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Android and iOS mobile phone security competition

University ERA, we have the new small sister always have such advice, "Fire prevention, anti-theft, against senior", now the intelligent era, we want to all use smart equipment friends a piece of advice, "to prevent leaks, dark buckle, prevent hidden dangers." Mobile Internet in the high-speed information age, smart phone security is impossible! At present, China's intelligent equipment is actually very unsafe, China's 90% of smart devices have security risks! A few days ago with the Zhou Electronic chairman Ming language is amazing, then whether it is true? First, let's take a look at the factors that cause smart devices to be unsafe. Often mobile phone viruses are safe ...

Oupeng launches "Sneak run" report on Android mobile phone backstage

September 18, 2014 with the rapid popularization of smartphones in China and the improvement of the mobile network environment, China Mobile Internet is about to usher in a new wave of traffic outbreaks. According to statistics, China's Android mobile phone active number has more than 395 million, and many mobile phone users complain about the monthly flow is not enough time, but I do not know some mobile phone applications are quietly in the background consumption of traffic. In response to this phenomenon, Oupeng today released the "Android mobile phone background traffic" "stolen" report, a comprehensive analysis of Android application of the background flow consumption, and give the corresponding solution to help Android users enjoy the fun ...

Android mobile games develop mobile gaming into market accelerator

Three smart-phone operating systems: Apple iOS, Android and WP's market share of the battle in 2012 to distinguish the obvious.   Android accounts for Two-thirds of all smartphones sold in China this year, about half of all handsets sold in the US this year, and Apple's share of the Chinese handset market is only 1% of the 5%,windows phone in China, according to Informa, a market analyst. Industry insiders believe that Android smart machine hardware conditions are constantly improving. The price of the pro-people also makes more ...

Some designs on Android

When it comes to application programming, Android is like an elephant in a room for a designer. Many designers would prefer this to be iOS, where all anyone cares about is the iphone, the ipad and the app Store. And no one can ignore Android, which now has the biggest market share in smartphones and has been widely used in a variety of products ranging from tablets to e-readers. In short, Google's Android platform is rapidly growing everywhere, brand manufacturers are hard to not notice. Let's face it together. Android ...

NET Dragon 91 mobile phone Assistant new version of the first black Horse list, increase the convenient payment method

March 26, after several tests of 91 mobile phone Assistant (mobile version) for the Android V3.1 version of the official release. As the largest mobile phone application, resource download platform, 91 mobile phone assistants not only have software management functions, but also to achieve games, applications, ringtones, themes, wallpaper and other resources to download and install, to provide users with one-stop mobile phone resources services. For the first Android phone white, the direct application of the v3.1 version is a simple choice; for senior players, this updated version contains some highlights. Next to follow the small weave together ...

New Samsung website to upgrade Android 4.0 phone List

The most closely related thing for all Android users should be when their phones are upgraded. Samsung recently unveiled a new list of mobile phones to be upgraded to Android 4.0 systems on its official web site, and friends of Samsung's mobile phones might as well hurry to see if they have their own phones. From Samsung latest Android 4.0 update: • April 16, 2012-Samsung Galaxy Note Premium Suite appears in the Ice Cream sandwich promotion Video ·

China Mobile phone war, India suffer

Millet "internet phone" concept in China Mobile phone industry has triggered a trend of imitation and follow, Huawei, Cool faction, Lenovo, ZTE and other mobile phone manufacturers, have created an independent Internet brand. 2014, Internet mobile phone price war, configuration war, become China's smart phone market competition is beautiful. Journalists through India and other channels to note that China's Internet mobile phone "civil war" of the war, has been burned to India. Chinese brands dominate India's top-selling list of Internet handsets, while also making Google's cheap Andro program "Android one" completely disrupted. Dominate India's popularity ...

Comment: Does the Android phone system need to be constantly upgraded?

What will the system update change?      I think most users are not thinking about this, they generally think that the new is good, Apple devices have at least three more system updates, why do they have a small version of the Android phone upgrade? What will the system update change? I think most users don't think about it, they generally think that the new is good, Apple devices have at least three more system updates, with what Android on their hands ...

Android domestic developer caught in a profit dilemma version too poor to pay

Will Android be the Terminator to the Apple Empire? With the release of Google's latest quarterly report, Henry Brockett, a leading American technology blogger, has drawn comments from prominent media such as The New York Times, with an article called Android that will overturn everything, rim and the iphone's death. According to the source, the company has captured 7% of its market share in the US in the past 3 quarters, which should make Apple investors "scared to death". Google revealed that the data show that the global user installed a ...

Look me finalists in the sixth issue 360 mobile phone assistant Dandelion Business Plan list

Recently, 360 mobile phone assistant Dandelion Business plan sixth list hot out, won the honor is the Avatar-made app "Look me." After the list is released, 360 mobile phone assistants will provide at least 500,000 of the dedicated referral resources and regular full network push for "facial expression Me". In addition, application developers will be able to negotiate face-to-face with venture capitalists to help entrepreneurs solve their financial problems. Figure 1: Facial expression me shortlisted for 360 mobile phone assistant Dandelion Business Plan list "Look Me" advocated the avatar idea is "not only Meng, but also like." It is understood that the app designers have been involved in ...

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