Ant Financial

Ant Financial Services Group is an online payment services provider. Its platform, Alipay, is the world's largest mobile and online payments platform.

How does Alibaba Cloud compete with AWS, Microsoft and Google in EMEA?

The Chinese technology powerhouse is building out its EMEA presence, and sees its position as a gateway to the Chinese market as a key differentiator when it comes to competing with AWS, Microsoft and Google.

Alibaba Cloud Nineth Computing Conference in 2017

The Nineth Alibabab Computing Conference and sub-forums were jointly organized by Alibaba Cloud and Ant Financial Co.

Hangzhou Yunqi Conference set sail in October, there is one of the most complete conference spoilers

As one of the most influential technology exhibitions in the world, Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference not only has Alibaba Group experts and various enterprise industries.

China: Alibaba’s Alipay Reveals Government Partnership to Track Rice With Blockchain

Local Chinese government officials have opted to use blockchain to help ensure Wuchang rice authenticity.

Alibaba Thinks Blockchain Will Change The World

Alibaba’s partnerships, projects, innovations and adoption are proof that it is a frontrunner in embracing advanced.

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