2, "Consumer-to-consumer" Pat hit 100 million with Taobao Rob quality buyers? Official response: Monday See! January 4 News, the well-known Internet grassroots @ Internet of that thing today burst a fierce material said, Beijing ...

Relevant departments have been concerned about this issue, and actively study the countermeasures

In the network interview held by the News center of the NPC and CPPCC, Zhang Pedong, deputy director of Commerce Department of Mofcom, said that the relevant departments had been paying attention to the problem and actively studied the countermeasures. Zhang Pedong said that paying taxes according to law is the duty of every citizen and enterprise, and the tax law is applicable to traditional enterprises and e-commerce enterprises. It is inaccurate to simply say "no tax on Taobao and other electricity dealers". Because, this should distinguish the electric dealer's identity, here said the tax object, should be refers to the personal status in Taobao and other platforms operating on that part of the electrical business. Because these individual shop no business note ...

Within 5 years of the skylight will be the group of peer assets

Skylight (600096) March 9 Evening announcement, the company's controlling shareholder Cloud Group Limited Liability company commitment, such as the company intends to increase the future of compound fertilizer for the main business or think of the cloud Group and its subordinate company compound fertilizer production or compound fertilizer production line produced by other products or by-products seriously affect the company's operating performance, The group will transfer or inject the compound fertilizer production facilities and other related assets to the company in accordance with the relevant procedures according to law, in order to avoid the competition with the company; Yun-a group will be in 5 years through asset injection, etc., will be its fertilizer business note ...

What happens when Microsoft abandons the Windows10 phone system?

Like the clock, quarterly smartphone market share will be published according to law. Less than a year ago, there were many voices calling for Microsoft to abandon the Windows Phone system, which it considered a high-risk and low-yielding business. We also understand that Microsoft CEO Barnard is not a keen supporter of Windows Phone and has objected to the takeover of Nokia's equipment and services sector. We also note that Microsoft did not launch a large-scale promotional campaign against Windows Phone, and the media reported that the US market was even slipping. But Microsoft should "listen to advice ...

Beijing Chaoyang District People's court official microblog news

According to Beijing Chaoyang District People's Court, "Beijing Chaoyang Court" news, the network pushing hands Qin Zhihui (net name: Qin) suspected of defamation, the case of a provocation, public sentencing this morning. The defendant, Qin Zhihui, sentenced to two years ' imprisonment for defamation, sentenced to six months ' imprisonment, and three years ' imprisonment for the offence of provocation.   In view of the fact that the Qin Zhihui can truthfully confess the crimes, the guilty confession is a better attitude, the court will be punished according to law for the crime of libel, provocation and trouble-making. After the court to find out, Qin Zhihui knowingly luo (male, China Strategic Culture Promotion Association Executive ...

In the case of unauthorized, authorized, plagiarism, through the network to disseminate its creative writing works

That Beijing Qi Tiger Technology Co., Ltd. (360) without permission, authorization, plagiarism, through the network to disseminate its creative writing works, Sue the other party infringement, and claimed losses of 500,000 yuan.   The first trial judgment Baidu loses.   Recently, the case in the city of the second Chinese court trial. Baidu filed 500,000 claims Baidu company sued, September 16, 2011, "Baidu Webmaster Platform" on-line, which "Baidu Webmaster Platform Help" document, "Baidu sitemap Tool Help" document is its creation, with originality, Baidu company according to Law on its ...

World Law Day, to achieve world peace according to law is the eternal pursuit of people

September 4, the 22nd session of the World Law Conference opened in Beijing, China. The meeting was held in phases in Beijing and Shanghai, with more than 380 foreign representatives from 54 countries participating, and a total of about 1000 representatives from the Chinese delegation. In order to report the world's legal event, this newspaper, in addition to the regular reports, also opened a column in the five edition of "Interpretation of the World Law Congress" to some important issues in-depth reports, please pay attention. The reporter Yong The early autumn of Beijing refreshing and pleasant, fishing platform Fangfei garden outside the green grass. September 4 afternoon, from all over the world to participate in the 22nd session ...

