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Instagram Android version off the hook by users crazy

DoNews July 10 (Reporter Yu Weiwei) Recently, Facebook's photo application sharing software Instagram has quietly removed from the major domestic Android application store, the specific reasons for the shelf is not clear. Currently in the Apple AppStore, Instagram is still normal retrieval. Instagram, including 91 Wireless, Pea Pod, App Store, etc., has failed to search for Instagram, but users who downloaded the app are still up and running. In the Apple AppStore, users can still normal inspection ...

"Secret" by Apple shelves

Recently, the "hot" anonymous social applications in China were "sheltered" by Apple. Although Apple did not disclose the specific reason why the "secret" was deinstalled, some industry experts said that the "secret" shelves, or alleged defamation And privacy violations, but also due to "secret" naked copy "Secret", or by opponents reported. "Secret" all acts or violations of Apple AppStore app review rules, Apple will naturally exert some influence on the application of the entire ecosystem killer. With the "secret" shelves, another new popular "Secret" type AP ...

My Views on Baidu Application and Opening Platform

"Baidu application open platform" is based on user needs, based on Baidu "box computing" information technology and service mechanisms for the majority of webmasters and developers free open-end data sharing and docking platform. Application Submitted directly to Baidu open platform, developers or operators can achieve the best location and the best form of search results. Platform target: Baidu application open platform "is expected to build a new ecosystem", the search box into a similar Apple AppStore this application platform, which is conducive to user experience, to help users save time. Business model: wide ...

Raven introduced a new concept of the circle, anonymous social struggle to lift the climax again

As we all know, although the anonymous social application "Secret" has been popular abroad, and Secret in the country's largest imitator "no secret", but in a few days ago was allegedly plagiarized and Apple's shelves, but apparently the bad news It did not block the popular anonymous social application of the popular pace. Since the popularity of Secret into China, in just a few months time, a large number of similar products have appeared in the Android application market and Apple AppStore, becoming a mobile Red Sea. In fact, when anonymous social applications are popular, some ...

Hu Lai game release "Divine Comedy" iOS version

September 12 the world's first tour "Divine Comedy" iOS version, after Hulai game up to a year of carefully polished, finally breaking cocoons out, appeared in the Apple Appstore. APP Store download link: http: // beta less than 1 hour, the first door to the hero was heard from the crowd of players burst, especially from the PC's "Divine Comedy" players, Finally found on the phone moved the past, leaving them more pleasant surprise, Hulai game did not rigidly adhere to the original QTE ...

Domestic Android developers earnings difficult: over-payment poor version

Android (Android) will become the Terminator Apple empire it? With Google's latest quarterly earnings release, well-known technology blog writer Henry · Brocant article entitled "Android will subvert everything, RIM and iPhone dead never buried," the article, leading to the New York Times and other well-known Media comment. According to the source, Apple investors should be "scared to death" because Android seized 7 percentage points of market share in the United States over the past three quarters. Google revealed data show that global users installed Andr ...

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