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Big data era not all businesses can share

Published: 2014-08-05 Updated: 2014-08-05 Source: Network Author: zhouey in the era of big data, domestic enterprises application case of large data such as start popping up: Yili using terminal management technology, Aggregate retail terminal store sales brought scattered data, so that sales plans no longer pat their heads to complete; Shandong Province, a number of "big data" as a label of the travel site, according to the previous purchase of tourists, for different travel Provide targeted services; domestic high-tech companies share the same side ...

Flip-hand for "cloud" ASUS Cloud services in the enterprise internal application case

In recent years, the application of enterprise-class mobile cloud has evolved from the tasteless tasteless of food to a critical factor affecting the operation of the enterprise.   At the same time, cloud computing has become the mainstream of enterprise applications, it can be said to be computing capacity production and consumption of a far-reaching change in the way, this change in the enterprise IT Service deployment brings new changes, but also for enterprises to open new business opportunities. Cloud services for the enterprise's significance in the mobile internet age or BYOD era, their core elements are anytime and anywhere information interaction, free of tradition ...

Wave mass Storage AS3000 application case in telecom industry

Customer demand: Recently, the wave storage published by the cloud computing architecture of the basic storage module-as3000 mass Storage System successfully applied to the Shandong Institute of Information and communication technology animation cluster system construction, for customer information construction to build a solid information hardware platform to meet customer integration high-end applications, To ensure that the massive data stable operation demanding demand.   In this project, the mass storage scheme built by tidal mass storage AS3000 is one of the largest rendering cluster system, which has pioneered the high-end application of mass storage. With the animation production industry in the domestic not ...

The construction and application case of the cloud Platform in University laboratory

The construction and application of the cloud platform in University Laboratories Donghua University This paper firstly introduces the current research situation and cloud computing technology at home and abroad, focusing on the architecture of cloud computing platform, virtualization technology and existing cloud platform solution. Then VMware Vcloud for the existing mainstream business cloud computing platform Director and open source cloud computing platform Apache VCL conducted a comprehensive, in-depth research, in the research process, the above two sets of cloud computing platform architecture and application, working principle, network architecture, security measures and so on.

The domestic part is built on the cloud above the website

09 Graduate Student Association of Mathematical Sciences Normal University 09 mathematical College graduate Student Society application case Google API teaching platform http:// This is about Google a ...

Enhance employee mobility at work - the key to a new production model

All along, companies are very keen on improving staff mobility. Until today, the ability to enhance the mobility of employees has been considered a key part of the new production model. Ensuring that mobility benefits means addressing the challenges presented by mobile device management is increasingly turning to the PaaS tools for reaching this goal. These private PaaS products provide the benefits of consistent, auditable, and efficient mobile application case studies. & n ...

Cloud computing Application Case Introduction and Analysis

Through the introduction and analysis of the cloud computing application cases of the U.S. federal, local government and some global famous enterprises in the financial and pharmaceutical industries, this paper summarizes the common characteristics of the cloud computing services adopted by the Government and the global famous enterprises to abandon the traditional IT system infrastructure.   Finally, some ideas about the development strategy of cloud computing in our country are put forward. The subprime crisis, which originated in America in the 2008, gradually turned into a financial tsunami, triggering a global financial crisis. Economists have likened the financial crisis to the Great Depression of the United States in the late 30, which shows the extent and severity of its impact. ...

Design of large unstructured data management system and its application cases

Design of large unstructured data management system and its application cases Beijing top-SI Information Technology Co., Ltd. Design and application of the unstructured large data management system for Li Yin Pine

Application case: How cloud computing changes the world's oldest newspaper

I spoke at a recent meeting of the World Forum on Cloud Computing in London. From the author's point of view, this is an ideal meeting: large enough to have a large number of interested vendors and participants, small enough to support quality talks. If you've ever visited a large American cloud computing exhibition, you know how difficult it is to achieve the quality of the latter. These exhibitions are very crowded and the conversation is reduced to a very small extent. Of course, the meeting was held in London.   This is not allowed to exaggerate the story and marketing propaganda, give people a refreshing feeling. The author participated in the Gartner company Mi ...

Open cloud storage services and application cases

Open cloud storage Service and application case Xiaowei Baidu Infrastructure division architect Baidu Cloud Storage overview, involving open cloud storage, Baidu Classic cases, Ting solutions, new service development cases, data synchronization and user data sharing, user sharing push and so on content. Temp_11111410258606.pdf

The fog of cloud computing security

The current IT industry has come to the point of saying cloud computing, but most of the confused, especially it users, still have doubts about it, often thinking it's not time to use cloud computing. Why not? Because of security, because the current IT products are basically able to solve the existing problems of enterprise users, because users need to see the cloud mature application case ... But the point is that cloud computing is a better solution than the traditional it architecture. The analogy is that, when you can open the faucet in your own home to get the water you need, you basically do not want to ...

Tidal wave based on eight TS850 server to achieve the first commercial cloud computing applications

Bright net July 28 news recently, by the wave provided by the first independent research and development of eight server TS850 as the core of cloud computing solutions, the successful establishment of the Jinan Henglong Plaza Core POS Information System, the scheme will support the full data processing system.   It is understood that this is the wave of comprehensive transformation of cloud computing, the successful creation of the first commercial cloud computing application case. It is reported that Jinan Henglong Plaza total investment of nearly 5 billion yuan, is Jinan and even Shandong Province, the focus of the construction of the first world-class shopping center (Shopping Mall). Deadline ...

IoT System Design-Intelligent transportation

Object Networking System Design-intelligent transportation--background overview--The Internet of things in intelligent transportation--the application case of Internet of things in intelligent transportation--the design of real-case design--Intelligent transportation

The banks ' coping way in the Big Data era

One big thing that hit the tech industry in 2012 was the large data program unveiled by the Obama administration. A major US technology development deployment was the 1993 information Superhighway program, which changed the way information is produced and transmitted around the world, triggering the Internet revolution. Statistics show that ATM, internet banking, mobile banking, such as the main network of electronic banks to China's traditional channels of the replacement rate of more than 60%, the upcoming large data revolution may be the bank's ideas and business model again subversion. Large data application case reference and bank ...

Cloud Acoustic Liang: intelligent voice Cloud for mobile internet

The first China cloud Computing conference was opened in June 2013 5-7th at the Beijing National Convention Center. The Conference, with an international perspective, insights into global cloud computing trends, and from the application, explore cloud computing and large data, cloud computing and mobile Internet, cloud security and cloud computing industry applications, such as the focus of the topic.  In particular, the Conference has set up a cloud computing services display area, exchange the latest research results of international cloud computing, showcase domestic cloud computing pilot City development achievements, share cloud computing development experience, promote global cloud computing innovation cooperation. Beijing Cloud founder, CEO Liang Jia ...

Updating the content of a Web site does not necessarily add content

Abstract: Preface: The content of the update website is not necessarily added content. Another update can restore power to the site, improve sales capacity, stabilize the long tail word rankings, meet user needs (looking for the changing user needs over time), can improve the transformation. It's a preface: updating the content of a website is not necessarily adding content. Another update can restore power to the site, improve sales capacity, stabilize the long tail word rankings, meet user needs (looking for the changing user needs over time), can improve the transformation. It is the site of fine-tuning. Fine-tuning this word may be a lot of webmaster are relatively unfamiliar. Micro ...

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