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Five years of revealing American cloud computing

The first companies to implement cloud computing practices within the enterprise, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, have invested most in cloud computing, such as HP, IBM and so on, are multinational companies headquartered in the United States, while Around these giants also appeared a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide cloud computing industry in the downstream part of the product services, there are many viable cloud computing business model. Looking back on the development of cloud computing in the United States in the past 5 years, the observation and analysis of the participating parties--enterprises, government, institutions of the performance measures, the development of China's cloud computing industry will have a very positive reference significance. ...

EU China will become another big cloud computing country after the United States

In general, the United States is the cradle of topics in the field of cloud computing. However, the cloud computing situation in other regions has been gradually getting better recently. Among them, the cloud computing challenges in Europe and China have drawn much attention. In 2013, the cloud computing activities are expected to be increasingly active, facilitated by the European Union (EU), which was announced last year under the Cloud Initiative. At the same time, China also introduced a series of policies to try to promote the development of network economy such as e-commerce by increasing network users. IDC last May forecast, China's ...

Application case: How cloud computing changes the world's oldest newspaper

I spoke at a recent meeting of the World Forum on Cloud Computing in London. From the author's point of view, this is an ideal meeting: large enough to have a large number of interested vendors and participants, small enough to support quality talks. If you've ever visited a large American cloud computing exhibition, you know how difficult it is to achieve the quality of the latter. These exhibitions are very crowded and the conversation is reduced to a very small extent. Of course, the meeting was held in London.   This is not allowed to exaggerate the story and marketing propaganda, give people a refreshing feeling. The author participated in the Gartner company Mi ...

Research on privacy and judicial protection in Network survey under the cloud computing Technology in America

Research on the privacy and judicial protection in the Network survey of American Cloud Computing technology Xiao Group Yang will yong this article around the U.S. Federal Supreme Court of the Fourth Amendment theory of the development and reflection, discuss the cloud computing technology under the Network Survey of privacy protection, in order to China's judicial practice and future legislation development to provide reference. Research on privacy and judicial protection in Network survey under the cloud computing Technology in America

The image of American cloud computing

March 19, 2012-26th, we took part in the "Cloud America Tour", organized by the China Electronics Society Cloud Computing Experts Committee, to visit a number of US cloud computing companies in Seattle and San Francisco, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Rackspace such as the industry giants, Heroku, Engine Yard, puppet and other emerging cloud computing companies, but also including Cloudcamp as the representative of the U.S. cloud computing community. Although in a hurry, it is difficult to carry out ...

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