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There's an article on the internet about 3 things that make Mingyuan sleep well.

There is an article on the internet to let Mingyuan sleep well 3 things: talent and choice, time management, weighing the Baidu business add and subtract. Among them, Mingyuan revealed a lot of Baidu's mobile internet ideas and layout, from search, map, O2O talked about internet finance, to the outside concern Baidu buy 91 is worth, also made a response: our share price from the acquisition also rose a lot. Today is still worth watching, Baidu and 91 are complementary, because we do the technology and system is stronger, 91 do business and operation relatively strong more flexible, they are closer to the developer. I think after the acquisition of both sides to ...

Dalian's Color TV factory officially discontinued

Toshiba continues to "Slim down" in its home appliance business.   The company announced on the official web site, Dalian's Color TV factory will be officially discontinued at the end of December 2013, its company Dalian Toshiba TV Co., Ltd. will also stop operating. The reporter found that toshiba in the compression of household appliances at the same time in the semiconductor sector to increase investment.   The National Consumer Electronic Channel Alliance Secretary-General Wu-Xian was built in the "Daily economic news" reporter interview, said that the Japanese enterprise transformation is not simply to do subtraction, but add and subtract mixed operations, are focused on the core industry and the advantages of the enterprise. Dalian Color TV Factory was established in 1 ...

PHP Common Date phase functions (date plus subtraction and conversion time)

PHP commonly used date function [date plus minus, two date difference, date conversion time Cut] The following code is some commonly used date processing functions, you can add and subtract two times, the difference between two dates, date conversion time cut. echo Date (' y-m-d ', Strtotime (' +1 d ', strtotime (' 2009-07-08 '))//Date days Add function echo Date ("y-m-d", ' 1246982400 '); EC ...

See the authenticity of cloud computing

Many of the hype surrounding the hybrid cloud have shown that they are using patterns that are public and private.   So what makes a real hybrid cloud? Although many business groups say they have mixed clouds, in fact they only have separate public and private clouds.   Such an application pattern does not fully reflect the true value of cloud computing: Choreography, self-service automation, and the ability to add and subtract resources on demand by transferring workloads between the public cloud and the private cloud. In the new cloud computing era of chaos (this due to deliberate speculation and recognition ...)

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