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Inventory: Free database software for open source community

Many business owners with only more than 10 to dozens of employees ask if they don't want to spend thousands or even million to buy a database software and ask if there are any free database software available. In fact, there are a lot of small business owners in this type of enterprise, their company needs a small database software to statistics the company's some product data and the information of the storage, the amount of data is really small. As I've seen before, some small businesses use office-brought access small databases, but still feel less convenient. Here, the editor recommends several open source databases for small business use ...

The rise of Android and the dilemma it faces

Do you also have a smartphone that uses iOS or an Android operating system? Android accounts for half of the global smartphone market, according to news reports this week, and Apple, the world's biggest retail smartphone seller, controls one-fifth of the market with its iOS operating system.   In other words, Android and iOS add up to Two-thirds of the market in the global smartphone market. Of course, it's not hard to explain Android's dominance of smartphone operating systems ...

What is cloud computing?

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host technology Hall on the topic of cloud computing more and more, we often like to fall cloud unintelligible. If you don't know what cloud computing is, or if you don't see the reason for the existence of cloud computing, you sound a good company.   On many occasions, Gartner analysts say, cloud computing is just a new bottle of old wine. When people talk about cloud computing, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, said in a recent appearance at Churchill Club that he was referring to a ...

Cloud Man Technology CEO Wu Zhuhua: Opportunity and challenge of real-time and large-data processing

In "2013 Zhongguancun Big Data Day" Big Data Wisdom City Forum, cloud Human Science and Technology CEO Wu Zhuhua brings to the theme "about intelligent city thinking-real-time large data processing opportunities and challenges" speech. He believes that the opportunities for large data in various industries are as follows: Financial securities (high-frequency transactions, quantitative transactions), telecommunications services (support systems, unified tents, business intelligence), Energy (Power plant power grid Monitoring, information collection and analysis of electricity), Internet and electricity business (user behavior analysis, commodity model analysis, credit analysis), other industries such as Intelligent city, Internet of things. Wu Zhuhua ...

How to win the respect and support of developers?

For product managers, to win the respect and support of developers, in a sense, is the product to achieve a solid step towards success.   Recently, the community of developers and managers in the first and last two posts in the intense discussion, there is no lack of insights.   Lin Zhilin cray that product managers ' decisions and actions should serve the goals of the project, not the struggle, and team management should be noted for: 1. Understand art/front-end/back-end working principle. If you know the art design main Menu hover two level of irregular projection will waste the front end ...

What is the password for the mobile internet business model?

In the mobile internet age, the mainstream application is how to change the way people communicate and transmit information, how to change the way people create information. In China, the mobile Internet does not have a portal concept or an entrance concept.   Hope Eminence, do you think there will be emperors today? The first wave of mobile internet, a lot of VC investment in a fun thing. Many things in commercial barriers, there is no technical barriers, no physical barriers, there is no time barrier, of course, with the popularization of knowledge and will be widely replicated, forever free. These businesses should be free and open source in nature. Create a ...

Tao: Some points for attention in the development of novice website

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall Novice intends to do their own site, do not know where to start, today I would like to talk about my own views,   I have done a relatively simple ASP development, and have done more difficult to learn the Java EE, the following from a few aspects to talk about novice to do the site to pay attention to some things. One: The purpose of your website if you just want to repair ...

Six major misconceptions about Hadoop

So far, Hadoop and large data are actually synonyms.   But with the hype of big data rising, there's been a lot of misunderstanding about how Hadoop applies to big data. Hadoop is an Open-source software framework for storing and analyzing large datasets that can handle data distributed across multiple existing servers. Hadoop is designed to handle diverse, large-load data from mobile phones, e-mail, social media, sensor networks, and other different channels, and is often considered a large data operating system. And this is the first source of misunderstanding: 1.

Forum system juteforum based on Java EE

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall based on the forum system Juteforum well-known, BBS is in the Internet as a necessary to do the site, I am afraid that each of the Internet friends have been on the BBS, to other people's Forum irrigation water or communication technology, at the same time perhaps because you have a special The characteristics of the industry, I hope to set up a professional forum for your friends, peers, as well as the national staff to participate in technical exchanges. &n ...

What are the major data engineers in the United States interview strategy?

Hello everyone, I am from Silicon Valley Dong Fei, at the invitation of domestic friends, very happy to communicate with you about the U.S. Big Data Engineers interview strategy. Personal introduction to do a self-introduction, after the undergraduate Nankai, joined a start-up company Kuxun, do real-time information retrieval, and then enter the Baidu Infrastructure group, built the Baidu APP engine earlier version, and then went to Duke University, in the study, during the master's degree, Starfish, a research project related to Hadoop's big data, and then Amazon ...

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