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As Android moves from adolescence to maturity

In a recent study published by Nielsen, the Android device has already surpassed the iOS system in numbers, So we can also say that the boom in the Android Market is now in its heyday: 480 million of users are using Android devices, and 1 million new devices are activated every day.   This means that every three weeks, the number of newly activated Android devices can be equal to the population of Australia as a whole. and in order to adapt to the rapid growth of the Android Market, the well-known a ...

Android Tablet PC Design

There is no longer a need for designers to create experiences for a variety of mobile devices than they do now. As tablets are being accepted, we are in the post-PC era, and the company will take advantage of the quality of the tablet's user experience to capture the user's attention.   Successful Android tablet applications require a great idea to encourage users to download, use, and retain, as well as a user experience that makes it intuitive for Android users to find and adapt to the use of the environment. Next, learn about the ipad iOS user interface with Android ...

Who will launch the next innovation in Internet music?

Microsoft James Black, serif; Font-size:10.5pt "> with Google China has been a localized product model sadly curtain call-Google Music Search service has recently been shut down, its four years of operation in China, the end of the history of operations. At first, Google Music Search has been considered to be the former Google Greater China CEO Lee Kai-Fu, one of the important achievements, however, more than two years, Google China's products, operating autonomy has been shrinking, localized color increasingly diluted, this has been high-profile propaganda innovation products completely shut down, Google China in the hearts of netizens only stay ...

How the Android store should choose

The fragmentation of the Android store is the biggest manifestation of the Android system's fragmentation. Prior to the fragmentation of the Android system, author Lariver a clear picture of the domestic application store's several forces, 1, from the Internet airborne Strong entrance. Tencent, 360, Sogou, Thunderbolt and other tools-type entrance, Baidu, Sohu, Sina and other strong content entrance.   Are exerting force to do the application store. 2. The original eco-products of mobile internet. UC Browser, security butler, 3G Portal, Sky and other large users of the platform and products, each of their own products into the store tag. ...

Android users flip: The Top ten new features of Android 5.0 system

Less than a year after a major update to the Android system, Google upgraded from Kat to Lollipop, twice using candy to name the marketing goals. When we first saw the name of the Android 5.0 Lollipop, we realized that this would be the biggest change ever made to the Android system. First of all, in the sensory interface design, we have completely ushered in the flat of the Android system era, the new system not only uses a new color, but also looks very time ...

Who is the next turning point in the internet?

Microsoft James Black, serif;   Font-size:10.5pt "> Our world is changing every day, some changes are insignificant, and only changes can be called" turning points. "   Turning point is a change, but the difference is that when it happens, the old forces may struggle for some time, but sooner or later they will withdraw from the stage of history, and the new forces even at first very weak, but they will seize the future. The technological progress of human beings shows more and more acceleration. So, the frequency of the turning point ...

Android 4.4 Kat Experience Results

In 2011, Google released the Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" operating system, in which some of the design elements appearing in the tablet began to slowly migrate to the mobile phone. Over the past two years, we have witnessed a rapid upgrade of the mobile platform: the system has become more complete and has added some important new features, but we have not been waiting for the 5.0 version of the update. Google believes that the 4.x system is already a "mature" system-no need to develop new core features and design style, now engineers ...

Android user interface design: linear layout

Understanding layouts is important for good Android programming. In this tutorial, you'll learn all about linear layouts, which organize user interface controls or gadgets vertically or horizontally on the screen. With proper use, a linear layout can be used as a basic layout, based on which many interesting Android user interfaces can be designed. What is linear layout linear layout is the simplest, Android developers use one of the most layout types, developers use it to organize your user interface controls. The function of linear layout is like ...

Android platform three mobile browser comparison evaluation

Thanks to the scalability of Android phones and strong Internet performance, more and more people are starting to use Android smartphones. A good mobile browser can make Android Internet performance. Today, we are on the market three of the most popular Android mobile phone browser (opera-mini5.1/ucweb7.2/mobile phone QQ Browser 1.0) To do a detailed comparison test, the test platform for android2.1. The specific test results are as follows: (note: Four stars for excellent, Samsung for Good, two stars for ...)

IPhone 6 Plus experience: Embarrassing for big screen Android phones

Donews November 7 (reporter Shifei) after receiving the iphone 6 in half a month, Donews reporter also uses the iphone 6 Plus one week time. As one of the biggest updates Apple has ever made, if you are a consumer who has been using a big-screen mobile phone, it would be handy to believe that iphone 6 Plus will work. With the iphone 6 in detail, the 6 Plus is primarily experiential, compared to the iphone 6 and competitor and ...

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