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New Zealand bans mobile phone calls

Wellington, November 1 (Xinhua Liu Jiechu) Starting from November 1, New Zealand will formally implement the SGX to prohibit people from driving a car while holding a mobile phone, texting or surfing the internet, but calling an alarm phone and using a hands-free device is not restricted.  Police said that from now on, the offending drivers will be fined and 80 New Zealand dollars (about 58 U.S. dollars) fine.  New Zealand Transport Minister Steven Joes 1st said that through a period of publicity, the majority of the public have been aware of this provision, which will make New Zealand's road traffic more secure. SGX ...

From Norton to the stew

From Norton to disorderly stew & ">nbsp; The old cat ( received the assistant alarm phone, I thought she suffered indecent assault, until three minutes later to understand: She turned on the computer results Norton Anti-Virus software alarm-system instantaneous ...

April Fool's Day police again nervous, 110 mo take to joke

Yesterday is April Fool's Day, 110 policemen again some nervous. In previous April Fools ' Day, some people not only are joking with friends, even call 110 false police to take the police "to poke fun", occupy the Rescue in distress "lifeline". Reporter from the city Public Security Service headquarters to understand that the recent 110 daily average of the city to reach 25,000 alarm, of which nearly 60% marked as nuisance, wrong dozen or silent, including false alarm. Police remind the public, malicious harassment 110 is illegal, public security organs will seriously deal with the false alarm and other acts, the Constitution of the crime will also be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. Mixed with daughter-in-law ...

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