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Popular Photo Application inventory

Photo applications have been in the App Store are very popular classification applications, and with the continuous development of mobile phones, the configuration of the camera is also rising, and now a lot of people do not take a digital camera but the direct use of mobile phone to take pictures, but also mobile phone camera applications are endless, There are many very good photo applications, can even let people who do not know photography can make very professional works, people can't help but Shang applauded; but there are some very 2 B or very spoof of the photo application, I think for some people like to spoof, this kind of photo application should ...

New elements of mobile user experience design

Whether it's a quick switch between a series of sketches, or a switch between a screen and a screen, or something like that, it's not easy to make a perfect transition to a dynamic in these scene transitions. This is an art that requires patience, which requires careful observation of how people and objects move and change in two dimensions of time and space. This very clever dynamic and animation, is slowly becoming a new, interesting design elements of mobile experience. And worthy of the user experience practitioners to learn, and ultimately learn how to efficiently and elegantly use in their own design. Good action and ...

5 best Practices for large mobile web design

This article is from Socialbeta content contributor wisp, the original translation from mobile Web design:best practices, more mobile product design information, please check the Socialbeta Mobile Internet column. The rise of mobile devices is bringing a new revolution to the Internet, although the principles of mobile web design will not change much, but there are obvious differences. At least one point is very different, the current mobile device network speed can not be compared to broadband, the other mobile Web page presentation is also a variety of ...

12 Principles for counting mobile-end animation design

In the area of mobile device user experience design, subtle and exquisite animation has become a very important design element. Adding animations to any object is not easy, and it needs to be seen how objects move in time and space in the real world, requiring designers to be attentive to detail and patient. The right animations provide clear information and a visually interesting experience, while too much animation can lead to a bad user experience. So how do animations on mobile devices design? Johnston and Thomas were published in their 1981 edition of the Illusion.

How to find the character of a product

After my previous article was published, I got a lot of emails, a little out of my expectation. But again, in these emails, the interaction design industry is far more than the industrial design industry, the internet industry is far more than the real product industry, but I still want to engage in the industrial design of physical products. But I am also really interested in interactive design and the Internet, and even willing to get involved, and this idea comes from the recognition and understanding of the changes in the design industry. Now, the design has changed, on the surface may just be interactive design and the rise of related design, tradition ...

HTML5 vs Mobile App who will be the mainstream

The advent of the HTML5 makes mobile platform competition from the system platform to the browser: Mobile end of IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, or new browsers, who can achieve on the mobile end of the HTML5 better support, Who will be able to occupy more market in the future mobile application field. Now how do we install the app with the HTML5? The more flexible and convenient app usage and installation will be one of the HTML5 to shine on the mobile platform. The following list HTML5 ...

Broad Bean Network Boutique app recommendation No. 311: Player Treasure

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] double rocker shot "Towel Battle 2: The fate of one-piece glasses released towel battle 2: The Fate of single glasses (towelfight 2)" is a standard double rocker shooting game, but the protagonist is thought withered grandfather, with a pair of magical single glasses, can launch all kinds of small animals. " These small animals have their own abilities, such as lasers, chainsaw, explosions, and so on. Along with Grandpa's and his pet dog ...

Empire restarts: Can Nadra save Microsoft?

In the past 10 years, the most powerful force in the history of science and technology has fallen (although profitability remains strong). Some blame Microsoft's woes on Bill Gates, the founder, but most of them point to his successor, Ballmer. "Vanity Fair" special editor Besseny Macklin (Bethany McLean) recently published a "Empire restart" long article, opened a variety of insider stories of Microsoft, including the collapse of the gates and the relationship between Bauer, Mr Ballmer is not to be seen, the third CEO sa ...

Maker Voice:gopro Extreme Sports Photography's god partner!

Absrtact: Maker Voice is a column for the friends who pay attention to the new hardware, the initial form is an article every day, carding sum up the essence of the new hardware industry, may be an interesting product, may also be a thought-provoking point of view, the goal is to let Maker Voice It's a column for friends who focus on new hardware, the initial form is an article every day, combing the summary of the day down the new hardware industry's essence, may be an interesting product, may also be a thought-provoking point of view, the goal is to let friends in the shortest time here ...

Can't contract fish ponds for you, then use the new hardware to show love gracefully

Absrtact: Although today the wind returns, does not mean that we do not try, do not revision. Maker,, you know. (For details see end of article) there will be technology instead of me say I love you recently designer Daniel Sher designed three creative products, help people although today, "Words wind" and return, does not mean we do not try, not revised. Maker,, you know. (See the end of the article) there will be technology instead of me say I love you recently designer Daniel ...

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