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China's domain name industry is over 4.2 billion

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) June 4 issued the "China Domain name Industry Report" shows that China's domain name-related industries scale over 4.2 billion yuan, the number of practitioners more than 100,000 people.  After more than more than 10 years of development, China's domain name industry has begun to take shape, in the field of Internet emergence. Domain name is the Internet address resources, is the Netizen to visit the "number", domain name industry, including domain name registration and service, domain name auction, domain name protection.  The domain name industry in China has made great progress in a short time, which has played an important role in promoting economic development. ...

IP resources exhausted or into the era of cloud computing IDC Enterprise Survival New test

IDC Enterprise new Survival inflection point seems to be coming, CNNIC recently released data show that the Internet digital distribution agency address pool only 7 A of 117 million based on IPV4 address resources, will soon be allocated to eliminate. China has been allocated 277 million IP resources, also can only support 6 years, some operators may not have two years will not be IP available. Up to now, the domestic several well-known IDC enterprises, but also only China million network exclusive to all virtual host configuration Independent IP, the shortage of resources can also be seen. Coupled with the advent of the cloud computing era, building ...

Shanghai is the more investigation has been closed

January 9 news, Netease technology from Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce Branch Jiading learned that in August 2007 by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) notified the illegal domain name agent - Shanghai Today Network Technology Co., Ltd., after Relevant departments of the detailed investigation, the Shanghai Administration for Industry has been Jiading Branch investigation, the company has canceled off Zhang. It is reported that in order to regulate the registration of address resources industry and safeguard the interests of registered users, "Internet address registration service industry self-discipline Convention," the supervision of implementing agencies China Internet Network Information Center (CNN ...

CN domain name becomes "primary domain name"

Recently, the Internet Society of China released the 2007 "Survey on Internet Brand Marketing in China's Media Industry". It shows that at present, China's top-level domain names account for more than 70% of the media enterprises. CN domain names have become important for many media to implement brand marketing and construction way. Analysts believe that in the face of the two major opportunities and challenges of the Beijing Olympic Games and the Internet wave, the fast-growing Chinese media are using the Internet to extend their influence. As a result, media convergence is even more evident. CN domain name to become "the main domain name" The report is China ...

Investigation Report on Internet brand marketing in China Securities industry

China Internet Association Network Marketing Working Committee recently released the 2007 "China Securities Industry Internet brand marketing status investigation report." Of the 122 domestic securities companies surveyed by the report, 79 have applied the CN domain name, accounting for 64.8% of the total number of enterprises, showing the mainstream status of CN domain has been formed.   In addition, nearly 50% of the enterprise application of the common Web site and the Chinese CN domain name. According to statistics, nearly half of individual investors buy and sell stocks and funds through the Internet. Fan Feng, Secretary General of Internet Marketing Work Committee

IPV6 configuration and use of BAE director server-side and agent-side

IPV4 is currently the world's most widely used second-generation "> Internet technology, but it is facing the crisis of insufficient network address resources." The August 2011 Internet numbering Agency (IANA) has allocated the last 5 IPv4 addresses to the five regional registrars, which means that the IPV4 address pool has been allocated. In the entire international context, some enterprises will gradually find him ...

Universal URL is unique, is a scarce Internet address resources

Absrtact: Recently, the reporter in the domain name trading Professional website found that the most popular songs, most popular novels, the hottest game three general site was high-profile rental, each word monthly rent up to 50000 yuan. Through China's general Web site transactions online display of contact, the author recently, the reporter in the domain name trading Professional website found that the "Top songs", "Top novel", "Top games" three general site was a high-profile rental, each word monthly rent as high as 50000 yuan. Through China's general website transactions online display contact, the author contacted these three general ...

Obama's second State of the Union address since his inauguration in Congress

January 25 This year, U.S. President Barack Obama in the United States Congress issued a second State of the Union address since taking office. In his one-hour speech, "Winning the Future" became the topic of high frequency. The third step to winning the future, he suggests, is "rebuilding America's Infrastructure", the most important of which is to provide next-generation high-speed Internet access to 98% of Americans within the next 5 years. On February 3, the Internet Domain name Authority (ICANN) announced in Miami, the United States, that the IPV4 address library has been depleted, a major historical event in the world's Internet. Also means that the next generation of Internet access to ...

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