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360 Free Antivirus profit model is about to start

According to 360 Security Center, in Shanghai today officially released the "Internet Security free White paper," asserts that anti-virus software has been fully entered the free era. The White paper pointed out that the domestic internet industry has occurred three times "free" and "charge" of the war: the first is in the 263 mailbox and NetEase free mailbox between the battle, the second is in the Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce field of free Taobao and ebay fees dispute, The third time is the 360 free antivirus and charge antivirus software dispute. "Every war will end in a victory for a free party." and bring better products 、...

Rising is free 360 to kill

That year, who dared to suspect rising antivirus profit model, that is how persuasive way to make money AH! Rising how also think impassability, antivirus software free? What's the money? Unfortunately, 360 did it. Rising adhere to the concept of free no good things, has been completely overturned by users. 2008 360 began to provide free antivirus, only this one, 360 for this loss of 200 million of the market. That year, rising and other companies in Zhongguancun meeting, vowed to insist on charging, kill 360. Hang on for a while, Jinshan leg weak, free. The next thing is like a domino!...

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