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Addicted to the characteristics of the network

In Japan, a serialized comic book, "Introduction to Psychological Problems Handbook", lists 10 characteristics, if you are consistent, you are addicted to the Internet.   But if there are more than 5 items, you are already overly reliant.   1. You often surf the Internet more than you originally expected or intended.   2, when you know you should be offline, you are still surfing the internet.   3, you find that you prefer to surf the internet rather than do something else.   4, even if you know to do something first, but you find that you first networking. 5, have been because the Internet has affected your work quality ...

Necessity and practicality placed before aesthetically pleasing recipes apply gilt parknshop

Recently, according to foreign media reports, an endless stream of intelligent applications are changing our lives, recently, Gilt Groupe's food website Gilt ParknShop launched a new ipad application, its "No touch Menu Mode" Not only lets the user eye-opening, Even let some knowledgeable people in the industry are also bright. The following is a well-known technology website TC introduced it: the risk of cooking with the ipad Imagine that you are cooking in the kitchen, because you want to live a healthy and balanced life, no longer addicted to the Internet. But it turns out you can't get rid of it all.

The boy addicted to the net to swim crooked brains to use the vaccine money to pay a heavy price

Before entering the job, the hospital dean repeatedly told "the vaccine is the public money, do not move the money of the brain," but this lad because addicted to the Internet game desperately need money, or misguided. A few days ago, a young South Korean for corruption crime by Shengzhou court sentenced to 5 years six months of imprisonment. While serving as a valuable vaccine cashier at the Shengzhou Sanjiang Street Community Health Service Center, it adopts the means of concealing and withholding, illegally occupying the valuable vaccine amount of more than 530,000 yuan. Because of the game, he will pay a heavy price. 1990 was born in Korea is Shengzhou people, before the crime is Shengzhou Sanjiang Street Community Health Clothing ...

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