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Smart Machine Hardware "nuclear war": "Eight Core" is a gimmick or innovation?

Zhang Jiaxin Liu Fangyuan The debate over whether a four-core cell phone is needed is not long ago, and the eight-core processor is coming. "There's been a lot of talk about the eight-core industry now, and MediaTek's eight nuclear smartphone program will be released in the fourth quarter." This is only our first step, there will be more new products. "September 2, Taiwan chip manufacturers MediaTek related people told reporters. According to MediaTek, it will produce the first eight-chip MT6592 in November this year and is expected to see a phone listing using the processor in the next quarter. Samsung launched the so-called "4+4&qu ...

Eight cores or just gimmicks

This time last year, we are talking about the mobile phone is about to enter the four-core era, and this year, the eight nuclear has come quietly. At the recent 2013 US consumer Electronics Show, Samsung unveiled the Exynos 5 octa eight core mobile processor. The release of the eight-core mobile processor will no doubt lead to another escalation of the phone processor kernel war, which may have been jianzaixianshang. But in the case of short Neinian of battery capacity, it will be hard to sustain a nuclear war.   Perhaps the eight-core is just a publicity stunt. What is eight core?

Early spring cold in domestic Android developers: too little return

Continue to wait for spring, or give up the ideal to work for a big company? This is a difficult choice for the Allove team. The members of the software team, founded in 2007, are now receiving invitations from big companies, and a tempting job is in front of them.  But they still like their Android platform software Development. In 2007, Google launched the Android phone operating system, and soon, the love-hate operating system attracted the attention of many domestic nuggets: on the one hand, everyone is talking about ...

Design of eight big Android turtle

From the day Android was born, this cute little robot, by virtue of the power of open source, obstinately pushed iOS into the market share of the first position. Although the figures are dominant, iOS is always the mobile platform for the best experience in the public mind. Admittedly, iOS successfully will be the interface to achieve the results of the simplification, the extreme of the mobile phone hardware to reduce the key to one, so that users can operate the range of items, control in a very small space, effectively reducing the user's learning costs. However, since floating in the outward shot of three points Nowitzki can still be defined as the world as Duncan ...

Guys love eight Android hot action games recommended

Spiderman: Jedi Warriors from the arcade to the home machine, to the current smartphone, has been the Action Game (ACT) with a unique charm attracts many boys, action game mode scene, simple and tense plot, usually around the protagonist characters, the final result, unless it is to defeat the boss, to save the loved ones, Success in defending the peace of these commonplace game endings. However, in any case, fine action game sound and light effect eye-catching gorgeous, extremely easy to get started, simply practice, can be on the machine practice war. Do you clearly remember the arcade on the ghost of the version? On the home machine and friends PK combat ...

The "Eight Great Kong" in the United States marched in China

Absrtact: At present, Cisco occupies 163 backbone network of China Telecom about 73% of the share, control all the super core node of 163 backbone network and most common Core node. At present, China, including government departments, military, armed police, military enterprises, such as all units Currently, Cisco occupies 163 backbone network of China Telecom about 73% of the share of the control of the 163 backbone network of all the super core nodes and most of the common Core nodes. At present, China, including government departments, military, armed police, military enterprises, such as all units, almost 100% of the use of ...

Samsung misses Android: executives collectively scoff at development teams

[Guide] Samsung's 20 executives remained silent after Andy Rubin introduced Android, showing no enthusiasm, and mocking the rhetorical question: Are you all drunk? Tencent Digital Message (compiled: Exypnos) If you look at today's standards, there are no smartphones in the market in 2005, and operators are not only able to determine the apps in their phones, they can even control the search results when using a mobile phone. At the same time, the mobile operating system on the market is almost different, applications for Nokia mobile apps are usually not installed ...

Tour Tianlong Eight mobile version of the public test Jin Yong handwritten inscription

"Science and technology information" October 18 news, a few days ago, by "> Sohu Tour independent research and development of martial arts theme Tour" Tianlong eight mobile version of the end of this month will open the test.  It is reported that the "Tianlong eight" the author of Mr. Jin Yong's authentic authorized hand tour support Apple iOS and Android system, the game is closed to attract a large number of players, or even a code difficult to find. Earlier, Sohu Tour positive response to Jin Yong ...

Mobile processor moves to eight-core gimmicks above actual demand

NetEase technology News August 26, mobile phone processor "nuclear" is more and more, with Samsung and MediaTek on the eight-core processor, mobile phone "nuclear war" will be upgraded again, but this time, including Qualcomm and many industrial chain enterprises began the anti-nuclear war. No one can deny the concept of multi-core to the sales pull. Marvell China Vice president Ding Bin on, it is the dual-core into the four-core era, Marvell determined the performance of the single core, rather than the pursuit of multi-core, the results in the market suffered setbacks. But data from the Testin application test platform shows that most ...

Android mobile network market share of the first ultra-iOS domestic manufacturers to upgrade quickly

Foreign media recently published articles, analysis of the 2014 Global mobile phone development trend, that in the smartphone market, Huawei, Lenovo Group, cool, such as China's domestic smartphone manufacturers are hurting Apple and Samsung and other international giants. Here's a summary of this article: Google Android is leading the smartphone operating system market. Google Android continues to monopolize the smartphone operating system market, according to a new study by market research firm Strategy Analytics. In fact, in the second quarter of 2013, Andro ...

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