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Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note2 will be upgraded to Android5.0

& ">nbsp; Beijing time March 19 morning news, according to the U.S. Science and Technology information website Sammobile reported that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2 and other smart devices will be upgraded to the Android 5.0 "Lime Pie" (Key Lime Pie) system. It is reported that Samsung high-end smart hand ...

Newer and more bloated hardware and software

Now most of the software updates to my impression is: The more the software updates the larger the volume, the more bloated function, the worse the user experience. Regardless of whether the handset or the computer, all have the performance surplus in varying degrees, the innovation is feeble.   I start with personal use and feelings, talk about how to break the hardware and software development of the ceiling. From the download installed capacity to see the success of software development I use the Android phone, Windows XP system computer. In the course of use, some commonly used software I have been storing a version of software, refused to update.   Just take a few software examples and talk about it. 1, UC Browse ...

Broad Bean Network Boutique app recommendation 117th: Perfect combination

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] CM9 ROM release for one X and Galaxy Note the Tripndroid team recently released the first HTC One X third party ROM based on CyanogenMod 9 on the Modaco forum. Compared with the colorful sense, this ROM color is softer, and the program tray is also more angular, and the function is always rich ...

Smart phones are more demanding, 5~5.5 inch phones are a foregone conclusion

These years, mobile phone manufacturers in the bigger than bigger this matter on the infighting, the fight to win the higher force. Of course, all of this, the apple in the deep. And today, we are about to usher in the 5~5.5-inch smartphone's hopeful light, ushering in a hand-catching spring. In Sunday, Samsung showed the world the two flagship mobile Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, with the emphasis on their screens of 5.1 inches! And meanwhile, HTC launches one of the newest flagship products of a M9, only ...

Sky adds entertainment content to rival Netflix and LoveFilm

Recently, according to Sohu reported that the live TV application Sky has released a Sky go update.   The app enriches the content of the TV programs available to iOS and Android apps, and allows users to watch sports, movies and life channels on demand, bringing a new viewing experience for the vast majority of users. Sky Go adds content to Sky Movies and Sky Entertainment, including the popular Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and Sky Arts 1 channels. Subscribers can watch Sky Atla anytime, anywhere ...

Chinese market challenges Samsung "Prince" Lee to China Fire Fighting

Lee, standing behind his father, can provoke the burden of Samsung Electronics? The North Korean daily reported that Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee will travel to Beijing this week to convene an emergency meeting with Samsung's senior Chinese executives to discuss measures to clamp down on domestic smartphone makers to save Samsung's share of the Chinese market. But insiders to Tencent technology revealed that the news of Korean media slightly lag, Lee last week has come to Beijing to listen to China management personnel report. However, the staff member is not clear whether the Lee is a regular trip to China or emergency consultations. There is no clear indication recently. Since the Samsung electronic ...

Samsung i9100g only 2990 Yuan

"April 24 Pacific (601099, share bar) computer network Wuhan Station" as the market has long been rumored Tencent custom mobile phones, Samsung i9100g finally met with you. As China's software industry leader, Tencent is currently very rich in Android applications, coupled with mobile phone giant Samsung to join, Samsung I9100 Tencent customized version is a powerful union. At the same time, the hardware used de instrument OMAP4430 dual-core processor, the frequency of 1.2ghz,ram is still 1GB level, switching multitasking quite fast. Near ...

The 32GB iphone 4S is only 11 dollars higher than the 16GB version.

IPhone1 Month 9th News, according to foreign media reports, 16GB version of the iphone 4S and 32GB version of the difference between the 16GB NAND flash, consumers spent more than 100 dollars. But Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Bernstein Research at the institute, said Apple could buy the flash memory at a very good price (USD 0.67 g), which would cost $10.72 for the extra 16GB purchases. Obviously, this is a very lucrative strategy, Sacconaghi.

Samsung I9100 Tencent customized version of 4399 yuan

[PConline Shanghai station market] Samsung I9100G, this machine is part of Tencent custom products, configuration with the common Samsung I9100 slightly different, support GSM and WCDMA standard, using a Texas Instruments OMAP4430 dual-core processor, the same frequency 1.2GHz, the memory is still 1GB level, 4.3-inch magic screen, but also equipped with 1080P video recording 8 million pixel camera. February 28, Samsung I9100G white version of the latest offer for 4,399 yuan, like friends may wish to note. ...

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