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Add a single line of code to the site to provide an animated guide

Absrtact: Start-up company Toonimo recently announced the seed round financing of 2.5 million U.S. dollars, Lux to get a vote. Toonimo wants to add an animated guide/narrator to any site to help these sites increase conversion rates, stay time, etc. (click here to see the effect). Start-up company Toonimo recently announced the seed round financing of 2.5 million U.S. dollars, Lux to get a vote. Toonimo hope to help ... by adding an animated guide/narrator to any website.

"The Blade of the Queen" animated version login PSN provoked controversy and forced the shelves

More Play Game Network (compile: Lich Congus) July 12 News, last year by Chinese netizens jokingly dubbed "Meat who" "The Queen Blade" animated version finally landed PSN open download. But conservative Europeans do not seem to be interested in the fun of the meat-selling animation, and even the Overseas gaming website has commented that it is "the complete set is to show off the quality of women's breasts."  "and strongly accuse Sony of not putting this" pornographic "animation into the PSN store for download. "The Blade of the Queen" stills, cough, declare, this is not the H animation ...

Chinese animated cartoon "The Legend of the Rabbit" 90 minutes full 3D

Sina Entertainment News Investment 120 million, lasted three years animated film "Rabbit Legend" recently unveiled the Veil, yesterday, Sina entertainment from the relevant aspects learned that the film will become China's first 90 minutes full 3D animation blockbuster, its hair 3D technology carefully shortlisted, very lifelike.   In order to build the legend of the Rabbit, the Beijing Film Academy and Microsoft and the Cartoon Animation Laboratory have a full cooperation. Since the 3D movie "Avatar" in the domestic release, the mainland has made nearly 1 billion of the results of the box office, its perfect 3D technology has attracted many viewers into the cinema to enjoy the film. After "Avatar" ...

Grand game grab push the same name game movie

Zhang Ziyi's "very perfect" investor is the perfect world, "Painted Skin" also emerges behind the unicorn game figure, in the popular cross-border Internet industry, game manufacturers to play film and television drama is not uncommon, recently held a high-profile publicity is Shanda Games and Tourists Network, but it is unclear whether this strategy can save game makers in the transition bottleneck. Recently, the grand game's 3D game "Dragon Valley" adapted from the animated movie "Dragon Valley: Broken Xiao Qi Bing" will be July 31 nationwide release. According to Shanda Games, this is the company's first attempt. Coincidentally, early this year, backdoor plum umbrella landing A ...

Advertising agency leaks "Halo" series is the two trilogy

(Compiled/applies will) at the recent New York anime show, the industry's well-known Cross-media advertising marketing company Starlight Runner on the scene to show the Microsoft commissioned them to produce the "Halo" series of Cross-media Promotion program.  According to Jeff Gomez, chief executive of Starlight Runner, the new "Halo" series will be the two "trilogy" slated for Development in 2012 and 2013, with a "halo" animated film to be launched in 2014. Then the reporter to the Microsoft side ...

New role of "white Photo album" officially released yesterday

"White Album" corresponding to the PS3 platform, June 24, 2010, will be divided into ordinary version (price 6800 yen) and limited version (8800 yen), the limited version also includes the original picture set set and soundtrack CD.  The "White Album", which is on sale today, opens new intelligence and will add a new role, "such as the Moon Night Son". White ALBUM, who has broadcast TV animated version, is now in the "Electric Shock King" Serial "is from the PC version to the PS3 platform of Love avg game, PS3 version will add a variety of new elements." To make a case for

The big head of the son was adapted CCTV was sued, in the end who enjoy copyright?

A domestic popular animated cartoon "Big head Son and Little Daddy" captured the oversized fans. The son of the head, the father of the cerebellum, the apron of a chubby figure mother, the story of the family of three is always full of joy. But the three animated images have sparked lawsuits. Hangzhou Big head Son company to sue CCTV animation, put forward three animated images together with other costs, a total of 1.56 million yuan claim. Hangzhou Big head Son company said, CCTV animation without permission and unpaid remuneration, in 2013 will be the image of the new characters, launched the "new Big head Son", and the new character shape ...

