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The 10 most hated online advertising forms listed by the test company

Absrtact: According to the BusinessInsider website, we ask the usability testing company Catalyst Group to list one of the 10 most hated online advertising forms. According to the BusinessInsider Web site, we asked the usability testing company Catalyst Group to list one of the most hated reports on the BusinessInsider Web site, and we asked the usability testing company Catalyst Group lists one of the 10 biggest internet advertising forms that people hate. According to BU ...

Interpretation of Pinterest: or the future of Super FB and Twitter advertising giants

October 20 News, Pinterest before the beginning of the trial to sell ads, has been popular with marketers. The Forbes website recently wrote an in-depth analysis of the company in terms of service attributes, advertising forms, and the advantages of rivals, saying the social media service is expected to become an advertising giant, one that is even more than Facebook and Twitter. Here's what this article is about: a few weeks ago, the social media service Pinterest, particularly favored by women and amateurs, began experimenting with selling it to its 70 million users ...

109 page fills China Mobile Internet advertisement industry standard Blank

Up to 109 pages of content, make up for the mobile Internet advertising industry standard blank. This afternoon, China's first "mobile Internet Advertising Standards" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") officially released. The standard will be formally implemented on March 15. The standard is chaired by the Interactive Network Committee of China Advertising Association, Internet enterprises, advertising companies, advertisers, third-party data agencies to participate in the development and completion, on the basis of mobile advertising, covering some of the PC system and digital video, app system, covering the whole network unified interface standards, For Internet advertising Supervision and network security unified access ...

Mobile phone has become an indispensable part of digital marketing strategy

Mobile advertising has grown more than 75% globally in 2013, and mobile phones have become an integral part of digital marketing strategies. In China, 2013 is also a rapid change in mobile internet marketing a year, this year, Baidu, Ali, Tencent in the mobile internet investment is huge, began to intervene in mobile advertising platform, to provide a home screen and other mobile display ads; Large brand advertisers, especially in the automotive industry, attach greater importance to mobile internet marketing, For example, Shanghai General Motors specializes in bidding for mobile advertising agents. Mobile Internet era will change more traditional industries, advertising, mobile branch ...

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