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IDC:2015 China Tablet PC shipments will reach 29.34 million PCs a year

ZDNet to top network software channel News: According to IDC's latest quarterly report on China's tablet computer market (November 2014), IDC expects shipments to reach 29.34 million units in China's Tablet PC market in 2015, up 5.5% from this year. Looking back 2014 years, the tablet market in China has ended 3 years of rapid growth, influenced by phablet (5.5 to 6.99-inch smartphones). The slow recovery in the consumer notebook market in the second half of 2014 has had a new impact on the tablet computer. Combined with the above factors, i.

Android equipment sales rise next year, tablet shipments will be ultra traditional PC

According to a new Gartner study, Android sales will grow steadily in 2015, while shipments from the traditional PC industry are expected to slow and the tablet will be shipped more than the traditional PC. In the latest report, it is expected that 2.4 billion shipments of traditional PCs, tablets and smartphones will be delivered in 2014. In 2.4 billion, smartphones and tablets accounted for 88% of the market, and Android devices accounted for the vast majority. This figure has increased by 4 compared with 2014.

Sony Tablet PC 499 dollar price strategy is confusing

Sony S and p, a tablet computer Sina Science and technology news Beijing time September 1, Sony announced in Wednesday, the S and P-series tablet computer price, the minimum 499 U.S. dollars.  The price raises questions about whether the ambitions of Japan's tech giants to seize the second place in the tablet market will come true. Sony said the S-System tablet could act as a universal remote control, controlling stereos, televisions and set-top boxes. The device features a 9.4-inch touch screen with a front and rear camera with a weight of 603 grams. The 16GB version of the United States price of 499 U.S. dollars, 32GB version ...

Office for Android tablet Open beta

A few days ago, Microsoft opened an application form for Office beta in a SharePoint site that anyone interested in could join to help Microsoft test new office, including Office clients, server-side and cloud services offerings, for business and personal services. Before we guessed that this might be Microsoft's next generation Office products--modern version Office (code-named Gemini)/office 2015, and according to The verge of the latest news, Microsoft is currently measuring off ...

News says Microsoft is ready to test Android tablet version of Office

"TechWeb Report" July 3 News, according to Foreign Science and technology blog The Verge report, people familiar with the matter, Microsoft is ready to test the Android tablet version of Office. and recruiting testers, businesses and individuals can go to Microsoft's SharePoint site to enroll in the test project. It is understood that Microsoft launched Office apps for Android phones a year ago, but the company is also ready to launch Office kits for Android tablets. The software is expected to be released later this year as an ipad version ...

Yang: Lenovo needs to break through tablet computers

Absrtact: The biggest lace news in the IT industry over the past week has been the high-profile hiring by Lenovo Group of Hollywood stars, biography of Steve Jobs's man and technology investor Ashton Ashton Kutcher as its product engineer. In the hiring ceremony, Ashton over the past week, the IT industry's biggest lace news is Lenovo Group hired a high-profile Hollywood star, biography film "Jobs" man and technology investor Kutcher Beecher (Ashton Kutcher) for its product engineers. In the hiring ceremony ...

Will tablet games quickly overtake home computer games?

Just as home computer games catch up and go beyond traditional PC games, tablet games are gaining momentum and are expected to be the next top gaming platform, at least until the next generation of home computer games. According to Gartner, global tablet sales rose from 17.6 million units in 2010 to 63.6 million in 2011, and this year is expected to rise to 103.5 million units, to 326.3 million by 2015. Ben Cousins, general manager of Ngmoco Mobile developer Sweden, said: "There is no doubt that our use of tablets is still ...

The big screen of tablet is the trend

According to foreign media reports, over the past year, rumors of Apple and other manufacturers plan to launch more than 12-inch tablet products have never stopped, and this is expected to become a reality in 2015. In addition to the 12.5-inch ipad Pro, there are rumors that Sony will launch next year with a 12-inch or 13-inch screen of the tablet computer, it appears that the tablet giant screen has become the trend, and major manufacturers to launch a giant screen tablet products is only a matter of time. Let's take a quick inventory of the manufacturers and some products that have already launched the giant screen tablet, and look at this segment ...

Microsoft 2015 Q1 Equipment and Consumer Licensing department revenue of 4.093 billion U.S. dollars

Absrtact: A lot of people joked that Microsoft was only as poor as it was, but in terms of earnings, Microsoft's 2015 Q1 Equipment and Consumer Licensing department had a revenue of $4.093 billion, down 11% from last year, while the Intel mobile unit lost $7 billion in two years. Where's the money? Subsidies! Make a lot of people joke Microsoft "Poor only money", but in terms of earnings, Microsoft's 2015 Q1 Equipment and Consumer Licensing department revenue of 4.093 billion U.S. dollars, down 11% than last year, and the Intel Mobile Devices Division in two years a huge loss of 7 billion U.S. dollars. Where's the money? Subsidies! Subsidize the PRD ...

Microsoft Windows or support Android apps

Lead: American Science and Technology blog The Verge this week titled "Quirky partners: Microsoft or Android Apps in Windows" (Strange Bedfellows:microsoft could bring Android apps to Windows) said there had been recent rumours that Microsoft would consider allowing Windows and Windows Phone platforms to support Android apps. Industry insiders believe that this will help Microsoft to make up for the number of applications ...

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