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Mageia 1 RC releases a brand new Linux distribution

Perhaps you have heard that the future of Mandriva Linux is confused. Most of the employees working in this release were dismissed from the liquidation of the Mandriva subsidiary, Edge-it. In view of this, we can no longer trust the plans of Mandriva AG (Mandriva SA). And we don't think the company (or any other company) can provide reliable support for the project. Many things have happened in the past 12 years. Some are wonderful, like the Mandriva Linux community ...

Frugalware Linux 1.5 RC2 publishes a generic desktop Linux distribution

Frugalware "> Development Team is pleased to announce the forthcoming offer of Frugalware 1.5 RC2, The second release candidate for release in the upcoming 1.5 stable version. Here are some 1.5 RC1 improvements, fixes and package updates, Linux kernel updates to, server update to 1.10.3,LXDE update, Release 1 ...

Frugalware 1.4rc1 (NEXON) publishes The independent development of the common Desktop Linux distribution

Frugalware Linux is an independently developed Universal Desktop Linux distribution, which is intended for intermediate users. It follows the Slackware-style "> Concise design concept, and includes Pacman package management utility from Arch Linux. The Frugalware Developer is plea ...

Ten popular words of Electronic Business logistics

In the past year, the express industry, the development of electrical and commercial logistics is growing faster, the third party logistics is a new challenge. The operation mode of the electric business Logistics "trunk + Warehouse + landing with" mature, the traditional courier companies will lose a lot of market share.   At the same time, the electric business logistics and express industry will also have huge logistics costs, industry supervision and other factors, and the ten popular words here, very good expression of the industry in the past year. At the beginning of the year, the traditional business Express and online shopping promotion overlay appeared, express business volume again appeared peak. Good and moving state Post Office sudden action, a paper ...

2013 Mobile Internet focus area Top 10

In the past 2013 years, the mobile internet is a well-deserved Vanity Fair! From VC to the Internet giants, all the way capital poured into the wild.   The data show that the mobile internet has become a new entrepreneurial activity after the Internet, it is expected that the future of its investment activity will continue to grow. In addition, I observed that this year's mobile internet investment is a major feature in addition to the influx of VC capital, the internet giant also began to reach out, trying to buy the way to make up for their own in the mobile end of the short board. I think, for mobile internet entrepreneurs, the giant ...

Construction of tunnel works without steel bar fear of collapse heart difficult

The problem of engineering quality should be paid great attention by the whole society.  Report to our real name of the migrant workers Shi Youlong, the report is a commercial highway tunnel construction in the process of shoddy, shoddy, this is a matter of public safety issues.  In recent years, engineering quality problems frequently, bring us the Lesson of Blood: 2008, Kunming Xiao Zhuang overpass collapsed, resulting in 2 dead, 4 injured; in 2009, Zhuzhou Viaduct collapsed in Hunan province, causing 9 dead, 16 injured; January 3, 2010, Kunming New airport approach collapse, resulting in 7 death 34 injury ... Frequent accident is not proof ...

MySQL second loss

Despite being caught by Oracle, the controversy on MySQL never stopped; today, MySQL is still the most popular open source database on the market. Simple, free, extensible, relatively mature and so has always been the attraction of MySQL, but it is like a rabbit in a tortoise and hare race, because of its own advantages, to slacken, slowing down their own pace, so that each competitor Have the opportunity to catch up, these killer features are no longer attractive (or even reduced to the disadvantaged). Although PostgreSQL has always been the direct competitor of MySQL, ...

Guangzhou Liwan District Source Road A logistics company business shop full of goods

Consumers bought inventory Express explosion warehouse and to advance overdraft performance of the electric Dealer "double 11" promotional profits pot full, express company will face hundreds of billions of express puzzled.   Yesterday, a large number of consumers received delays in shipping and reminders, and the country more and more express "burst warehouse" phenomenon, disorderly stacking of many of the express packaging or even printed on the "fragile not pressure" words, this May implementation of the new national standard express a few empty, consumer package security situation worrying. Yesterday's data show a number of express company's business volume reached a record high, there are insiders expected, in accordance with the 9 big fast ...

The electric dealer really is entering everybody's view lively for 5 years

The electric business really is entering everybody's view lively 5 years, the consumer is happy to see on-line shopping, enjoys the low price, and unceasingly promotes even surpasses the line entity shop Standard, one-sided favors the buyer's pre-sale and the Post-sale service. But we have to get used to the low price of electricity dealers, high cost-performance, service security high over the line store, cock silk because of a net can enjoy the aristocratic treatment, in the people think that the performance of the electric dealer can continue to create the gorgeous results from the gravity of the time, things tend to start towards the negative development of everyone's expectations. Perhaps, in everyone's not yet, found that the electrical business is not ...

A survey of health reform in Ningxia: A dollar for the nearest doctor

Zhou Zhizhong In recent years, Ningxia has carried out fruitful exploration and practice in reforming the basic medical and health system, making the people ill, establishing the primary medical and health service system, comprehensively implementing the "three unification" of drug recruitment and supporting the development of Chinese medicine. "The core of Ningxia health reform is the" three unity of drug recruitment "and the establishment of basic medical service system. The standard of inspection is that the masses are benefited.  "The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Health Department director Liu Tianxi said. To solve the difficult problem of the people to see a doctor, to see a doctor expensive, serious illness cost big problems, to Ningxia this small province is also the Western economy underdeveloped national land.

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