"Panda story" to take what Challenge "Kung Fu Panda" (figure)

The Udo Brothers at the Billy Imaging studio have produced an Oscar-nominated cartoon, The Secret of the Kyle Sutra, and two hand-painted cgi3d, the blunt courage and wisdom of the lovely panda, the call to the ecological environment is the theme of Panda story "Panda Story" What Challenge "Kung Fu Panda" (figure) Shian/Wen The animated film's name is "mobilization", and three characters are the practice of Pixar.  In the excellent quality of Pixar works under the exemplary role, there have been a lot of domestic animation first in the title to join the ranks of the "mobilization" and international standards. Panda Always moving ...

Wu film producer two not mistaken "perfect husband" reaction nowadays marriage hot spot

A few days ago, as the "perfect husband," the producer of the Wu, the curtain behind the work of two do not delay, busy schedule will be rushed to another cast, starring in the new play of the fitting.  It is reported that the play has entered the final stage of preparation, will be in the near future. Wu the script "perfect husband" started "marriage battle" has produced a children's Law popularization series of animated film "Seabed Amoy Act" and youth Self-Help network drama "No Regrets Youth" Wu, recently has been determined as the family inspirational drama "perfect Husband" of the film producers participate in the play production. "Perfect Husband" adapted from being hailed as "the Apocalypse of life inside and outside the siege ..."

International Children's Book Day, making books the best teacher of children

International Online report (reporter Linvi): Today (April 2) is Denmark's children's literature master Andersen's birthday, April 2, 1967, the International Children's book Union to the birth of Andersen's Day as "International children's books day." What kind of books do you usually like to read? When reporters threw their problems at the bookstore, they got a variety of answers. "Winnie the Pooh" and all kinds of animated books and comic books. "Like the stories of Einstein or Edison abroad, and the world of Hawking's quotations." "Often come (bookstore), usually buy Shangxiaona, Woomezen or Yang Cherry ...

Galleon to invest 6.4 million dollars in China online gaming market

Digging the net June 5 according to foreign media reports, the British entertainment media company Galleon Holdings recently raised 6.4 million U.S. dollars to increase the development of the online gaming market in China. To further expand China's gaming market share, Galleon will release two new games, one of which is based on the animated "Kung Fu Skunk" (Skunk fu!).  ) adaptation of the game. Galleon received the financing by placing shares, placing 29 million shares with institutional investors, accounting for about 21.2% of the company's existing equity. ...

Hot Pull Wind full! The Duke of Doom, the official online line

2 K officially published the "Eternal Doom" official website.  This site is really something special, the Duke of the wind is accompanied by the appearance of hot music. In addition to trailer and game features, the official website allows players to enter the Duke Cave. Players can see the animated models of women and aliens that appear in the game.  In addition, there is the "humble auditorium", which is actually a gallery, displaying the Duke's photos and quotes.  Players can also book the game on the official website, including the Tough Guy limited edition. The Duke of Eternal Doom will land in North America on May 3, 5 ...

3D cartoon "Super Villain" won the North American box-office champion (figure)

"Super villain" poster of the New Society, Los Angeles, November 14 (reporter Zhang Wei) 20th Century Fox produced thriller "Dangerous Speed" (unstoppable) this weekend did not staged an unstoppable box office offensive, DreamWorks produced 3D cartoon "Super Villain" (Megamind) continue to lead  , the North American weekend box-office champion. Into the middle of November, the North American film Market is getting better, big production turns to play. After last week's animated blockbuster "Super villain" release, another budget near 100 million dollar thrilling blockbuster "dangerous Speed" grand release ...