Wu Jichuan: cloud computing is a strategic new industry should improve the cloud security system

In the 5th China Cloud Computing Conference held today, Wu Ji-chuan, chairman of China Cloud Computing Technology and Industry Alliance, said that cloud computing is a strategic emerging industry in China. We should formulate and improve the security of cloud services System and law, clarify the rights and responsibilities of information owners and service providers, protect intellectual property rights according to law, and improve and perfect the self-regulation and management system of the cloud service industry. Wu Ji said that cloud computing is a new revolution in informationization toward high-level development and information service mode and is an important part of China's strategic emerging industries. It is of great significance for improving resource utilization and building the superiority of state information.

Man 88,000 yuan to buy mobile phone number required to punish sellers dismissed

Our News (reporter Sun Ying) Mr. Wang spent 88,000 yuan to buy a 6 8 mobile phone number, and then the seller violated the charge of high code number of resource occupancy charges, to the municipal Development and Reform Commission report. Mr. Wang brought the Beijing Development and Reform Commission to court because he believed that the price authorities had not imposed a penalty according to law.  This morning, the Xicheng Court dismissed Mr. Wang's claim. Mr. Wang, the plaintiff, is a journalist. He charged that he had spent 88,000 yuan in October 2006 on a mobile phone number containing 6 "8" from Beijing Planet Technology Development Limited. This May, he made a change to the city ...

Mandatory relocation is provided that the person should be compensated first

Xinhua Beijing, January 28 (reporter Chenfi, Chi Qingxin) for the government in the process of housing, the most likely to cause conflicts in the "forced relocation" issue, 29th formally sought public opinion of the "state-owned land on the expropriation and Compensation regulations (draft)" gave clear provisions. The request for comment Draft stipulates that if the person concerned is not satisfied with the decision of compensation due to the expropriation decision, he may apply for administrative reconsideration according to law, or he may bring the administrative lawsuit to the people's Court according to law, and shall not stop the execution of the compensation decision during the administrative reconsideration and administrative proceedings.

Recently, the case in the second Chinese court trial

Baidu filed 500,000 claims Baidu company sued, September 16, 2011, "Baidu Webmaster Platform" on-line, which "Baidu Webmaster Platform Help" document, "Baidu sitemap Tool Help" document is its creation, with originality, Baidu company according to law to its enjoyment of copyright. And in the January 24 of this year, 360 operating "360 webmaster Platform" Also in the 360 search website official online, in the platform "Use Help" page "Webmaster Platform" section of a document, copied the Baidu company document text content and format. "360 webmaster ...

Gem investors should be aged two years

Washington (Reporter Aoxiapo Ma Yi) Yesterday, the CSRC on the GEM investors appropriate management interim provisions to the community for advice, according to law can engage in a-share market transactions investors, with more than two years (including two years) trading experience can directly open gem investment transactions. Shenzhen relevant implementation measures are also issued, and openly to the community for advice. The implementation measures a total of 18, specifically clear gem investors appropriate management of the basic requirements, procedures, working mechanisms and self-regulation requirements. Comments or suggestions can be written or e-mailed in the form of June 23 before the feedback to the deep ...

Fake point brewing formula uncovered water + additive = Iced Tea

Tap water + additive + saccharin = Counterfeit drink, tap water + inferior liquor = small udon wine, bad beer label, become Yandang Beer ...  A whole 7 of the big trucks were fake.  Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Leqing people's Procuratorate, because of suspected counterfeit registered trademark crime, criminal suspects Yu Yu, Wu, such as 3 persons arrested according to law.  Mystery truck, 20,000 fake drinks. It's about May this year. May 5, Leqing Industrial and commercial law enforcement personnel inspection to Lecheng City Ridge Village, listen to the villagers said, the village has a 30-year-old Jiangxi people, driving a car every day ...

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