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Bigfish announces allowing users to use Bitcoin to buy games and app consumption

March 13 News, the United States, global network software and game maker Bigfish announced the start to accept bitcoin payments, allowing users to use Bitcoin to buy games and application consumption.   Bigfish said they are currently working with Bitcoin trading company Coinbase to provide bitcoin services for their company's computer games, which are now available on Bigfish's web site. Paul Thelen, CEO of Bigfish Gaming, said the new Bitcoin payment ...

How to turn the audience into users, allowing users to become stars

Faced with the impact of new media on the Internet, CCTV, as an important member of the traditional television camp, has also accelerated its attempts and pace of transformation. During the World Cup in Brazil, CCTV Sports launched the "5 Must Win" football game which is located in a multi-screen real-time interactive manner. Through the APP, real-time interaction between audience and TV programs was realized. Revolutionary TV shows play a dazzling result: the highest ratings approaching 0.5; broadcast a week ago won more than billions of ads, perfect beyond the "good sound of China", "where do you want to go" and other hit programs First quarter performance. It is reported that CCTV5 intends to multi-screen interactive program-shaped ...

Metacza 4 publish C + + Meta template programming language

Metacza is a versatile language for compiling c++++ Meta template programming languages and outputting them. It can be seamlessly integrated into C + + projects without Boost::mpl libraries, allowing different namespaces and passes to directly generate C + + header files by using preprocessor-invariant directives. Metacza 4 This version fixes the code, allowing gcc-4.7.0 to compile. Use example: Example※input:metacza output:c++ fib (n) = fib (...)

AVG Launches cloud storage service livekive

Beijing Time April 7 Evening News, Internet security software vendors AVG Thursday launched a new service livekive, allowing users to use a variety of devices to store, synchronize and share files in a cloud. Livekive supports automatic sync to support Apple and Microsoft platforms.  All data can be accessed and shared by any Internet device, such as Android devices, IPhone, ipad and ipod touch. Livekive provides three kinds of space choices for users: 5GB for free, 25GB per year 49.99 ...

California 18 banned game report completed Halo 3 was included in the violence game

According to US media reports, the United States is currently on the California Governor Schwarzenegger proposed "adult-level violence game ban" debate is in full swing, with the November 2 in the Supreme Court of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the American Federation of Entertainment Dealers in the oral debate date, recently,  California State has compiled and formed a brief report on restrictions on obscene pornography. The report says in California's law that allowing minors to "deviant or morbid interest" including "killing, maiming, mutilation, or sexual assault" is "obscene violence" and that the entertainment products of such content should be ...

Research on Enterprise e-commerce cloud computing architecture

1 E-commerce cloud computing infrastructure to build cloud computing as the future Network application architecture, emerging development. Cloud computing is a way to share IT infrastructure, and it can connect huge system pools and provide services. Cloud computing enables enterprise data centers to operate more like the Internet, allowing computing resources to be accessed and shared as virtual resources through secure and scalable methods. Virtualization is an abstraction layer that separates the physical hardware from the operating system, allowing for more granular cutting and consolidation of existing server operations and storage capabilities to deliver higher ...

Microsoft OneDrive and its own music streaming media platform Xbox music fusion

Microsoft is merging its online file storage service OneDrive with its own music streaming platform Xbox Music, allowing users to upload music that is not in the Xbox Music Store to the former and play the music stored in the cloud on any device running Xbox music. Previously OneDrive's code had been found to hide a music folder (OneDrive music folders), which showed that: (1) users can upload music to the ...

OS experience allows you to experience multitasking on the ipad like a Mac system

Want to try a real multitasking feature on the ipad? Recently, an application called "OS Experience" has emerged on the Cydia, allowing you to experience multitasking on the ipad like a Mac system. However, this will require you to jailbreak your equipment first and pay 9.99 dollars. After you install OS experience, you can run multiple programs on the screen at the same time.   If you drag the application to the edge of the screen, it automatically fills half the desktop like it does on Windows. In addition, ...

Facebook begins to review Third-party apps that log on with Facebook accounts

Absrtact: Facebook today announced a manual review of third-party applications that log in with Facebook and apply for users ' Facebook personal information, allowing users to safely authorize third parties to apply. Facebook's platform product director, Eddie Oneil, said the Facebook announcement today would allow users to secure Third-party applications by manually reviewing Third-party applications that use Facebook accounts and apply for users ' Facebook personal information. ...

Microsoft is merging OneDrive and Xbox music, and users will be able to upload songs not in the Xbox music Store to the cloud

Absrtact: Microsoft is merging its online file storage service OneDrive with its own music streaming platform Xbox Music, allowing users to upload music that is not in the Xbox Music Store to the former and play the storage on any device running Xbox Music Microsoft is merging its online file storage service OneDrive with its own music streaming media platform Xbox music to allow users to Stor Xbox music ...