International Family Day, bamboo pocket Let parents really understand children

Cartoon "Bamboo Pocket and friends" a listing will arouse a warm response in the community, the children are competing in pursuit of, parents also to bamboo pocket early to teach the products have been given praise. On the occasion of International Family Day, bamboo pocket invited parents to accompany the baby together to watch "Bamboo pocket and friends", really into the children's world. "Bamboo Pocket and friends" animated character image cute, full of childlike. When watching animation, the first attraction of the baby's eyeball is undoubtedly the character image. Bamboo pocket, long, tower and other images are based on the 2~3岁 baby design, very cute, interesting, personality characteristics, action and language also with ...

Blizzard built digital cinema five years to push the "star 2" CG movie

Multi-Play Network (compile/applies will) depending on the blizzard Ceobobbykotick said in an interview recently, they are likely to launch the "StarCraft 2" CG Digital film soon. Bobbykotick said StarCraft 2 showed a high level of film art, and they could make all CG animations in the game a standard long animated movie and then sell it through digital distribution channels.  Bobbykotick said the plan is expected to be implemented within the next five years. "If we make a clip of it, it's a little long ...

Angry Birds developers want to transform Disney-style entertainment giants

Angry Birds, soda water sina Science and technology news Beijing time April 5, U.S. media reported that "Angry Birds" developers Rovio is planning to transform from a simple game developers to "Global entertainment giants." This means that "Angry Birds" will also become the world's animated brand like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Herco Soninin Herkko Soininen, Rovio chief financial officer, said Rovio's future success was not just about new games, but also about the company's "maintaining and strengthening relationships with fans ...

"Born My Thorn" double "about" poster idea unique big hedgehog change body double cupid

Animated movie "Born My Thorn" recently released a Valentine's Day "about Mody", "Not about" two theme posters, the film protagonist-the Brave Hedgehog "Big hedgehog" incarnation "Angel of Love", in a pure white background, full of confidence. The overall tone of the poster is fresh and bright, the cheerful style reveals a deep feeling of the carnival and relaxed humor. Double "about" poster idea unique big hedgehog change body double cupid This exposure Valentine's Day "about Mody", "Not about" double theme poster main relaxed, cheerful atmosphere, the Big Hedgehog horse, the role of the playful sale of the image of the film as a whole happy with the style of a match ...

Hollywood blockbusters are amazed by cloud technology, with Huawei Cloud storage

With the "God Stealing milk Dad" in the global hit, many people like to stay meng cheap "small yellow man." But few people know that the "Little Yellow Man" series uses Huawei's cloud computing storage System. It can be said that cloud technology in the field of film is also a great glory. At Huawei's cloud computing conference, the global technical director of the cartoon "God Steals milk Dad" Bruno Mae, technical director of the French lighting and entertainment company, shared the cloud technology's application in 3D movies and said that the Battle of the animated cartoon in the 3D era was actually "the Battle of IT Technology", because the cartoons needed to be done with computers to do a lot of rendering work ...

Microsoft announces "Empire Times Online" video Demo game Play method

Play video (Compile/bean cub) August 17 News, Microsoft announced the new "Empire Times Online" (Age of Empires Online) at the briefing at the Gamescom Cologne games show. Empire Times Online is the legendary "Project S" secret project. Based on the original of "Empire Times", the elements of social games are added, the features of multiplayer cooperation, upgrade, Task mode and other online games are introduced, and the image style is also animated. In short, it's like empire ...

THQ to adapt the childhood classic animation "Beasts King" stand-alone version

More games to play network (Lich Congus) Most of the children in childhood should also have seen a name of "Beasts of the King" of the classical animation, and yesterday, THQ announced that they are going to "King of Beasts" to move on the PS3 platform above, although there is no release of any game development related to the screen, there is no confirmation of what type of game, But THQ says the game will be on sale in the fall.  The outside world thinks it will be an action game or a similar Xenosaga type of RPG.  What is "The King of Beasts"? "The King of Beasts" is an animated cartoon of Japan in the 80 's.

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