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A "fantasy" Docker Libcontainer Code reading tour

Editor's note: The last period of time reproduced in the "5 minutes to understand docker! "Very popular, a short 1500 words, let everyone quickly understand the Docker." Today, I saw the author make a new novel, and immediately turned over. The reason to call this code reading as a fantasy trip is because the author Liu Mengxin (@oilbeater) in the process of reading Docker source, found a few interesting things: from the code point of view Docker did not start a new development mechanism, but the existing tested isolation security mechanism to use the full use, Including Cgroups,c ...

Alibaba Cloud Eighth Computing Conference in 2016

In 2016, the Yunqi Conference City Summit has passed through 9 cities in succession. The Yunqi community hereby outlines the summit summit so that everyone can review it.

Everyone knows the ropes! Ten reasons to participate in OpenCloud 2015

In the 2015, cloud computing has become a mainstream choice for IT Infrastructure (IaaS). In the development platform (PaaS), Docker and CoreOS innovation surging. We have also seen that cloud-based applications (SaaS) are in the ascendant, and the continued depth of "Internet +" means that cloud computing and large data will have a wider range of applications. The degree of mastering and understanding of cloud computing and large data core technology is very important to build the core competence of the enterprise and its technicians. In April 2015 16-18th, a carefully crafted by csdn ...

Public cloud is the ultimate form, there will be 5-7 giant manufacturers in the future

In the past two years, the overall penetration rate of cloud computing has been continuously improved, and the turning point of the industry has arrived.

In a cloud-dwelling town, the story of cloud computing continues to unfold.

Zhejiang Hangzhou Xihu District, located in the south of the West Lake, east of Qiantang River, west to Lingshan, south of the Fuchun River, North West Lake. There are folk ballads to describe the historical changes of the Tang: "Spring and Autumn Warring states, ocean, Wu Yue Navy, fixed mountain battlefield, mountains and rivers change, the sea see Lu Liang." "The sea changes kuwata the pond, now and quietly took place a new change." and cloud computing. Hangzhou is one of the five pilot demonstration cities of cloud computing service innovation in the whole country, and it is in the forefront of the development of cloud computing industry. October 2011, the first cloud computing industry park in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Cloud computing Industry Park in the transfer pool science and technology economic Park ...

2017 Yunqi Conference·Beijing Summit

Here to find the program of 2017 Yunqi Computing Conference - Beijing Summit.

Latest Trends of Big Data

Learn about latest trends of big data by reading our selected articles.

How to hold the peak of the 9-year double 11 transaction 800 times growth

In the double 11 singles day scenario, a large-scale online service is built on the container using a large-scale operation and maintenance system, including a mixed deployment of business layers.

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