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Android user interface design: Table layout

A table layout chart can be used to display tabular data or to make a neat interface like an HTML table on a Web page. This tutorial describes how to use the XML layout file separately and create a table layout using code. Understanding layouts is important for good Android programming. In this tutorial, you will learn about the framework layout, which is primarily used to organize user interface controls or gadgets in neat rows and columns on the interface. With proper use, tabular layouts can be powerful examples of how Android apps can design them ...

Android user interface design: Layout basics

Understanding the layout is very important for good ">android application design." In this tutorial, we provide an overview of how layouts fit into the Android application architecture. We also explored some of the specific layout controls available to organize application screen content in a variety of ways. What is a layout? Android developers use the term "layout" to refer to two kinds of ...

Android user interface design: relative layout

Understanding the layout is important for good Android programming. In this tutorial, you'll learn all about the relative layout, which is used to organize user interface controls or gadgets on the screen relative to other controls or their parent layout. When used correctly, relative layouts can be powerful and flexible layouts, and many interesting Android user interfaces can be designed based on it. What is a relative layout in addition to displaying the control in a row or column of a linear layout, the relative layout is also androidhttp://www.aliyun.c ...

Tutorial Opportunity: Open application that appears tutorial is a good way to interact?

Editor's note: "I think this is a lot of applications have not dealt with the two problems, most of the application, now still using the ' splash form, content for the function introduction, the opportunity is applied when open ' this way to show tutorial, in my view, this is wrong on the wrong. "When should tutorial come out and in what form?" Listen to the idea of the Android product manager Dai. This article originally contained in Dai's blog, by its authorization reprint. Before I do design, first of all, we will apply the potential users to a ...

Android user interface design: linear layout

Understanding layouts is important for good Android programming. In this tutorial, you'll learn all about linear layouts, which organize user interface controls or gadgets vertically or horizontally on the screen. With proper use, a linear layout can be used as a basic layout, based on which many interesting Android user interfaces can be designed. What is linear layout linear layout is the simplest, Android developers use one of the most layout types, developers use it to organize your user interface controls. The function of linear layout is like ...

Android user Interface design: framework Layout

A framework layout is one of the simplest types of layout that organizes controls into the user interface of an Android program. Understanding layouts is important for good Android programming. In this tutorial, you will learn about framework layouts, which are used primarily to organize special or overlapping view controls on the screen. With proper use, many interesting Android user interfaces can be designed based on the framework layout. What is the framework layout framework layout is one of the simplest and most efficient layouts for the Android Developer organization View Control. They make the ...

A guide design mode of mobile application interface

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall writing work is a bit unrestrained, ah, has been playing until the evening of Sunday so the time; It's hard to say.   In fact, two days on the weekend is mainly to pack up their belongings ready to move, busy doing content, pure when leisure and entertainment. The current translation, similar to a previous article on prototype design and user testing, is also from a new book, Mobile design Gallery.

Android vs iPhone icon design guide

Before researching the icon design for Android, it's important to understand how the Android interface fits into a variety of screens. Adaptability As mentioned in a blog post, because the same UI element (such as a 100 × 100 pixel image) looks smaller on a high-precision screen than on a low-precision screen, in order for both screens The picture looks similar effect, you can use the following two methods: The program will scale the picture, but the effect is poor. Provide a picture for each of the two precision screens. But the parameters of the screen are varied for each ...

Specification for design dimensions for iOS and Android interfaces

When you first touch the UI, the most is the size of the problem, what the canvas to build how large, the text should be used to fit, I have to do a few sets of interfaces can be? What 7788 is really a bit of a headache. & ">nbsp;    Nonsense not to say, I hope we patiently read, do not dwell on the size of the relevant things! Size and resolution ...

Android phone external game handle tutorial

Android mobile game handle Tutorial (i) as a mobile gaming enthusiast, since the mobile phone into the era of pure touch, small knitting has been entangled in a problem: due to the lack of physical keys to the key feedback, many action-type games play a relatively poor sense of control, especially when fighting fierce, because the palms sweating, There is also often a false touch or an instant failure of the button. Many of the games designed for touch screens are also so, not to mention a variety of simulator games that require a higher degree of operational sophistication. Thankfully, with the advent of the mobile phone OTG technology, on the phone can finally be external u ...

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