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4 reasons companies embrace open source

When developers think of open source, they only associate "free" with nothing else.   Because in general, people don't pay much attention to technologies that make them free to use and have little license restrictions. Now, when companies think of open source, they immediately think of "business agility."   In the face of today's rapidly changing market, enterprises pay more and more attention to "business flexibility", and put it in the first place in the development of enterprises. The relevant IT industry people say, using open source technology, can quickly and effectively develop new applications, but also to save costs, which makes Xu ...

Design and implementation of Peer-to-peer streaming media platform based on OpenStack

Design and implementation of Peer-to-peer streaming media platform based on OpenStack normal Wang the research content of the thesis is based on the National Digital Learning Engineering Technology Research Center cloudstreaming peer-to-peer Streaming media system, with OpenStack open source cloud platform as the support, to "p2p+ The new architecture model of cloud computing is discussed, and the Peer-to-peer streaming media platform based on cloud computing is designed and implemented. First of all, the system uses Peer-to-peer streaming media technology, through the video fragmentation, reorganization, video playback to achieve streaming transmission ...

Video conference Top ten open source project ranking

In the "> Video conferencing field, there are many open source projects that can be referenced, such as protocol stacks, encoders or transport protocols, Because the video conferencing system is a comprehensive application system, which contains more functions, such as the choice of these open source projects to join the development of our video conferencing, our development efficiency will be more efficient, the following we enumerate video conferencing related ...

Chen: Spark this year, from open source to hot

The Big data field of the 2014, Apache Spark (hereinafter referred to as Spark) is undoubtedly the most attention. Spark, from the hand of the family of Berkeley Amplab, at present by the commercial company Databricks escort. Spark has become one of ASF's most active projects since March 2014, and has received extensive support in the industry-the spark 1.2 release in December 2014 contains more than 1000 contributor contributions from 172-bit TLP ...

"Cloud Pioneer" star Ring TDH: Performance significantly ahead of open source HADOOP2 technology Architecture Appreciation

Star Ring Technology's core development team participated in the deployment of the country's earliest Hadoop cluster, team leader Sun Yuanhao in the world's leading software development field has many years of experience, during Intel's work has been promoted to the Data Center Software Division Asia Pacific CTO. In recent years, the team has studied large data and Hadoop enterprise-class products, and in telecommunications, finance, transportation, government and other areas of the landing applications have extensive experience, is China's large data core technology enterprise application pioneers and practitioners. Transwarp Data Hub (referred to as TDH) is the most cases of domestic landing ...

Hadoop growing to lead open source cloud computing

The recent investment in cloud computing by major giants has been very active, ranging from cloud platform management, massive data analysis, to a variety of emerging consumer-facing cloud platforms and cloud services. And the large-scale data processing (Bigdata 處理) technology which is represented by Hadoop makes "Business king" Change to "data is king". The prosperity of the Hadoop community is obvious.   More and more domestic and foreign companies are involved in the development of the Hadoop community or directly open the software that is used online. The same year with ...

How does Facebook push the next wave of open source?

June 23 News, no longer questioned: Facebook has become the world's largest open source company. Previously, Facebook had led a trend through data centers, databases and various open-source designs. This week, the company launched two more Open-source projects: The Wedge network switch and the Fboss operating system it uses.   This puts Facebook on the top of the open source. But does this also ring the bell of the Open-source company? After all, companies like Facebook, Google (Weibo) and LinkedIn have launched a lot of ...

HTML5 has been finalized, the application distribution market will usher in shuffle?

HTML5 7 Advantages for Developers Cross-platform: In the multi-screen era, the developer Pain Index is very high, everyone expects HTML5 to play a savior. Multiple sets of code, different types of technical work, business logic synchronization, this is the process of torturing people. It's a bit like the early world of personal computers, where every computer has its own operating system and programming language, and developers are struggling with different versions, and in fact the popularity of DOS is largely because developers don't have the energy to write programs to other computers. Cross-platform technology in the early years mostly because of performance problems aborted, but in the middle and late hardware capacity will occupy ...

Hot week: Don't blame open source technology it's innocent.

Hot week: Don't blame open source technology it's innocent. Posted 23 hours ago | Times Read | SOURCE csdn| 0 Reviews | Author Wang Cloud hotspot open source Google Amazon IBM Transistor MongoDB Summary: This week's content: Open source technology is important, please do not give it for security problems, for the load after the 42 "monster" level problem, how should we solve? Google GCE vs. Amazon EC2, who is stronger, and Google and other Internet companies will become innovation centers? Four misunderstandings and four conjectures based on IaaS;

Inventory the Hadoop Biosphere: 13 Open source tools for elephants to fly

Hadoop is a large data distributed system infrastructure developed by the Apache Foundation, the earliest version of which was the 2003 original Yahoo! Doug cutting is based on Google's published academic paper. Users can easily develop and run applications that process massive amounts of data in Hadoop without knowing the underlying details of the distribution. The features of low cost, high reliability, high scalability, high efficiency and high fault tolerance make Hadoop the most popular large data analysis system, yet its HDFs and mapred ...

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