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The application value and potential of large data are no longer underestimated.

The application value and potential of large data is no longer underestimated. One of Intel's founders, Moore, found an alarming trend in 1965, when the number of integrated circuits on integrated circuits doubled every 18 months, a finding that the industry hailed as Moore's law. It was later described as a microprocessor with a 18-month increase in performance, or a price drop of half, or a computer performance (speed and storage) that could be bought at the same price every 18 months, and so on. More than 40 years in the history of human life is only a flick of the fingers, Moore's law has witnessed the computer ...

Rain forest wind selling Domain founder denies financial crisis

April 26 News, according to China revealed that rain forest Wind company recently commissioned the company to auction domain name, auction from 24th this month, a period of 7 days.  Yesterday afternoon, rain forest Wind founder Railing Maple Technology revealed to Tencent, the first selling domain name is not his financial problems, but the normal domain name investment action. Railing Feng Introduction, fine short easy to remember, but also with the Zhejiang commercial city "Yiwu" pronunciation is very close, if used as a regional e-commerce domain name, the application value will be very considerable. It is reported that Yiwu international trade city is the world's largest small commodity distribution center, but also in ...

Discussion on application of cloud computing in information construction

Cloud computing is a network-based and configurable shared computing resource pool that provides convenient, on-demand computing patterns and service patterns.   Its rise in the world, for the rapid development of information technology provides a rare opportunity, therefore, in-depth implementation of cloud computing application research, for leveraging cloud computing applications to promote information construction and development, improve the system capacity based on information systems is of great significance. The application value of cloud computing in information construction (i) cloud computing provides the technical basis for gaining information advantage. One is to reduce the cost of calculation. Cloud computing technology can make the configuration of low information technology ...

2013 10 "Exotic" novelty products, contains unwilling mediocrity of the future atmosphere

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > Do not know if children's shoes have found that new technologies and new products contain the future atmosphere of unwilling mediocrity? Whether it is Google Glass smart glasses, a variety of human-computer interaction technology or the idea of control technology. The development of science and technology so that the original too science fiction, also have a more real application value, formal commercial is just within reach ... Related reading: from Virtual to reality – ...

Large data is another technology utopia of mankind

When it comes to big data, there are a lot of hot words on the internet recently, all kinds of concepts flying, some of which have been fooled. What is the big data and what is the impact on our lives? "Big data is an era," the national team "very timely" a matter announced at the end of last year, will have a far-reaching impact on the future, now people do not realize. November 19, 2013, the National Bureau of Statistics signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with 11 domestic enterprises, which covers a wide range of data application statistics standards and corporate data supplement government statistics. There is analysis that the national strategy in large data ...

Academician of the Academy of Engineering Chaiten: Large data for the study of industrial complex system dynamic behavior mechanism to provide

Chaiten, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said at the China computer Conference in Saturday that large industrial data should open up possible avenues for the study of the dynamic behavior of complex systems with unclear mechanisms in the industrial field, while the study of dynamic behavior of complex systems would lead to higher productivity and other advantages. Monitors the complex system sensor, the video surveillance and so on the data collection system to bring the different type database group, before large data application, in addition to structured data, other types of data is difficult to use machine analysis to mining the application value, and the current "large data application technology, modeling technology and simulation technology, such as the prediction of dynamic performance ...

2013 Intel full Force Data Center innovation

The two words "cloud computing" and "big data" are undoubtedly the hottest technical topics in the 2013 for enterprise computing, on the one hand, because they are in the ascendant, and on the other hand, the real challenges faced by many enterprise users this year have created a strong driving force for their deployments and applications. Specifically, the challenges of a sustained global economic downturn have made it a resource pool-style, flexible and easy to automate, fine-grained management of IT systems to deal with future business development variables, which is where the application value of cloud computing lies, and the challenges of China's demographic dividend gone ...

Zhang Baopeng: My Entrepreneurial Story

Entrepreneurship is a process of joy and bitterness, it involves too much energy and sacrifice, but looking back, these sufferings are nothing. There is no bitter, there is no sweet, there is nothing smooth sailing, nor has been shun smooth business. In fact, the team created in the early days in fact, it looks like a very unreliable team, no money, no school support, no encouragement, only a group of people have a Dream ("dream" every day to talk about the cheap) composed in a piece, There is only one car controller that does not seem to have any application value (now it does not seem to have any application value) to form a team ...

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