Groupon launches Valentine's Day shopping channel to grab Valentine's Day market

January 29 News, the United States first major group purchase website Groupon for the upcoming February 14 Valentine's Day launched a special Valentine's Day shopping channel. Looking at this Valentine's Day channel, Groupon has set up a channel to select gifts for boyfriends and girlfriends on this page, allowing consumers to pick the right items more quickly.   The gifts available to customers are flowers, chocolates, restaurant coupons, travel and hotel rooms for Valentine's Day. In order to attract customers to grou ...

Easy car sales leads continued growth

Following the launch of the "Buying a Car" platform by the end of April 2014 of C2B reverse-drive dealerships, E-cars are also launching a series of efforts in the field of automotive e-commerce. In early July, auto e-commerce products featuring "limited time specials" Car sales, "and Jingdong cooperation vehicle sales, yesterday even burst out on July 7 is about to launch another B2C e-commerce platform," easy car mall "message. C2B reverse drive dealer's "buy a car" platform, subvert the traditional car business model, allowing users to enjoy the absolute car initiative and the true reserve price. Users only need to publish their intention on the platform, 4S shop will compete to bid. most...

Amun 0.3.3 Release Content management System

Amun is a PSX framework based "> Content Management framework, written in PHP 5, with the goal of creating a more integrated and programmable web. It provides a restful API for managing and distributing content such as JSON, XML, ATOM, and RSS standard formats. It supports standard OAuth, OpenID, etc., allowing you to freely access ...

Linux Command Encyclopedia network communication: Ppp-off

Function Description: Turn off PPP connection. Syntax: Ppp-of added: This is the Slackware release version of the program, allowing users to disconnect PPP network connections.

SFC: Gem launched at least one or two months

Lu Yuan Securities Regulatory Commission yesterday issued the "GEM market investors appropriate management interim provisions" (hereinafter referred to as the provisions), will be implemented from July 15 onwards. This means that starting from July 15, investors can go to the brokerage department to open Gem investment transaction procedures.  However, the Securities and Futures Commission said it would take at least a month or two to launch the Gem, as the rules remained to be perfected. GEM Investors appropriate management system is the core of allowing investors with more than 2 years investment experience to enter the gem trading, investors do not have the conditions to take special procedures, experience a longer period of time.

EA confirms that "FIFA11" will be officially released in the United States on September 28.

EA Sports has confirmed that FIFA 11 will be released in the United States on September 28, and that the European region will be released later on October 1. Developers also announced the latest creation center, allowing players to create their own unique players and teams.  Using a web-based Innovation center allows players to only do their own team badges, costumes, and build their own home and upload to FIFA11 's official website.  Players will be able to transfer the players and teams they create, player attributes and team tactics can be modified online and updated automatically in the game. Producer Rutter (...)

Jinan Real Estate Network refinement listing classification open writing room and store columns

As the largest real estate site in Jinan, Jinan real Estate Network ( recently opened the writing room and store columns. The opening of the column represents the Jinan real estate Network and further subdivided the real estate market, allowing users to find more simple and quick. Home page of Jinan real Estate network according to the head of Jinan real Estate network, Mr. Wang introduced Jinan real Estate network has been opened second-hand housing, rental, writing rooms, shops and other columns, since the opening has been implementing the concept of user-centric, and strive to provide users with the best user experience, so that users the quickest and most convenient to find suitable listings. 2013, Jinan Property ...

Lifesize 50x15 introduces cloud computing into HD video conferencing system

July 25, 2011, China--Logitech subsidiary lifesize (NASDAQ Stock Code: LOGI) (Swiss Stock Exchange stock code: N), released today the cloud based high-definition video conferencing platform Lifesize®connections, This platform is suitable for enterprise multiple calls, allowing users to enjoy the immersive experience. Lifesizeconnections provides seamless, encrypted high-definition video calls across the business community-meeting the conference room video conferencing system with personal or apple Computer ...

Jinshan Network invested 30 million yuan to implement cloud security cooperation program

TechWeb News February 21, Jinshan Network announced today, put 30 million yuan to implement the "Cloud Shield" program, and officially open its cloud Security Platform API interface, Baidu, AO Tour manufacturers have been involved in cooperation. Jinshan Network said that it will open its Web site security, file security inquiries, including the cloud security platform, allowing web browsers, search engines, instant Messaging IM, e-commerce, online games, software download tools, such as third-party application providers free of charge interface to provide users with security features or services. Jinshan Network will also invest 30 million yuan, ...

Peng: The Classification of cloud computing

Cloud computing can be broadly grouped into three categories by service type: IaaS the infrastructure as a service, the platform as a service PAAs, and SaaS as a service, as shown in Figure 2. Figure 2 Cloud service type IaaS encapsulates basic resources such as hardware devices into services for users, such as the resilient Computing cloud EC2 and simple storage service S3 of Amazon Cloud computing AWS (Amazon WEB Services). In an IaaS environment, the user is equivalent to using bare metal and disk, allowing it to run Windows ...

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