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What is the difference between "morning News" bat scrambling to lay out the living room?

In the cloud network every day a selection of scientific and technological media headlines, to deliver the latest information! 1. Sina technology Apple responds to Hollywood pornographic door: Apple system not invaded Beijing time September 3 Morning news, Apple's Tuesday response to a celebrity icloud account was a scandal that led to the release of photos of several Hollywood actresses. Apple issued a statement saying: "We want to have some celebrity photos stolen related ...

Apple pay to be ready to upgrade iOS

You may not have heard of Apple Pay, or even doubt its security, although its competitors are many, but a word can dispel your concern about it: it is with China UnionPay cooperation. So the future, whether you use it or not, Apple pay is already gorgeous to come, and as an ordinary user, if you want to taste, now need to prepare something? Always ready to upgrade iOS We know Apple Pay is in need of iOS system support, and for the Chinese Apple System, the current version of the latest 8.2 is not supported, due to the recent ...

11.8% of Mac users upgrade to OS X Mavericks

Last year, the OS X Kings lion > released five weeks later, only 10% of Mac users upgraded. Today, the latest data released by AD network company Chitika shows that 11.8% of Mac users have upgraded to OS X Mavericks 5 days after OS X Mavericks released, creating a new record. Of course, upgrade ...

Analysis of the Microcosm of Icons - Starting from Semiotics

Since the introduction of the concept of a graphical user interface (GUI) since the first WIMP presentation by Xerox in 1970, the computer user interface has been transitioned from character development to the graphical age. After less than half a century of rapid development, through the attention of the Apple system and popular beneficiaries of the Microsoft Windows system, graphical user interface presents an endless stream of changes. In the face of these colorful, emotional and rational graphical interface design, icon elements undoubtedly play a role that can not be ignored, want to explore with everyone in the next icon of the micro-world. First, start with the semiology. What is semiotics? along with...

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