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oauth make application development more secure and reliable

The application programming interface (API) has led to an incredible explosion in application development, and the OAuth standard is designed to ensure that content is safe and secure in this explosive growth. The relationship between application development and application programming interfaces (APIs) is like the foundation of any relationship - OAuth's open certification standard for trust to happen allows trusted development to happen. As Sam Ramji said, "the Great Cambrian explosion" that took place in the past few years can not be repeated. API management company Apigee war ...

Technology is the cornerstone of Internet thinking

This period of time nothing more than "Internet thinking" and "mobile Internet" more attention but ridicule. Someone concluded that the fan economy and so on are the cornerstones of the Internet thinking, but in the eyes of a traditional IT management company, behind every new thinking, can really be called the cornerstone of the technology. Advances in technology have given birth to the Internet economy, and such changes are projected in the minds of the people before new thinking forms. Liu Guoqiang, CA Technologies China Technical Director, said: "The application-centric, software-centric, is the future of all companies face the problem ....

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