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How to create a secure API design in a cloud environment?

Building a secure API design in a cloud computing environment is a challenging task.   In this article, security research expert Dejan Lukan describes a number of things businesses need to remember when developing security APIs.   An application Programming interface (API) is a simple extension of a normally running application to help users interact with it programmatically. The APIs are used for a variety of reasons, including extracting data from a database, sending and saving data to a database, and pushing tasks into queues, but ...

Three golden rules to be noted in designing cloud computing APIs

APIs are critical for cloud computing services, whether public, private, or mixed.   Many developers are not careful about how the APIs they develop should work, and the result is that many of the kernel's good cloud services do not provide a good access interface, and many private, community, and mixed-cloud providers face such problems. Any cloud and cloud service APIs are different, and the lack of standards and unified methodologies has led to confusion over the use of cloud computing.   As a result, cloud-computing deployments, as well as clouds, are not keeping up with the changes in the API. API design ...

Learn about Dojo's next generation Grid control

A large number of design improvements to datagrid/enhancedgrid issues have made the Gridx more stable and more performance-efficient. At the same time, the API design is more intuitive and difficult to misuse. This article from how to create and use GRIDX to introduce the basic characteristics of GRIDX and basic usage, the purpose is to let you have a basic understanding of GRIDX. Gridx is an Open-source project based on Dojo, which can be downloaded to the source package in GitHub or its official website. Download after decompression ...

Ring Letter Liu Junyan: The most concern is the stability of instant messaging services

Founded in early 2013, the ring letter instant Messaging cloud is a cloud computing PAAs platform provider that provides mobile instant messaging capabilities. They will be based on mobile Internet instant messaging capabilities, through the open cloud of the Rest API and the client SDK package to provide to developers and enterprises. and fully support the Android, IOS, web and other platforms, so that mobile developers get rid of heavy mobile IM communication low-level development, minimize product development cycle, the shortest time to let the app have mobile IM capabilities. The founding team from the developers, they deep ...

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