Artificial Intelligence

With the ongoing developments in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) realm, all these possibilities might not appear far-fetched after all.

Alibaba Computing Conference in Hangzhou 2017

Nearly 50,000 visitors are expected at a computing conference 2017 is hosted by Alibaba Group, a Chinese e-commerce giant, which is held in East China's Hangzhou city.

Looking at Bitcoin, where is the future of the blockchain?

At the recent Davos meeting in the winter, the China Blockchain Application Research Center released a report showing that China's blockchain patent and blockchain financing growth rate far exceeds that of the United States and leads the world.

Machine learning = statistics on "new bottled old wine"

This paper raises objections to this view, thinking that machine learning ≠ data statistics, deep learning has made a significant contribution to our handling of complex unstructured data problems, and artificial intelligence should be appreciated.

Alibaba Intelligent Voice Platform Helps Human-Computer Interaction

At the Yunqi Conference, Nie Zaiqing, the behind-the-scenes team of the Tmall Genie, introduced the operation mechanism and perfect method of the voice interactive platform. In the contemporary era of deepening the popularity of intelligence, human-computer interaction has become an urgent problem to be solved. In order to solve this problem, Alibaba's A.I. Labsoratory has conducted in-depth research and comprehensive optimization of the intelligent voice interaction platform.

Now Voice Interaction is the Trend and Tmall Genie has Become the First Choice for Consumers

The double 11 data is showing us a new trend. From the sales data related to smart products, it can be seen that the acceptance and demand of users for the new form of voice interaction is constantly increasing and increasing. The core of the voice should be that the voice is more in line with the natural interaction of the person, and at the same time it can free the hands of the user.

Smart Brain for Pig Farms was Launched by Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Group has already launched its et agricultural brain for use in pig farms very recently at a technological event in Shanghai, China.

Xinhua News Agency asked the blockchain: Will it become a new outlet? Is it subversive?

Every new technology is born with a question mark, and the evolution of new technology often does not write a full stop.

Python Language Machine Learning Library Top 10

With the development and popularity of artificial intelligence technology, Python has surpassed many other programming languages and has become one of the most popular and most commonly used programming languages in the field of machine learning.

Alibaba AI Labs Wang Gang Interprets "Tmall Genie" | GASA University

On November 14th, 2017 GASA University (GASA) Sixiang Class II, Professor Wang Gang, the chief scientist of Alibaba A.I. Labsoratory, explained the product of “Tmall Genie” and Alibaba’s breakthrough in human-computer interaction. At the same time, it also had in-depth exchanges with the students on issues such as commercial realization, convergence with the Alibaba ecosystem, user experience, large-scale commercial interaction of voice, competition and cooperation.

Double 11 Sales Champion: The success of the Tmall Genie is not just Because of Voice Shopping

After the annual Double 11 Shopping Festival, we found that the Tmall Genie became one of the most dazzling products in the event, and was on the throne of the Tmall platform consumer electronics industry.

Alibaba Cloud playbook for ConnectechAsia Conference in Singapore

Alibaba Cloud is working closely with local customers in joint innovation projects, and has started to launch new services for Chinese and international customers simultaneously to narrow the service gap.

Alibaba cloud computing enters the cement industry MaxCompute helps companies "ET brain"

Yankuang Donghua Cement ET Brain Project is a new and old kinetic energy conversion benchmark project built by Yanhuan Donghua Cement and Alibaba Cloud. This is also the first landing project after the signing of the contract between Yankuang Group and Alibaba Cloud.

Ten truths you must know about machine learning

Machine learning means learning from data; AI is a buzzword. Machine learning is not like the hype of hype: by providing the appropriate training data to the appropriate learning algorithms, you can solve countless problems.

Tmall Genie Debuts at SCC with China's First Ferrari

On the day of 11·11, the SCC Super Run Club established a super-sports sales center SCCVS in Beijing Cool Car Town, which was officially opened, including the Ferrari 599, Toyota Elfa 2019, Ferrari 488, Aston Martin, Ferrari F12, and Labor. A number of the world's top super-running models, such as the Phantom of the Condor, as well as many SCC senior member owners.

Double 11 Consumer Trend: Tmall Genie Makes "Lazy" Life Come Early

In 2018, the Tmall Double 11 ended perfectly, and the Tmall Genie team once again handed over a satisfactory answer. On the day of the double 11 day, the Tmall Genie Fangtang (TG_C1) Smart Speaker became the champion of the consumer products industry in the Tmall platform.

Alibaba Empowers Fashion Retail with Artificial Intelligence

Alibaba's Fashion AI brings AI to the fashion world and offers customers personalized mix-and-match recommendations.

Quantum computing opens the door to cloud computing to the new world

As the amount of data grows, so does the time it takes for machines to process data. Augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, real-time analytics, and machine learning algorithms all require cloud computing to provide unlimited fast and unlimited computing power and infinite storage space.

Machine learning and Docker containers

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are now hot topics in the IT industry. Similarly, containers have become one of the hot topics. We introduce both machine learning and containers into the image, and experiment to verify that they will work together to accomplish the classification task.

At 11.11 Global Shopping Fest, Alibaba Promotes Technology For Homes, Hotels, Cars

Yet Alibaba is also using the attention on this year’s 11.11 event to show off some of its newer technology horizons and products. In a briefing for reporters at the festival center in Shanghai, a highlight was Tmall Genie developed by Alibaba A.I. Labs whose technology can be applied for homes, hotels and cars.

Voice Interaction Makes Your Home Full of Technology

Dream-like enjoyment comes from the Tmall Genie, language interaction can also make your home full of technology, and there are more gameplays to achieve.

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