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Constructing Internet Data Warehouse and business intelligence system with Sql-on-hadoop

Big data is now a very hot topic, SQL on Hadoop is the current large data technology development in an important direction, how to quickly understand the mastery of this technology, CSDN specially invited Liang to do this lecture for us. Using Sql-on-hadoop to build Internet Data Warehouse and business intelligence system, through analyzing the current situation of business demand and sql-on-hadoop, this paper expounds the technical points of SQL on Hadoop in detail, shares the experience of the first line, and helps the technicians to master the relevant technology quickly ...

Actual combat for Wang Liang solution sql-on-hadoop Difficult diseases

March 13, 2014, CSDN online training in the first phase of the "use of Sql-on-hadoop to build Internet Data Warehouse and Business intelligence System" successfully concluded, the trainer is from the United States network of Liang,   In the training, Liang shares the current business needs and solutions of data warehousing and business intelligence systems in the Internet domain, Sql-on-hadoop product principles, usage scenarios, architectures, advantages and disadvantages, and performance optimization. CSDN Online training is designed for the vast number of technical practitioners ready online real-time interactive technology training, inviting ...

optimization of SQL Server database under large data volume

1.1: Increase the secondary data file from SQL SERVER 2005, the database does not default to generate NDF data files, generally have a main data file (MDF) is enough, but some large databases, because of information, and query frequently, so in order to improve the speed of query, You can store some of the records in a table or some of the tables in a different data file. Because the CPU and memory speed is much larger than the hard disk read and write speed, so you can put different data files on different physical hard drive, so that the execution of the query, ...

Entering the cloud of enterprise: Microsoft's six advantages and three disadvantages

Microsoft this week at the Convergence conference released the Dynamics ERP software cloud Strategic plan, continue to the Enterprise Cloud field March. Currently, online ERP service is still in its infancy, and Microsoft's determination and timing for dynamics ERP into the Azure platform reflect the importance of cloud computing in its corporate strategy. So after these announcements, speeches and discussions, will Microsoft's cloud strategy be as successful as planned? In my view, as a corporate cloud provider, Microsoft does have some inherent strengths and weaknesses. Advantages: Microsoft ...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Apache Cassandra database?

This article will go beyond the well-known details and explore the less obvious details related to Cassandra. You will examine the Cassandra "> Data model, storage mode design, architecture, and potential surprises associated with Cassandra." In the database history article "What Goes Around comes Around", Mi ...

The first cloud program in combat

Copyright Notice: Original works, allow reprint, reprint, please be sure to hyperlink form to indicate the original source of the article, author information and this statement. Otherwise, legal liability will be held. First of all, the Templars are delighted to receive the attention and support of the cloud Computing series, which has been in preparation for several months, and finally released the first one today (because the article is too long, it is two pieces, and this is an article). In these months through constant making ...

Eleme big data computing engine practice and application

This article focuses on how Eleme big data team reduced the user access threshold by unifying the entry of the computing engine. How to enable users to self-analyze task anomalies and failure causes, and how to monitor cluster computing/storage resource consumption, monitor cluster status, and monitor abnormal tasks from the task data itself generated by the cluster.

Database research in cloud computing era

Introduction with the advent of the cloud computing era, various types of Internet applications are emerging, the relevant data model, distributed architecture, data storage and other database related technical indicators also put forward new requirements. Although the traditional relational database has occupied the unshakable position in the data storage, but because of its inherent limitation, has been unable to satisfy the cloud computing age to the data expansion, reads and writes the speed, the support capacity as well as the construction and the operation cost request. The era of cloud computing has put forward a new demand for database technology, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects. Mass data processing: to ...

MySQL and PostgreSQL: which open source database to choose? Which one is better?

Naresh Kumar is a software engineer and enthusiastic blogger, passionate and interested in programming and new things.   Recently, Naresh wrote a blog, the open source world's two most common database MySQL and PostgreSQL characteristics of the detailed analysis and comparison. If you're going to choose a free, open source database for your project, you may be hesitant between MySQL and PostgreSQL. MySQL and PostgreSQL are free, open source, powerful, and feature-rich databases ...

The history and detailed analysis of Hadoop yarn

"Editor's note" Mature, universal let Hadoop won large data players love, even before the advent of yarn, in the flow-processing framework, the many institutions are still widely used in the offline processing. Using Mesos,mapreduce for new life, yarn provides a better resource manager, allowing the storm stream-processing framework to run on the Hadoop cluster, but don't forget that Hadoop has a far more mature community than Mesos. From the rise to the decline and the rise, the elephant carrying large data has been more ...

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